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Alohamora || Fred Weasley by hollandftweasley
Alohamora || Fred Weasleyby Allana
'Could i try unlocking your heart with Alohamora!?' Fred asked the heartbroken young Gryffindor who was crying on his lap.
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The Eye of the Hurricane [ Fred Weasley ] by hxfflepuff15
The Eye of the Hurricane [ Fred We...by michaela
"Everything is fine when you're standing in the eye of the hurricane." Maya Phillips was not ordinary. Not only was it her troubling past that set the girl ap...
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The pranksters (Weasley twins x Harry) by ZombieApoplips3
The pranksters (Weasley twins x Ha...by Chance Dane Ireland
Harry has eyes for boys, specifically two red heads, and little does he know that the twins have their eyes on a certain raven.
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Toxic ((A Fred and George Weasley Fanfiction)) by Sauvequipeut
Toxic ((A Fred and George Weasley...by Sauvequipeut
"Which one?" Fred asks pinning me against the wall my shirt gently riding up in the back the cold stone sending shivers down my spine. "Yah which one?&quo...
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A Whole Other World by FandomObsessed0909
A Whole Other Worldby FandomObsessed0909
Petunia and Vernon Dursley were proud of half of their lives. This half that included their nice, stress free, normal family that consisted of them and their twin childr...
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Harry Potter One-Shots by alvarezsamy
Harry Potter One-Shotsby Samy O Alvarez
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Shit I'm falling for a Weasley || George Weasley by Sapphire0258
Shit I'm falling for a Weasley ||...by Sapphire0258
||EDITING|| Lily Fowler, known to the world as Lily Argent, in order to protect her from her dark past, is a fifth year student at Hogwarts. Cursed as a child, Lily pre...
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International Love (a Fred Weasley Fanfiction) by Neomorise
International Love (a Fred Weasley...by Neo
❝The Triwizard Tournament is about making international friends, but who said it is only about friendships...❞ Meet Elena Dubos, a student from Beauxbartons who came to...
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Ecyrin's Mischief Makers by Analogical_Data
Ecyrin's Mischief Makersby Virgil Hamilton
When Harry finds out that he is a Neko, and is desperately trying to find his mate...or Mates. He gets tricked and almost ends up dead. His mates are Veelas. Their Na...
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Joke's On You ~George Weasley~ by NerdyXDisaster
Joke's On You ~George Weasley~by NerdyXDisaster
She has more confidence, a more flirtatious attitude and yet a broken heart thanks to Cedric Diggory. They were perfect until she caught him flirting with Cho and she fl...
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Darkest Of Love  by MollyCrea05
Darkest Of Love by Molly♡
Harry gets his inheritence and doesn't know what to do. His parents are NOT the Potters. He is NOT Harry Potter. He is NOT the "Chosen One," Harry can't handl...
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Amor Magia (Harry Potter Various x Reader) by alexandradecker123
Amor Magia (Harry Potter Various x...by Jackie
When the young American Dumbledore comes to Hogwarts many of the male and some female students and male faculty find themselves attracted to her. Her personality is tota...
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Hp; Instagram by Mistrexx-Honey
Hp; Instagramby ⓜⓞⓒⓗⓘ~ⓑⓔⓐⓡ
This is a Harry Potter instagram au. Yes Voldemort is dead. Yes Fred is alive.
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Storm Of Rage || Harry Potter - Marvel Crossover || The Electric Series || 2 by redwings_birdss
Storm Of Rage || Harry Potter - Ma...by redwings_birdss
"You seem to be familiar with the curse, girl. Have you ever used it before?" "I'm afraid that's none of your concern!" "We have a criminal in f...
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Protégée (George Weasley) by supercomiCal
Protégée (George Weasley)by Denise 💕
"I want you to teach me." "Teach you?" George repeated, incredulously, "Your parents are literally Quidditch royalty. I don't need to teach you...
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Harry Potter Preferences ♦ by DarkMoonConquest
Harry Potter Preferences ♦by French-fried
I'm just a huge potterhead writting preferences with : Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Fred and George Weasley and Neville Longbottom. Also adding underrated...
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Loser could be our always || Fred Weasley fanfic by Potterhead_Phangirl
Loser could be our always || Fred...by Potterhead Phangirl
Emily Granger is different. She greatly clashes with her younger sister, Hermione, the bookworm that would never disobey rules. When she joins Hogwarts she immediately b...
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War Zone  || Fred . W  by smol_egg
War Zone || Fred . W by Love That for Us
When a set if attractive red head twins, agrivate a feirce Slytherin Hogwarts quickly turns into a war zone. Where no one is safe. Hi, I don't edit anything so my gramma...
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Harry Potter imagines (all eras) REQUESTS OPEN  by raincj
Harry Potter imagines (all eras) R...by raincj
Imagine you are dating a character from the golden trio area of Harry Potter REQUESTS ARE OPEN please vote, read, comment and give me a follow! I also have a supernatura...
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What I need (Fred Weasley love story) by StoryBook_Believer
What I need (Fred Weasley love sto...by StoryBook_Believer
Lily Perez is what you would call a ordinary teenage girl. Unless you knew she was a witch. Her childhood had been turned around since she was five. Her mother had been...
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