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I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue by nelinor
I Didn't Know I'm a Rogueby Nelly
Tyler has been kept in the dark. She knows virtually nothing about werewolves and she rarely ever gets to shift. Then, men break into her house, slaughter her parents, a...
  • luca
  • wolf
  • silver
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Migdet Squad Adventures! by Applana
Migdet Squad Adventures!by I am lonely
Lui, Valt, and Daigo in random scenarios.
  • random
  • midgets
  • lui
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Story Time by Ahhsjd
Story Timeby Taiwanese Dragon
There is a girl who one day figures out what life is really about
  • idek
  • weirdness
  • pancakes
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Contest! by Enderdragon02
Contest!by Endy
A contest for 100 followers!
  • yep
  • followers
  • weeeeee
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Articulate|D.H~P.L by kateythetrashbag
Articulate|D.H~P.Lby kateythetrashbag
You sound like a fucking care bear . . . . . I made this so I can write when dnp are in high school weeeeee
  • danhowell
  • wd
  • articulate
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hEllo this b00k is eVEN MORE RANDOM than my other onesSS "OMG HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??!1!!1?" you may ask,,, bUT IT IS POSSIBLEEEE!!1! but idk how it issss... bu...
  • bye
  • idk
  • cat-tastic
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The Giraffe by TheMilkMen
The Giraffeby Milky Shitheads
(Written by Jordan.) the magical adventure with Tré when he high and a giraffe in a grey robe.
  • crackfic
  • weeeeee
  • greenday
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ARI truth or dare by jedijackster123
ARI truth or dareby jedijackster123
There's no category for trash but fanfiction works ;-;
  • moretrash
  • memes
  • ari
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My tag book  by mysterious_dragon48
My tag book by уυкιнσ ѕαιтσ
This is my tag book
  • weirdstuff
  • weeeeee
  • mylife
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oof | bts oneshots  by papisunshine
oof | bts oneshots by classy, sassy & assy
❝ but no matter how strong our love is, he is my sun and I am his moon, and the sun and the moon never touch. ❞ in which the author is too lazy to make these into full...
  • yoongi
  • imouttatags
  • seokjin
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My Little Android  by Applana
My Little Android by I am lonely
" Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me alone?" those thoughts raced around my head. It's been 6 months and I still haven't gotten over it. First I lost m...
  • weirdness
  • school
  • professor
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lyrics Uwu by TheWorstWriter101
lyrics Uwuby Tay
probably emo but Im just here for creative inspiration and a good time B-)
  • not-mine
  • for-fun
  • weeeeee
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