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Sweet Sister by Someone09083
Sweet Sisterby Someone09083
Rhae Waters is the sweet, innocent little sister of Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen who's five years younger than her sister. Viserys hates her guts and thinks she doesn'...
Game of Thrones - One Shots  by S_R222
Game of Thrones - One Shots by S - Anon
A bunch of One Shots ( x Reader) fics based on the amazing Game of Thrones TV show. Feel free to request a character! Enjoy :)
The Iron Throne (One Shots/Reader Inserts) by HalloweenHeartbreak
The Iron Throne (One Shots/ Halloween
Game of Thrones Imagines by Avengerssoulmate
Game of Thrones Imaginesby Avengerssoulmate
A little bit of everything all rolled into one. I am a big fan of Game of Thrones and this is my first book dedicated solely to the boys, so this is a collection of imag...
Dark Past, Bright Future (A Tyrion Lannister Love Story) by MegLPie
Dark Past, Bright Future (A Meg
Tyrion Lannister, youngest son of Tywin Lannister, has a tendency for falling for women he shouldn't. After all, his first wife was a whore and then there was Shae. Afte...
The bearer of house stark  by djmcvey7
The bearer of house stark by djmcvey7
Hayden stark was born a bearer a male able to birth children they are highly sought after and incredibly rare there hasn't been one since aemon targaryen as the twin to...
A little bit of everything Multi Fandom Imagines by Avengerssoulmate
A little bit of everything Multi Avengerssoulmate
A little bit of everything all rolled into one. Because I can't be a fan of just one thing, so this is a collection of imagines of some of my favourite characters. incl...
Game of Thrones Reader Oneshots by Tobhomott
Game of Thrones Reader Oneshotsby Whose To Say
Just a bunch of random ideas I had. I will take requests if you have any! It can be about any character in GoT male or female.
Lion in Savannah(A Jaime Lannister Story) by MegLPie
Lion in Savannah(A Jaime Meg
Scarlet Golden was walking her two dogs when she sees them. Two strange men in what looked like armor, nearly drowning in the Savannah River. Little does she know that a...
Affairs of the Heart (A Modern Sandor Clegane Story) by MegLPie
Affairs of the Heart (A Modern Meg
Melody June Baratheon had everything she ever wanted growing up. Three loving and protective brothers, the best education Westeros had to offer, friends, and lovers. Now...
Game of Thrones  by bughead_gangsterlove
Game of Thrones by gangsterlove
This is about Ser Bronn and the original female character who is forced into marriage. Will he be able to shape his young, beautiful, small woman into the perfect wife o...
Game of Thrones - One shots, Preferences & Imagines ♡ by khloemomoa2
Game of Thrones - One shots, khloe momoa 🌊
male only GoT characters x reader/request name
Running  by rebeccagalloway
Running by Becca Lannister
Daenerys Targaryen is ruling in King's Landing. And she has in her hands one man in particular. The man who killed her father. But she doesn't have him for long. Jaime...
Inevitable by Purrfect_Meow_
Inevitableby Purrfect
What if Cersei, after the loss of her 3 children, got another prophecy from Maggy? What if Jaime found out about Lancel and still left a pregnant Cersei, but after tryin...
Sentiment  by -MichaelaBrown-
Sentiment by Michaela Brown
Sometimes the wrong things are the right things, that not everything is perfect. Sometimes the most beautiful things can be found disguised in the ugly and the broken. S...
Runaway by KCCC33
Runawayby Zera-Cole
"I will end you." "You will not."
Imagine GOT  by Lolotte-Bolton
Imagine GOT by Lolotte-Bolton
livre d'imagine consacrer a Game Of Throne. Sur se livre vous vous plongerez dans la peau d'un personnage de Game of throne et vivrais peut être une belle histoire d'amo...
The Little Dragon {Bran Stark} by BlastyBoi_Girl
The Little Dragon {Bran Stark}by E.L.Louis
A girl with no past, and what seems to be no future, gains the trust of a Dragon Queen. And with only a sword to her name, she becomes one of the greatest women to go do...
Tyrion's Trial by umangwrites
Tyrion's Trialby UMANG SINHA
This is loosely based on 'A Storm of Swords' - the third book in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series by George R.R. Martin which was later adapted into the very popular...
Nous méritions mieux. by AngelicaR34
Nous méritions AngelicaR34
[Spoil de toutes les saisons] : Recueil de drabbles et d'OS sur le couple Jaime/Brienne.