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Beyblade Burst x Reader by Miss-Potter-Head
Beyblade Burst x Readerby Kira <3
just read on :)
Beyblade Burst Short Stories by TessaStark1
Beyblade Burst Short Storiesby You're Lovely ♡
Just some short stories to make you laugh (hopefully).
I want to make some short stories so let's start reading!
Beyblade Burst boyfriend scenario by blackneko_01
Beyblade Burst boyfriend scenarioby Neko-chan
[Update] Hiatus till I feel to write again. Not dead The title tells it all There will be mostly scenarios, some one shots and bonus for readers to read🙂 This story is...
Beyblade Burst {Boyfriend x Reader} by Avanni_Cinders
Beyblade Burst {Boyfriend x Reader}by Point Break
A collection of Beyblade Burst boyfriend scenarios Oneshots Imagines Scenarios Requests are closed, check out my new BBB oneshots story where I'll be finishing any out s...
BeyBurst Scenarios + Headcannons by LuckyValt
BeyBurst Scenarios + Headcannonsby venti rights
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date your favorite boy? Read and enjoy! Here's what you'll find here! *Scenarios *(Relationship) Headcannons *Au's *SLOW...
Beyblade Burst/Evolution/Turbo/Rise/Surge memes and etc. by Furioushk
Beyblade Burst/Evolution/Turbo/ Furioushk
I was bored...... so ..... I made this.....never mind ....well enjoy😅!! Characters may be ooc due to the reason this book is based on humor.
Beyblade Burst Texting/Text Post  Insanity by Unraveled_Lies
Beyblade Burst Texting/Text Unraveled_Lies
Here's a book with no thinking required at all, A bunch of random text messages they send to each other, Drama, stupidity, roasting, love, randomness all in text. Watch...
Lui Shirasagi x Reader by luishirasagisowner
Lui Shirasagi x Readerby Lui's owner
Everything changed when HE came to the club...(Cover drawn by me uwu)
𝑇𝑅𝑈𝑆𝑇.   (Lui Shirosagi×Reader) by lesliefanfics
𝑇𝑅𝑈𝑆𝑇. (Lui Shirosagi× MASTER LESLIE🃏🃏
A new training partner for the team tournaments wouldn't hurt. Y/n L/n gives her best friend Gabe Brunai help with training the team Rideout! 🥇 Ranked Number One: Beyb...
Some Random Scenarios in Anime by --TheGoldenBoy--
Some Random Scenarios in Animeby Free De La Hoya
Pretty much weirdest things that always come out somewhere in the place... #1 in Cuza, Clio, Silas Karlisle and Beyclub The jokes belongs to me.
~Poly!BBS and One-Shots~ ( DISCONTINUED ) by Magican_Bunneh
~Poly!BBS and One-Shots~ ( Mother of Clucks ♥️
Thanks to a good friend who thinks I could have done it!
Gods of Beyblade by ashiruru
Gods of Beybladeby smoke reed
A story of gods, spirits, and bladers. - [Beyblade Burst: Spin Emperors centric; no pairings] (Disclaimer: Other than the plot and the few OCs, I do not own anything, in...
Migdet Squad Adventures! by Applana
Migdet Squad Adventures!by Sailor Moon Eren
Lui, Valt, and Daigo in random scenarios. I got most of these from tumblr
Beyblade Burst by KaniraTamira
Beyblade Burstby Kira Tamari/Killa Rubyfox
(Various x Female Blader Reader) A young female received a (F/C) Bey from her grandparents. Her grandparents taught her how to Beyblading. Little by little, she felt an...
Worlds Apart by Bimsha
Worlds Apartby Bimshs
"Would you ever leave me?" He asked, his pale face shining against the moonlight as he searched his lover's face for an answer. The other boy smiled. "Nev...
Enemies Or Lovers by Bimsha
Enemies Or Loversby Bimshs
{Completed} "Not ever in my life I thought he would be my everything. The reason that I wake up every morning. And the reason of my smile. Shu Kurenai is my everyth...
Burning Desire {Shu Kurenai x Reader} by Lava_burns
Burning Desire {Shu Kurenai x Lava_burns
Shu kurenai, a member of supreme four, a awesome and cool blader ,met (Y/n) in the Beypark after that encounter she is all only he could think about . "If you thi...
The Price of a Life [Delirious x Reader] by BLTrixx
The Price of a Life [Delirious x BLTrixx
He was an assassin, part of one of the most infamous gangs in Los Santos. He was a cold blooded killer. And then a little girl came up to him, his newest client, handed...