Our Journey! Beyblade Burst x Reader by miracleboyvalt
Our Journey! Beyblade Burst x miracleboyvalt
(Cover art was made by 宙の白丸 on pixiv) A Beyblade was given to a young boy named Aoi Valt, as a birthday present. Never in a million years would he have thought that this...
  • variousxreader
  • valtaoi
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Beyblade Burst x Reader by Miss-Potter-Head
Beyblade Burst x Readerby JellyBean
I'm open for requests ALWAYS Highest Ranking: #650 in FanFiction #873 in FanFiction
  • jin
  • ben
  • ukyo
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*Under Editing*   Slenderman's Daughter (Creepypasta X Reader) by WhiteTigerClothing
*Under Editing* Slenderman's WhiteTigerClothing
A creepy pasta x reader fanfic
  • creepypasta
  • sully
  • xreader
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Saved By the Masks (VanossGaming FF) by DarkFoxFire
Saved By the Masks (VanossGaming DFF
19 year old Fox has lived on the streets of Los Santos all her life, and she can tell you, it wasn't an easy thing to do. She barely had enough to eat, had no place to c...
  • wildcat
  • delirious
  • vanossgaming
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creepypasta facts  by creepypasta_cosplay
creepypasta facts by no one
facts about your favorite creepypasta. ps i a really bad spelling proble sorry
  • laughingjack
  • zalgo
  • bendrowned
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Big Five Scenarios by DatOneDeerInBeyblade
Big Five Scenariosby Deer
Just request scenarios!
  • xander
  • lui
  • bigfive
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Oh Shit(Vanoss crew × Reader) by Cha0ticGamer
Oh Shit(Vanoss crew × Reader)by Cha0ticGamer
This is set in GTA. Some ships will be shown and others such as Ohm, Luke, and Bryce will be shown in here! This is my first story too!
  • vanossgaming
  • miniladd
  • wildcat
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Nabil N.O.S et Sofia ...  rien pour être ensemble et pourtant ... PNL by infinie_amoureuse
Nabil N.O.S et Sofia ... rien infinie_amoureuse
Elle et lui sont comme un miroir , ils ont le même vécu , les mêmes ambitions mais surtout ils sont une lune l'un pour l'autre....Ils font la nuit et le jour dans la vie...
  • nabil
  • fantasme
  • rap
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Insanely In love With You by NightmareBlozzom
Insanely In love With Youby Nightmare on hiatus
A pretty strong group of young people, having a ruthless yet secretly childish leader. What happens when the leader meet his mate ,who doesn't have an idea who he is? Wi...
  • mafiaboss
  • moosnuckel
  • gore
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The Price of a Life [Delirious x Reader] by BLTrixx
The Price of a Life [Delirious x BLTrixx
He was an assassin, part of one of the most infamous gangs in Los Santos. He was a cold blooded killer. And then a little girl came up to him, his newest client, handed...
  • lui
  • scotty
  • 407
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Thanatophobia (H2OVanoss) by Skilley_Johansson
Thanatophobia (H2OVanoss)by Skilley Johansson
Jonathan and Luke live together in North Carolina. When Lui invites the crew to go on vacation at a beach house, Luke accepts. But what happens when Jonathan tags along...
  • minicat
  • anxiety
  • fiction
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Beyblade Burst x Reader (REQUESTS OPEN) by DeltaKurenai
Beyblade Burst x Reader ( i WaNt To KmS
Read the title. Please don't do too many Evolution, though, I still need to catch up on that. Also the English version is still coming out but that's besides the point...
  • daigo
  • quon
  • lui
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Banana Bus Squad x Reader One Shots! by Ultra-Violet555
Banana Bus Squad x Reader One Ultra-Violet555
Hello, everyone! My name is Ultra-Violet555, but I prefer Ultra. I'll be making a Banana Bus Squad One Shot! I'll also be taking request (Yes, even lemons...), and I apo...
  • bananabussquad
  • moo
  • miniladd
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vanoss crew one shot! banana bus! by NobodyCaresButYou
vanoss crew one shot! banana bus!by NobodyCaresButYou
(::) just some one shots from the vanoss crew/ banana bus crew! I accept requests!
  • terorrisor
  • bananabuscrew
  • moosnuckle
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The Price of a Choice by BLTrixx
The Price of a Choiceby BLTrixx
Sequal to Price of a Life. Don't need to read it to understand (i don't think), but it'll make more sense. Growing up with the boys, life got interesting. True to Deliri...
  • ohm
  • priceofalife
  • brian
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Welcome to Hell (CaRtOoNz x reader) by lovepurplepoodle
Welcome to Hell (CaRtOoNz x reader)by lovepurplepoodle
It's the 2019 Pax east event. You are small gaming youtuber with 100k subscribers. You had always dreamed to play with your idols, the banana bus squad. But when the zo...
  • miniladd
  • panda
  • silentdroidd
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Cuts and scars  by PapaRaccoon
Cuts and scars by @__king_cactus__
Brian has a really good life. He has a girlfriend, friends, and wonderful maid, and is super popular. It's a whole different story for Brock. Brock is one of those kids...
  • others
  • bbs
  • wildcat
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Emotinoless ( Lui X reader beyblade burst) ON HOLD by RethenRed
Emotinoless ( Lui X reader RethenRed
Just close your eyes the sun is going down You'll be all right no one can hurt now
  • xreader
  • baybade
  • shu
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The New Dangerous Life (Vanlirious/H2oVanoss) by S1l3nt__d3v1l
The New Dangerous Life ( SilentDevil
Evan(Vanoss) had just moved to L.A. from Canada to get away from everything that had happened. Evan looks for some trouble, being a solo type of person, he goes on his...
  • minicat
  • dathidecaliber
  • miniladd
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Lunch (BBS x reader) by Narwhal_is_Awesome
Lunch (BBS x reader)by Narwhal™
Evan, Tyler, Marcel, Craig, Daithi, Brian, Lui, Brock, Luke, Arlan, and Johnathan are new students at my school. My friend, Shy-who isn't shy at all- invites them to our...
  • vanoss
  • droidd
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