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GUILT | s.r [BOOK 1] by honeyndmilk
GUILT | s.r [BOOK 1]by honeyndmilk
Mona Hastings. You know her, you love her. She's liberty highs sweetheart. Here to make her last two years the best years of her life. Things get a little hard when s...
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A two player game // montgomery de la cruz by whoreosis
A two player game // montgomery de...by whoreosis
Isabella wanted pay back for all the things Montgomery has down. She wanted to use him, break his heart, crumble him...but what happens when it goes to far? Does Montgom...
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instagram // justin foley  by jjustinfoley
instagram // justin foley by justin foley
her love was like an addiction
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Taken - Jeff Atkins by MrsJDMaslow
Taken - Jeff Atkinsby AnnaDaBo$$
"A rumor started a reputation that other people believed in and reacted to. And sometimes a rumor has a snowball effect. A rumor is just the beginning." I DO...
Hospitalized | Jeff Atkins by anonymousathlete19
Hospitalized | Jeff Atkinsby ashley
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Eyes Shut (Zach Dempsey) by Boring712
Eyes Shut (Zach Dempsey)by Boring712
We all know Hannah Baker and how she reached her breaking point. But what role did her best friend Perri Down play in her downfall? Disclaimer I don't own 13 reasons, I...
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Fixing Him - Montgomery De La Cruz - Jeff Atkins -(13 Reasons Why AU) by intoxicatedsirens
Fixing Him - Montgomery De La Cruz...by drudy sparkey
Montgomery De La Cruz x oc x Jeff Atkins Instagram x real life Love, I have wounds, only you can mend. I guess that's love, I can't pretend. "I'll never be Jeff...
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Issues || Montgomery De La Cruz by oceanspiritx
Issues || Montgomery De La Cruzby oceanspiritx
"I've got issues Renee." "I know you do, but don't we all?"
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Justin foleys baby sister...  by autumnkissel123
Justin foleys baby sister... by autumnkissel123
Amaya foley is the "underrated" sibling of The foley siblings.. She's a junior while all her friends are seniors.. She lives With the walker family since meth...
The Past Bites Back by Sarahpurvisturtle
The Past Bites Backby I'm Sarah
Liberty High was cursed, every student had some back story. One just had a lot more luggage. Being Bruce Walkers girl and Clay Jenson's main focus, her high school life...
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-The Ninth Reason Why- (13 Reasons Why × Reader) by _-_nefelibata_-_
-The Ninth Reason Why- (13 Reasons...by aj★
(y/n) Foley has nearly gotten over the death of her best friend, Hannah Baker, when a mysterious box shows up on her door step one day. The box is hastily wrapped in bro...
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13 reasons why (Y/N story)  by autumnfarmer13
13 reasons why (Y/N story) by autumnfarmer13
y/n rose was hannah's best friend since they were five years old. mothers became best friends, hannah and you got inseparable. when junior year comes along, you lose eve...
zach dempsey imagines by thirteenrwily
zach dempsey imaginesby vanessa
its been years and im still obsessed with this jock lowercased // all imagines are written by me [ credits to the owners ]
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Loose Change~ Montgomery De La Cruz / Zach Dempsey by Starlight724
Loose Change~ Montgomery De La Cru...by TheGoldWillStay
Ophelia wanted to keep that night a secret. She needed it to be secret. But then she gets a box of tapes, exposing everything she thought she could hide. The worst part...
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found (clay jensen) by or-worse-expelled
found (clay jensen)by ❤️
(tw- smut + suicide) "His kiss is quiet and embodies the color blue, which has always been my favorite color; everything about Clay Jensen is blue." The moon...
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cassettes & roses || zach dempsey x 13rw by mendessi
cassettes & roses || zach dempsey...by (:
"you were my best friend, and as one last kind gesture, just because I know how much you love them, these tapes were sent with roses. your favorite. even though I h...
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social, 13RW ✓ by egotistics
social, 13RW ✓by ❝ reine ❞
{13rw social media fic} part 1 created ; 20/04/17 completed ; 23/06/17
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Breathe by HopeEG
Breatheby Hope
'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table No one can find the rewind button girl, So cradle your head...
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Better Jensen - Jeff Atkins by xanarchy1240
Better Jensen - Jeff Atkinsby Why don’t we lover
Social Media Story All the pictures, characters I do not own credits to the artist and actors/actresses
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It's Gonna Get Better // Cyrus  by strxwberri_swxxtener
It's Gonna Get Better // Cyrus by Kiki
◇It takes a while to heal. It takes even longer when you don't want too◇ Warning: Mentions of rape, suicide, body harm, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, miscarriages, ver...
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