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My Poisonous Cure -A Kth/Lhb Ff (COMPLETED) by beannssluv
My Poisonous Cure -A Kth/Lhb Ff ( beannssluv
He leaned forward pinning her to the wall, close enough to breathe his hot air on her skin, she shivered and turned her head the other way. "your mine" he his...
VIXX Imagines by bangtanbeach
VIXX Imaginesby °•lizard•°
Scenarios with your favorite VIXX member. Requests are open.
My Master | Leo  by luvlizy78
My Master | Leo by silary
✿°•. му мαѕтєя | ℓєσ .•°✿ - ✿ When Yoo Sa Nie (Sannie)'s mother happens through a car accident and is stuck in the hospital in a coma, she is forced to quit college a...
stainless love💜 by DonyaZandi
stainless love💜by Donya Zandi
They grew up together. One is wealthy, the other is his servant. The Love in our soul is the second book VIXX Wontaek Leo×Ravi Boy×Boy Smut Hi everyone🤗 This story has...
Stepbrother [ Vixx Hyukbin Fanfic boy×boy] by disc0_deacy
Stepbrother [ Vixx Hyukbin ITSaMETAPHORbrian
Lee Hongbin's parents are divorced and he's devastated. Things don't help when his mother remarries only a year after, giving Hongbin a new father and brother, Han Sang...
Bad Influence | Leo (VIXX) X Reader | VIXX Fanfic | COMPLETED by cheonsa_k
Bad Influence | Leo (VIXX) X Lee Cheonsa
16+ : Trigger warning- Story discusses eating disorders, depression, rape, etc. "High school isn't exactly what I expected. I just hope I get through it." Y/N...
VOODOO by miraeeseo
VOODOOby Baby Starlight
People say you should live life to the fullest. You might want to follow their advice. Because who knows what's gonna happen next.
Vampire Vixx #thewattyawards2020 by amujane
Vampire Vixx #thewattyawards2020by Amu Jane TV
Vampire Vixx is a fanfic for a fellow starlight and it's dedicated all to her because she loves them so much. A rivarly love story that the Vixx boys Leo, N, Ravi and Ho...
write it in bold by valueinexcelsis
write it in boldby valueinexcelsis
Lee Ryungyeon is the main character of this fanfiction, and she treats Hakyeon like shit. Once Ryungyeon attends a high school, she's all high and mighty with power but...
KPOP One Shots by AlphaMaleYoongi
KPOP One Shotsby Donna A.
In every fan, there's fantasy.. IMAGINE with BTOB, BTS, AND VIXX
Sweet and Sour by frukyeah
Sweet and Sourby frukyeah
VIXX is preparing their comeback when the two oldest members become a target. When a questionable video of N and Leo is shared to sns that puts them under fire, the duo...
Confession (VIXX Hyuk X Reader) by __misakii__
Confession (VIXX Hyuk X Reader)by Misaki
A story about how a confession can lead to so much more... This is my first book so please bare with my lack of skills. 😅🙏 This book may contain very bad plot line...
First Love (A Vixx Fanfic) by melodydieslpunk
First Love (A Vixx Fanfic)by Annisa Angel Rider
Bugil High School is a private, independent highschool located in Cheonan, South Korea. During the trainee years, a group is raised in this school to get the best educat...
VIXX Game | Click & Drag by WangyuBeef
VIXX Game | Click & Dragby M
[Read "How to Play" for cell phone alternatives.] All you have to do is click the picture and drag it away. Dedicated to STARLIGHTS. Other K-pop fans are...
6 boys in High School  (Jae Hwan ver.) by cafefiction
6 boys in High School (Jae Hwan cafefiction
[ 3 of 6 series of 6boys in High School ]
Fantasy | VIXX 7th Member by IncomingXiumin
Fantasy | VIXX 7th Memberby Minseokie
You were new and debuting as the only girl with VIXX. You loved them as bandmates, and fantasised about maybe more...
Secured [Vixx Haken] by ottersun
Secured [Vixx Haken]by ottersun
Hakyeon had never been one to take relationships too seriously. Throughout his 24 years of life, he had met many people and gone out with his fair share. His carefree at...
Heaven  by ThoseBoysFromChicago
Heaven by Edgy™️
I haven't seen many good and long WonTaek fan fiction so I decided to write one. I'm not saying it's going to be good, though. Thank you so much for reading!
{ON HOLD} Switched Unintentionally by soy_chu
{ON HOLD} Switched Unintentionallyby soy_chu
What happens when your soul is switched with a famous K-idol?
Unfair Games by ChainedUpToVIXX
Unfair Gamesby ChainedUpToVIXX
Both love you, but will you let the right one in?