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The sidemen imagines & preferences  by eviemay1414
The sidemen imagines & preferences by eviemay1414
Been watching the a lot lately so I thought I'd make one of these and I only made it on 16/7/19 😂
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Sidemen One Shots! [COMPLETED] by TamiiiJ17
Sidemen One Shots! [COMPLETED]by Tam
Sidemen One Shots {Completed} Preferences, One Shots and (some) Imagines included Rated R (Smut) and boyxboy are included, read at own risk. By boyxboy I mean like Emon...
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Don't Leave... Please (TBJZL FF) [COMPLETED] by TamiiiJ17
Don't Leave... Please (TBJZL FF) [ Tam
Tami is the shy nerd in school who gets bullied She has that to deal with but also her abusive father at home She lost her mum at the age of 10 in a car accident, her...
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book one: hidden-kstar by chewy-toffee
book one: hidden-kstarby chewy-toffee
JJ starts to have feelings for Vik who is in a committed relationship with a girl. What will JJ do?
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Storms Don't Last Forever- Miniminter FF by droppingashley
Storms Don't Last Forever- Ashley Rose
Can one plane journey really change it all for a 21 year old girl from London.
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I'll Always Be There For You (ZerkaaHD FF) *COMPLETED* by TamiiiJ17
I'll Always Be There For You ( Tam
Tami, 21 years old She has a secret but also a past that's been hidden She meets a member of the Sidemen but doesn't know who he is since she has never seen his videos ...
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My Brother's Best Friend (Miniminter FF) *COMPLETED* by TamiiiJ17
My Brother's Best Friend ( Tam
What happens when she runs into her brother? Will she move in with him and his friends or not? But mostly importantly, will she fall for her brother's best friend? (I'...
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Lambo ☆ Miniminter (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Lambo ☆ Miniminter (Social Media anusha
in which simon finally gets a girlfriend - just for bantz
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simons little sister// w2s fanfiction by fanfiction1190
simons little sister// w2s fanfiction1190
isla minter is simon miniter aka miniminters little sister she does youtube , modelling , dance , acting and makes music. she has her own apartment in england near her b...
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Sidemen Preferences  by CockyCat
Sidemen Preferences by XOXO
Enjoy XOXO
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sidemen imagines||sdmn - on hold by rainbowsidemen
sidemen imagines||sdmn - on holdby Ruby 💎 JJ WON
requests are currently closed **** in which I, a mediocre writer with a bad schedule, write imagines for you [highest rankings] #1 sdmn [!!] #8 behzinga #10 tbjzl #6 k...
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Mad Ting  by SpicyKiwiWrites
Mad Ting by SpicyKiwiWrites
Daily Reminders that the Sidemen are Crazy. In this book, I'll post a new chapter everyday that shows something mad, funny, cool or unique that a sideman (or friend of t...
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~Ksimon~ by sdmn-bb
~Ksimon~by sdmn-bb
Cute Simon who's a little insecure Protective Jide who will do anything for Simon - JJ and Simon have both liked each other for a while, but are too worried about loosin...
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Sidemen One-Shots! by ksimon_sdmn
Sidemen One-Shots!by KSIMON_SDMN
full of sidemen one shots such as: Ksimon, Minizerk, Zerksi, Minishaw and more! (All boyxboy) **most one shots are set in the 2017-2019 sidemen house** started: octobe...
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sin with us | sidemen au  ✔️ by Stella-Nova
sin with us | sidemen au ✔️by stella
✛ ❝ and then i felt chills in my bones the breath i saw was not my own i knew my skin, that wrapped my frame ...
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Sidemen Imagines/Preferences by youre-not-here
Sidemen Imagines/Preferencesby Unknown
Imagines and preferences involving all of the sidemen! *requests open*
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In Memory of Vikk | Vikkstar123 by Hanisnotonfire07
In Memory of Vikk | Vikkstar123by Hannah
"Dear Diary, I hate myself again." A short story of Vikk's diary throughout the year 2016. Things weren't as glorious as he had hoped. Originally posted on...
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The Sidemen preferences! {Completed} by xXItzCheryyXx
The Sidemen preferences! { ItzCheryy
HIGHEST RANKINGS: •#1 out of 11 stories in jide •#1 out of 72 stories in vik •#7 out of 775 stories in vikkstar123 What the title says really...hehe Enjoy!💕
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SidePack - Oneshots by itsWhateverMerome
SidePack - Oneshotsby itsWhateverMerome
Pack and Sidemen boyxboy oneshots. We don't do reader or y/n but are open to legit everything else! (requests/suggestions OPEN) please By Kelcey and Mayrael Full of Me...
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Miniminter's Sister by youmines11
Miniminter's Sisterby Cringe Queen
Bella Dallas Minter is Simon's 5 year old sister. What happens when she is left at his doorstep? What do the rest of the Sidemen think about the situation? Will Simon ha...
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