I Need You  by CrimsonLibra
I Need You by Libra
The horrific state of depression has taken hold of young Vik. After a series of events can he make it out stronger and better than ever before? Or will be spiral further...
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  • bajancanadian
  • prestonplayz
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Side pack + Friends One Shots by M1ckyj789
Side pack + Friends One Shotsby Mickyj789
One shots involving British gaming power group the Sidemen and the Once leading providers of Mine craft the Pack and their host of friends.
  • vikstar
  • jeromeasf
  • woofless
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all that we got | adopted by zerkaa {editing} by Stella-Nova
all that we got | adopted by stella
  • jj
  • josh
  • behzinga
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him • miniminter  by fckd_minter
him • miniminter by •c•
alyssa moore. a closed book, not easily read. but when it comes to him she's a whirlwind of emotions. but is it a good thing? started • thursday 15th february 2018 ended...
  • joshzerker
  • behzinga
  • ethanpayne
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Adopted by ProperLife/The Pack x readers by Erin090
Adopted by ProperLife/The Pack x Nakama
This a story about six girls who all lost their parents they were friends before their parents died they get adopted by ProperLife and in high school they find some peop...
  • meganplays
  • ryguyrocky
  • lachlan
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SIDEMEN | where a pilot in training, leo black, meets a group of boys who will change her life during the most dangerous time
  • wroetoshaw
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Sidemen Imagines // by MiniCxt
Sidemen Imagines //by Cat
- Loads of different Sidemen imagines- WARNING ⚠️ Smut, swearing, violence
  • death
  • crying
  • simonminter
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8teen • sidemen imagines • by -tbjzl
8teen • sidemen imagines •by chloe🌻
  • callux
  • sarahclose
  • vikkstar123
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before || wroetoshaw (prequel) by lgbtw2s
before || wroetoshaw (prequel)by kat
the prequel to letters read that one before this one a young boy writes about is shit life
  • tobjizzle
  • deep
  • vikkstar123
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seven cities [sdmn] by sidemen_trashh
seven cities [sdmn]by Megan 💘
plot idea from zrkjzl seven boys. seven cities. one girl. a whole lot of laughs. "imagine being so irresistible that seven boys fall in love with you." ❋
  • w2s
  • vikkstar
  • sidemen
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amaranthine | sidemen imagines  by bellatrixaster
amaranthine | sidemen imagines by bella
in which there are imagines about seven beautiful boys we all know and love ♡ amaranthine undying, immortally; eternally beautiful (no capitalisation intended)
  • sidemen
  • xix
  • vikkstar123
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❤ The True Love ❤ by YukatagirlGaming
❤ The True Love ❤by Yukatagirl Gaming
Yuka is a big youtuber, she lived with James at London for 2 years. But one day, when she came inside the house she saw James make out with another girl, what will happe...
  • ksiolajidebt
  • ultimateminecrafter
  • wroetoshaw
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letters🌺 by sideskiax
letters🌺by saskia x
Who ever thought we'd loose you in such a way
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  • zerkaa
  • sidemen
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The Gang Leader in school by thefandomlifeishere
The Gang Leader in schoolby thefandomlifeishere
A few years ago there was four people who befriended each other when no one else wanted to be their friends. This is their story about high school drama and a gang no on...
  • thefandomlifeishere
  • thesidemen
  • thegangleaderisgone
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New Girl // Miniminter  by ColbyXMinter7
New Girl // Miniminter by ColbyXMinter7
You're the new girl in school, everyone is amazed by you. But what are you gonna do when you get caught in the Highschool Boy Drama?
  • ksiolajidebt
  • zerkaa
  • tbjzl
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Everything's Perfect//The Sidemen//  by SidemenandFriends666
Everything's Perfect//The Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn Brackston is a 21 year old, she lives with her best friend Maxx Joseph is 20, they both do YouTube together. Kaitlyn is a Tomboy, she likes Video Games, Drawing...
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Upload *Miniminter ff* by aestheticnightscape
Upload *Miniminter ff*by aestheticnightscape
Raye starts off as a fan of the Sidemen and an Internet friend of Simon Minter. Who along her journey to finding herself gets her heartbroken by him so she runs away but...
  • joeweller
  • ksi
  • elliotcrawford
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Suicide // Sidemen au by unpaidwriter
Suicide // Sidemen auby ❥
Suicide is bad, but failing to commit suicide is even worse. You aren't dead. You still have to come back to reality and face all of the people you were planning on leav...
  • zerkaa
  • sdmn
  • wroetoshaw
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Messed up ~Vikklan~ by Jenaly71
Messed up ~Vikklan~by Jenaly71
Vik goes to the same university as Lachlan and they're assigned roommates. How will Lachlan help him after he faces loss? -Mature topics-
  • vikkstar123
  • woofless
  • vikklan
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