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Cerella Lannister:The True Lioness  by crystalblack897
Cerella Lannister:The True Lioness by crystalblack897
Cerella Lannister is the 3rd child of Tywin and Joanna Lannister. Only 30 but has been married 3 times with 9 living children. Adored by the realm and her family her lif...
The Iron Throne (One Shots/Reader Inserts) by HalloweenHeartbreak
The Iron Throne (One Shots/Reader...by Halloween
Game of Thrones  Imagines Book Two by Avengerssoulmate
Game of Thrones Imagines Book Twoby Avengerssoulmate
This is my second book of Game of Thrones imagines and one shots, and is a collection of some of my favourite characters, and hopefully yours. Most imagines will be flu...
An Honest Woman | Female Jaime Lannister | GOT/ASOIAF by WickedTheRedHorse
An Honest Woman | Female Jaime Lan...by Roxanne
What Jaime Lannister was born a girl and Cersei (Cersen) was born the eldest son? Also, just for fun, Ser Brien of Tarth. Having killed Aerys, Jaime married Stannis afte...
Game of Thrones Preferences by ArtsyDoodleBug
Game of Thrones Preferencesby Nikki Riley
Requests: Open Game of Thrones Preferences. Give me a question with your favorite character and I'll see what I can do!
Tywin Lannister || Lady of the North by ArtsyDoodleBug
Tywin Lannister || Lady of the Nor...by Nikki Riley
Before Tywin Lannister became everything powerful there was a woman that helped him to rise above it all. But what of this young woman's story? Where did she come from...
And in your eyes I saw... by TheDutchAlice
And in your eyes I saw...by TheDutchAlice
Just a small fanfic about a girl who runs into a man that will change her life for good. But if its for the better...? Might contain smut at some point, so this is just...
The Two Cubs - A Game of Thrones Fanfiction by JaimexCersei
The Two Cubs - A Game of Thrones F...by JaimexCersei Lannister
What if Joffrey had a younger sister called Joanna? What if Tyrion had had a daughter with his now late wife and had called her Johanna? DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN GAME O...
A Lion's Pride, a Stag's Fury by hrisoula
A Lion's Pride, a Stag's Furyby hrisoula
After the battle of the Bells, a goshawk arrives in Casterly Rock carrying a message for Robert Baratheon. Tywin Lannister makes a simple decision that will alter destin...
The Lion & the White Wolf (Jon Snow x OC) by iggy102
The Lion & the White Wolf (Jon Sno...by D Torres
An unexpected romance brews between the runts of two bitter rivals. Jon Snow has been shunned his entire life. What more could he expect being Lord Starks bastard. The o...
Burning Flames by Tjsunnycloud
Burning Flamesby Tammy J
Amarok Stark the second son of House Stark, When the royal family comes to visit the north, he finds himself falling for the beautiful Myrcella Baratheon, so he joins hi...
GOT One-shots/Imagines *PLEASE REQUEST* by Ollieforge
GOT One-shots/Imagines *PLEASE REQ...by Ollieforge
REQUEST OPEN PLS I'll do any character! Mlm wlw are cool!! I'm better at writing a female reader SMUT is okay, I'm not the best though!
I Could Keep You Safe | Leanor Clegane | ASOIAF/GOT Fanfiction by WickedTheRedHorse
I Could Keep You Safe | Leanor Cle...by Roxanne
Sandor Clegane had a sister, two years younger, who was not murdered as a child by Gregor but survived and made it to Casterly Rock. Leanor is surprisingly kind, tactful...
"He will tear your city down, o lei o Kai o lord" | game of thrones | | season one-?| | Jamie Lannister xoc| | uncompleted |
Cytat z Gry o tron by ZapewneKtos
Cytat z Gry o tronby I hate myself and I want to d...
Tak to są cytaty z gry o tron, ambitnie.
The Golden Wolf by Pitchblack014
The Golden Wolfby Pitchblack014
I'm sort of taking over and adding a few characters in the GOT/ASOIAF universe. An original character along with the Starks and Lannisters. An OC as the result of the St...
I'm not just a Girl by TheFemazeRunner
I'm not just a Girlby The Lightning Thief
// Game of Thrones Fanfiction // Sophia lived just outside KingsLanding. Born and raised on an ordinary farm, she never meets people other than her family and few neighb...
Lions and Wolves by Ossiwolf
Lions and Wolvesby Hollie Gladwin
Tywin Lannister - The Great Lion of Casterly Rock - and his family have been cursed by a witch. They are transported to a time far after their own with strange metal bea...
The Lioness Guard by Leepace8210
The Lioness Guardby Leepace8210
Her name is Elizabeth Leo. The lions bastard and this is her story.
The lion and the flame by HOGWARTS1DSPN
The lion and the flameby Hogwartsspn
A Tyrion Lannister and a OC I named Sasha Arlington her family took over Castamere after Robert's rebellion and how she fits in to the game of thrones universe. DISCLA...