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"Demon" by Feather2001
"Demon"by Aed
a story about Vian (a demon) and Leo (a human) and their interactions. Please note that the chapters are kind of short for the reason of that I write them on my phone an...
city of the devil by VianElsisura
city of the devilby vian elsisura
Paano kung ang isang babae ay mapunta sa kakaibang lugar at magbabago sya dahil sa isang misteryosong lalaki
The Glowing Boy by mcbchikki
The Glowing Boyby Bren
A short story I wrote because I felt like writing. I was inspired by a picture of a field dotted with some trees. Enjoy!
Empty Dream ° What Behind A Secret ° by Greenofmylife
Empty Dream ° What Behind A Nisa'
It was about teen boy who tried to find out about his scary nightmare that he had all the time , That nightmare had many of secret but some of them is still empty and no...
love with hope by skhuxi
love with hopeby skhuxi
This is my real life story .
Woomy Woomy Splatuber Club! by neometrica
Woomy Woomy Splatuber Club!by Neomet / Neo!
Credit to @Sami085 for the inspiration! This will be very similar to Doki Doki Literature club! along with deaths and all. this does not correlate to their youtube/irl p...
GGTastic: Brothers in ink and NOTHING BUT BROMANCE! by ThisIsAllBullSquid
GGTastic: Brothers in ink and ThisIsAllBullSquid
GG requested the title. I'm just now making it so it will probably just be like shippable bromance of the #nohomo variety. I've decided that this should be a oneshot boo...
Viantastic and Bridgett: the backstory  by kiki_owo
Viantastic and Bridgett: the Kiki likes writing
this is a backstory, I thought of it by my own. it's not real, just my creativity Can be containing other splatubers as well please excuse my bad English Oh before I f...
Ask Some Splatoon People Ft. OCs And A Story  by -_Rill_Sama_-
Ask Some Splatoon People Ft. OCs Star
Cast is in the first chapter also oh my god there are so many tags
The Story of The Splattubers by BrendonDa1
The Story of The Splattubersby BrendonDaOne
Sagaci, Brigett, Octoboy, Etce, andOctolingHacker have just escaped from the DeepSea Metro and arrived at the surface, And meet Vian, GGgab, Failboat, JayMoji, and other...
relly cool ggtastic story omg by Homollelujah
relly cool ggtastic story omgby Homollelujah
I'm so tired Gab is gonna die off coffee but will vians gay powers save him? Probably Idk cover by kiwi
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ETERNAL RHYTHM: A TaeKook Tale by ann_and_ben
ETERNAL RHYTHM: A TaeKook Taleby ann_and_ben
In the heart of a bustling city where dreams intertwine like a beautiful symphony, Taehyung, a soulful musician with an affinity for painting emotions through melodies...
Lover's In Midnight  by MissingArch
Lover's In Midnight by ARCH
I'm Vivian Rays Gonzales you're beautiful nightmare.
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GGTastic Gallery by ThisIsAllBullSquid
GGTastic Galleryby ThisIsAllBullSquid
Alright some friend didn't like that the book seemed unprofessional, so I'm keeping images here if they don't relate to the story. Hope you like it :3
a cold night by unspokenregret
a cold nightby unspokenregret
this is for Viantastic, in the honor of Bridgett's death. may she rest in peace with boxes to her pure heart's content. she didn't deserve this. enjoy.
MARCO by marcolity
MARCOby Marco Liem Hendarto
Marco selaku ketua kelas yang kurang becus dalam bekerja sedang menyombongkan jam baru nya. Jam Fossil berkulit. Entah berapa harganya, intinya jam itu besar. "Eh...
Vean Nilfa by Ainyh_
Vean Nilfaby ainayah
Vean, cowok ganteng, tinggi dan pintar. Yang membuatku jatuh cinta padanya