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Korean One Shots {COMPLETED} by sunshine5151
Korean One Shots {COMPLETED}by Sunshine
All your Korean actors and K-Pop stars one shots here! I add music in the background to set the mood as much as I could so please play it before you start reading. Enjoy...
Are You ??? 🤫😨🧛‍♂️ by wonderful5678xyz
Are You ??? 🤫😨🧛‍♂️by The_Wonderful_Soul
so it is basically a story of being his mate. His soul mate. and peep in it to know. It is just some shorts. Anokhi was a simple girl living in Chandigarh in the rent...
K Pop by mnmp_wijesiri
K Popby Mahi-ah
For K pop lovers. BIOGRAPHIES
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Tears Behind Her Smile  by sithuu_17
Tears Behind Her Smile by Sithmi Himansa
වෙනත් කෙනෙකු වෙනුවෙන් තමන්ගේ සිහින කැප කරන්න කෙනෙකුට පුළුවන් ද?? වෙනත් කෙනෙකුගේ සිහින තමන්ගේ කරගෙන උදවු කරන්න කෙනෙකුට පුළුවන් ද?? මෙලොව තිබෙන සොඳුරුතම බැඳීම් ආදර බැඳීම්...
کۆنسێرتی  گروپە کۆریەکان لە کوردستان  by gwlixozga
کۆنسێرتی گروپە کۆریەکان لە کوردست nuna and zaza
کۆنسێرت لە کوردستان ؟؟؟؟؟!!!!! start 29\6\2020 ended unkown مافی بەرهەمەکەش بۆ خۆم پارێزراوە .
تخيلات لجميع فرق الكيبوب by amoniacstory
تخيلات لجميع فرق الكيبوبby jungkookstan
احم اسفة كتيييييييير لاني ما باتفاعل انتو تعرفوا هي اخر السنة وعندنا امتحانات اوعدكم اني لما اخلص اكمل الروايتين وابدا بكتابة الجزء التاني من رواية احببت فتاة متالية راح...
Love Gone Wrong by ShrimantiRoy
Love Gone Wrongby Shrimanti Roy
Two girls, Tia and Snow were best friends for life. They did everything together and fell for the same guy at last. However, only one of them ended up with the love of h...
Asylum of the Green Peas by melclovesscarlet
Asylum of the Green Peasby Janie Mucciolo
An old Asylum in Seoul South Korea had shut down in 1999 and was opened back up in 2006 and new patients were coming. 5 males will learn to accept who they are and me...
Maknae= Taemin by -EXOT3
Maknae= Taeminby Monica
*Taemin= Our favourite Maknae* All of the SHINee members are happy and constantly working. Taemin of course, is the happiest. He wants everyone to get better and do thei...
"MALDITO AMOR: En busca del sueño" by Cerdo-conejo47
"MALDITO AMOR: En busca del sueño"by Cerdo-conejo47
EL AMOR se encuentra en el momento menos esperado, en el lugar menos esperado, y de la forma menos esperada. Dicen que tú no eliges de quien enamorarte, que el corazón m...
*Find* by RossLy_Martz
*Find*by Rossnez
Kim Hae Min y Park Seo Jun son amigas desde que Hae Min entro al Kinder "FLOR DE SIRIA", una de ellas esta enamorada del papa de la otra, y quiere que su papa...
Learn Korean in 30 Minutes by koreanweeaboo
Learn Korean in 30 Minutesby 장지민
All Hangeul letters WITH MNEMONICS TO MAKE YOU MEMORIZE INSTANTLY!!! Plus explanation on pronounciations
Instagram live birth  by melclovesscarlet
Instagram live birth by Janie Mucciolo
what happens when ss501's Youngsaeng and Kyujong decided to document their 2nd child's birth using Instagram?
Kpop Lyrics (Book 1) by SarahKpop
Kpop Lyrics (Book 1)by Sarah
I'll post the MV (if there isn't one a Fanmade or a live performance) & the lyrics (Romanization + translation) of Kpop songs, you can also request (the limit for reques...
A Day Of Love And Drama (ss501 one-shot) by melclovesscarlet
A Day Of Love And Drama (ss501 Janie Mucciolo
SS501 is rocked by the sudden emergence of Jungmin's heart condition. His lover Hyunjoong has begun tending to him in his time of need. All the while the other members...
Almost Like a Miracle by BlooQKazoo05
Almost Like a Miracleby BlooQKazoo05
What would happen if Seung Jo didn't show up for Ha Ni at the bus stop? What would happen if he left her alone again? Would he still be provided with an opportunity to...
ENTRE MI ESPOSA... Y MI NOVIO (HyunSaeng) by Ninoska89
ENTRE MI ESPOSA.... Y MI NOVIO CAPITULOS: Varios AUTOR: YO (ninoska89) Estos últimos meses había sido convocado por un programa reality donde me casaban con otro famoso...
Mi destino by AlidaYeriHerrera
Mi destinoby Kim Ye Ri
NOVELA ADAPTADA Es la historia de amor de TN y kim hyun joong, una joven que vive en un pueblo de Corea y la enfermedad de su padre la ha obligado a dejar los estudios p...
Love and Magic (A SS501 Fanfic) by melclovesscarlet
Love and Magic (A SS501 Fanfic)by Janie Mucciolo
Five guys, five special gifts. The power to communicate with spirits. The power to move objects with the mind and can also read minds of others. The power to teleport. T...
Bullying For Love by Sakurita91
Bullying For Loveby Saku_K3H1P1
~Sinopsis~ Un grupo de amigos se creen los jefes de la escuela, comandados por su jefe Mister X, escogen como objetivo a una chica extranjera para ser su blanco, y asi...