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The Virus Within: The Road Ahead  (Book 1) by CrystalScherer
The Virus Within: The Road Crystal Scherer
How hard can it be to locate your sister? Well, in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, that might be easier said than done, especially if you're a zombie. * * * * * As...
The Virus Within: Third Wave (Book 2) by CrystalScherer
The Virus Within: Third Wave ( Crystal Scherer
The third wave is looming, mere weeks away, but in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, problems never come just one at a time. * * * * * Life isn't easy, and...
The Virus Within: Blood Moon (Book 3) by CrystalScherer
The Virus Within: Blood Moon ( Crystal Scherer
If you're a zombie, how far would you be willing to go to save the two people you care about the most? * * * * * Trinity isn't about to let anything stop her. C...
NO WAY BACK | carl grimes by glenn_rhee_supremacy
NO WAY BACK | carl grimesby glenn_rhee_supremacy
Author: Melanie Gipp WALKING DEAD FANFICTION "We know how to survive But why do we decide to keep fighting? Is it because we don't want to die Or we just really w...
Diary Of a Wimpy Kid - THE PANDEMIC by PaulGeorgeJr6
Diary Of a Wimpy Kid - THE PANDEMICby Paul George
Greg Heffley is being taken out of school due to a high attacking virus that has struck the virtual wimpy world will he love wearing a mask and being away from school? o...
Withering World [MCSM Fanfiction] by Echo_The_Sword
Withering World [MCSM Fanfiction]by Echo
It wasn't what they wanted, but it was satisfying enough - tales of the New Order's adventures spread far and wide, with everyone who heard it always dying to meet their...
Medical Oneshots by Dessertapple
Medical Oneshotsby Dessertapple
Medical oneshots based on Indian medical system. I am not a medical professional so please don't expect accuracy. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Please vote and com...
Rats: Shai's Story by masonfitzzy
Rats: Shai's Storyby Mason FitzGibbon
After a Virus wipes out 98% of the population, the world falls to mass hysteria. Walls are built around major cities, and only the wealthy are allowed in. This results i...
Bite Me, Zombie Boy [one-shot] [boyxboy] by MaddyRawr10
Bite Me, Zombie Boy [one-shot] [ Maddy
Let's start the apocalypse.
HUMSS Phenomenological Research by BinibiningMesArt
HUMSS Phenomenological Researchby Mes Art
PRACTICAL RESEARCH Humanities and Social Sciences 11 Research Title: "Perceived Cognition and Continuum Vaccine Hesitancy Among Minors Amidst the Fight Against Co...
Virulent | ONC2023 by evacharya
Virulent | ONC2023by EvaA
The planet's population is pushing past 11 billion and counting. With resources spread thin, widespread famine, and health systems crippled everywhere, the governments o...
COVID-19 vaccine journal  by SmolPotatBaBee
COVID-19 vaccine journal by Potat
Hello my name is Zane, I'm a 19-year old from Oklahoma, USA. I decided to journal my experience getting the Covid-19 vaccine, fully out of educational intent.
Hybrids by Mcat1124
Hybridsby Mcat
Waiting for a vaccine to a new virus a side effect of an experimental vaccine changed the world as we knew it. People starting turning into half breeds of all different...
My Crush Gave Me My Vaccination !  by hanscottonpicker
My Crush Gave Me My Vaccination ! by maya
TW / needles this is brain fart don't read it
Quarantine by KaiSwan94
Quarantineby Kairae
Ever since COVID and The Vaccine decimated the world, it's too dangerous to go outside, but Kayla risked it to bring medicine home for her sister. Her world is turned up...
Expiration Date | ✓ by mugglebooks
Expiration Date | ✓by ꧁𝙰𝚂𝙷꧂
★On the 4/5/18 Mae is supposed to die.★ It's written in black ink on her arm. The day of her death passes and she faces the impossible, she's still alive; she's expire...
Tubbo vaccine  by 00panta_boi00
Tubbo vaccine by Bubbles
Tubbo just got his second dose of the vaccine and is in pain. A.K.A. The author is coping.
Unpleasant Childhood memories (MLP G5) by Dysphoricinkdemon
Unpleasant Childhood memories ( Inkdemonproductions
A short story revolving around Sprout's first doctor visit with his mother.
Bluey gets vaccinated by CollinFrench6
Bluey gets vaccinatedby Forrestfire109
I guess you could call this a PSA, but not really. Just saying, anyway I thought this would be cool to make.