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Vocaloid Lyrics 3.0 by the_spinner_of_leeks
Vocaloid Lyrics 3.0by the_spinner_of_leeks
A compiliation of lyrics from Vocaloid songs! No, not your standard "World is Mine" songs that almost everyone knows-- this will contain many songs that probab...
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Dance With Devils LYRICS BOOK by Yasashi_95
Dance With Devils LYRICS BOOKby Y.Szuke
🌹Dance with Devils Lyrics Book🌹
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J-Pop/K-Pop Lyrics!!! by -KimchiLuv-
J-Pop/K-Pop Lyrics!!!by Gabrielle Choi
Title explains it all! Make sure to request Kpop or Jpop lyrics!
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One Shot stories for News 10th anniversary (On-going) by miapaana
One Shot stories for News 10th Anjelica Mia
This is the collection for my one shot stories for News 10th anniversary. There will be solo stories, a group story. The genres of the stories could be about love, frien...
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I'm Your Love Song (NaLu Fanfiction) by Kawaii_Love_
I'm Your Love Song (NaLu Kawaii desu~~
In Magnolia, Japan, there is... A really smart high school girl wants to be a pop star singer... A pop star singer boy wants to be like everyone else... These two protag...
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Hey Say Jump Lyrics!! by Mint_nim
Hey Say Jump Lyrics!!by A fangirl behind the curtain
Lyrics ~
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ANIME LYRICS♪ TV SIZE ONLY by whatboyswant
Your daily dose of music from anime opening and ending themes.
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Lyric Book by ChocolateForest
Lyric Bookby Moriko
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NinoLed's oneshot (Feturing various Japanese Actors/Artists) by ninoled_
NinoLed's oneshot (Feturing ninoled_
Stories about love, joy, peace, and everything in between. You can request any story you'd like (with your favorite artist) and I will try my best to make them come to l...
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Weird Him Out | VIXX | Leo by GrammarJew
Weird Him Out | VIXX | Leoby ♔Fanfiction Mother♔
Kyary Pamyu, a Japanese exchange student who was forced to move to America along with her Aunt, after both her parents claimed they couldn't afford to bring her up thems...
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Vocaloid Lyrics #1 by JiduJiduNansuruyo
Vocaloid Lyrics #1by Jidu the Dead NEET
Need Vocaloid Song lyrics? Get it here for free. No scams. You can request what song you want to see here too. All songs are not mine as well as vocaloid. Im not a rich...
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One Time ~Pocky Love~ (AAA NaoYuka Fanfic) by BeForUAAA
One Time ~Pocky Love~ (AAA Shiro Tsuki
It's a day after Christmas and Yukari wants to know Naoya's favorite picture from her gift.
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Call Me Idol! (A Tale of a Wannabe Idol - loosely based on a true story) by ashlyluv
Call Me Idol! (A Tale of a Ashley Love
Dancing, wearing cute outfits, and making people happy? All at the same time? Count Alice in. Though, she's a teenager in America: clearly born in the wrong place at the...
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The Sexy Homo by welovetimypark
The Sexy Homoby welovetimypark
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敵 ~フレンド ~ 恋人 by BeForUAAA
敵 ~フレンド ~ 恋人by Shiro Tsuki
Teki Furendo Koibito (Enemy Friend Lover) is a Uno Misako X Goto Yukari fanfic. Synopsis:  Uno Misako had always been one of the "mains" in AAA ye...
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My Bodyguard is a Prince?! by ayakimuraa
My Bodyguard is a Prince?!by Aya Kimura
A real estate giant company's sole heiress' life had been almost at risk when she was stalked by some admirers. Because of this, the CEO of Kimura Group of Companies had...
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Daytime Shooting STARS (NEW!!) by IkemenUsagi
Daytime Shooting STARS (NEW!!)by Black Rabito
•NEW!!• My relationship that I considered as Perfect will be scattered by my own selfishness. The moment that I'm expecting to be the "best" turns out the &quo...
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Heart Ereki by freakymonday
Heart Erekiby freakymonday
With the announcement of AKB48's center for their 33rd single, majority of fans around the world has drawn to conclude that the group is now ready to move on. Passing th...
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VOCALOID Lyrics by raspberrypeach
VOCALOID Lyricsby Raspberry
I decided to make a lyrics book for my favorite VOCALOID songs.
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My Princess by yehet12_kai
My Princessby H Reiss
Nishiuchi is the daughter of the king and queen of Japan (let's just say...) but since her parents want her to get a normal education, she gets sent to a very average hi...
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