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I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT WARNING) by kevsghost
I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT...by kevsghost
-Not a Legend of Zelda fanfiction-
  • love
  • ledamonsterbunny
  • playlist
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The BIG Book of RANDOM by FallenStarXOXO
The BIG Book of RANDOMby FallenStarXOXO
Basically where I let out my random energy and things I would like the world to know. CAUTION: Too many intakes of random jokes may result in LAUGHTER :D
  • lololol
  • textual
  • cookies
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The Silent Sleeper (Sequel to Jeffs Daughter)  by themisfitbunny
The Silent Sleeper (Sequel to Jeff...by Welcome!
It's been 2 years since Winter Rose Woods went missing, Jeff and the others are desperate to find her. The humans Bill, Tom, Ryuzaki and Leda mourn for their lost friend...
  • daughter
  • ryuzaki
  • bill
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Leda Alana Puckerman (DISCONTINUED) by missglitterlove144
Leda Alana Puckerman (DISCONTINUED)by Kat
This is an AU. (AU means Alternate Universe). Bree did get pregnant in this version with Jake's baby. Her name is Leda... Read on to find out more about Leda.
  • bree
  • glee
  • jakepuckerman
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Orphan Black- The Many Hours Since by MaslanyManning
Orphan Black- The Many Hours Sinceby MaslanyManning
"Things are different now Sarah" "We don't run anymore, remember?" "Something's telling me we should"
  • clones
  • orphanblack
  • tatianamaslany
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If You Think I'm A Mistake, (Kevin McCullough Love Story) [ON HIATUS] by Eruvandince
If You Think I'm A Mistake, (Kevin...by Eruvandincë
Libby is a professional photographer with a strange muse. Everything. She sees beauty in everything. So, when Libby is offered the job of a lifetime, there is nothing ke...
  • hospital
  • skate
  • manny
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You're my everything by kylealexjackson
You're my everythingby Kyle
This is going to be a story about Alex Dorame and a girl named Dakota. Dakota is a lonely girl who totally loves Alex as a YouTuber. She meets Alex at HotTopic and the c...
  • ledamonsterbunny
  • bunny
  • leda
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In the end, there is only the three of us (Divergent fan fiction) by kiciuke
In the end, there is only the thre...by kiciuke
For as long as I can remember, it was the three of us against the whole world. Sharing the dark past and having seen the worst side of the world around us, we could rely...
  • katvond
  • gerardway
  • eric
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I Don't Even Know (A desandnate fanfic) (Editing, probably shouldn't read yet) by live_yuh_life
I Don't Even Know (A desandnate fa...by Kali and Jake
What would you do if you loved your best friend? You would tell him, right? That’s easier said than done. Destery Smith has loved his best friend Nate for as long as he...
  • nathan
  • leda
  • love
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Broken Glass by Musical_Light
Broken Glassby Madisynn
Andy Biersack, a teenager who tends to move a lot, is going to another new school where he finds the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Andy is falling hard, but is...
  • bands
  • depression
  • leda
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Ledop-Behind the Hate by addiexairhead
Ledop-Behind the Hateby AddiexAirhead
Leda Muir and Stephen Parker, otherwise known as LedaBunny and Stevop on YouTube, have been arguing back and forth on Twitter. These are the untold stories they don't wa...
  • stevop
  • mydidgitalescape
  • escaper
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Till The Galaxies Do Us Apart... by MissWK
Till The Galaxies Do Us Apart...by MissWK
Leda was born in Chaldene, the main of the five galaxies. She lived a happy life with her parents by her side all the time. The king and queen were busy but still found...
  • fantasy
  • stars
  • princess
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Naming Week Project by LaurEliz
Naming Week Projectby LaurEliz
Longtime Work In Progress... Leda is about to embark on her 21st Year, a right of passage for all citizens of The Unit. A homebody who doesn't love change, Leda is anxio...
  • namingweek
  • theunit
  • draft
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Trapped In A Cage by Mai_OMG
Trapped In A Cageby Mai_OMG
//Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) : An anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worr...
  • direction
  • warped
  • time
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I Am Your Rain by ArekiSena
I Am Your Rainby ArekiSena
What Leda will do when he knows Aggy is a black goat in Deluhi's disbandment?
  • aggy
  • sujk
  • visualkei
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This can't be real by xbiancazombiekittyx
This can't be realby xbiancazombiekittyx
Jayy fell in love with a girl they had a baby together jayy left when there baby was first born with a note saying always and forever will jayy find them again? Will the...
  • family
  • sally
  • floor
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Crime Of Passion *1* ~ Mother Knows Best by Cherryhater
Crime Of Passion *1* ~ Mother Know...by Cherryhater
What would you do for love? Leda Martin would kill. Literally. A 14 year old girl turned killer overnight. What was her motive? Love. Leda's love for a man almost twice...
  • homicide
  • four
  • crime
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