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Korean One Shots {COMPLETED} by sunshine5151
Korean One Shots {COMPLETED}by Sunshine
All your Korean actors and K-Pop stars one shots here! I add music in the background to set the mood as much as I could so please play it before you start reading. Enjoy...
کۆنسێرتی  گروپە کۆریەکان لە کوردستان  by gwlixozga
کۆنسێرتی گروپە کۆریەکان لە کوردست nuna and zaza
کۆنسێرت لە کوردستان ؟؟؟؟؟!!!!! start 29\6\2020 ended unkown مافی بەرهەمەکەش بۆ خۆم پارێزراوە .
ဒဏ္ဍာရီ by MoneMaeMoe
ဒဏ္ဍာရီby monemone
ဤfiction ကို မီဆိုနှင့်​အတူ TS များ အားလုံး ပိုင်​ပါတယ်​။ ပြင်​ပ အဖြစ်​အပျက်​တချို့ နှင့်​အမှန်​တရား တချို့ ပါပါတယ်​။ Not BL . Just fanfiction
تخيلات لجميع فرق الكيبوب by amoniacstory
تخيلات لجميع فرق الكيبوبby jungkookstan
احم اسفة كتيييييييير لاني ما باتفاعل انتو تعرفوا هي اخر السنة وعندنا امتحانات اوعدكم اني لما اخلص اكمل الروايتين وابدا بكتابة الجزء التاني من رواية احببت فتاة متالية راح...
Una cosa chico-chica by HeoneesFics
Una cosa chico-chicaby Heonee's Fics
Titulo del Fic: Una cosa chico-chica Autora: Heonee (Anyianka) Capítulos: 42 Parejas: HyunSaeng, KyuMinJoon. Surgen más parejas durante la historia, tanto parejas yaoi c...
Forever My Love by Moena_Writes
Forever My Loveby Moena_Writes
This is a story of an unexpected love. A Korean/American girl named Lily or Lee Kang-Hye, is walking to work one day and is almost hit by a car! The passenger is non oth...
Scenario Interpertations (kpop) (Kink, Fluff, Meme)  by yourbeardisugly
Scenario Interpertations (kpop) ( dont hug me if you have a bea...
Basically a bunch of stories that I made after watching a kpop clip I liked/thought was funny. May contain smut, may contain fluff, may contain bdsm, may contain cg/l, m...
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Después de la tragedia [HyunKyu] [HyunSaeng] by MadHatter1808
Después de la tragedia [HyunKyu] [ MadHatter Uchiha
La familia Kim sufre una gran depresión tras perder a uno de los pilares más importantes de la casa, la muerte de Kim Kyu Jong, esposo y padre al mismo tiempo, Aunque Ky...
Learn Korean in 30 Minutes by koreanweeaboo
Learn Korean in 30 Minutesby 장지민
All Hangeul letters WITH MNEMONICS TO MAKE YOU MEMORIZE INSTANTLY!!! Plus explanation on pronounciations
KPOP Oneshots by love_wxtrinity
KPOP Oneshotsby Giang
Collection of my KPOP Oneshots. They're my friends when i'm in doubt. I write to express what I feel.
Fatos Do Kpop by ImGaEulTuan
Fatos Do Kpopby ImGaEul
Irei colocar alguns temas para vocês conhecerem melhor algumas coisas no kpop tipo shipps, nome de fandom e etc
INFATUATION (HyunSaeng - HyunChul - SiChul) by Ninoska89
INFATUATION (HyunSaeng - Nino_Nam89
Fic: Infatuation (Encaprichado) Capítulos: 10 Capítulos Couples: HyunSaeng Sichul Los personajes no me pertenece, pero el desarrollo de la historia si. No resubir. No...
Arashi And Double S 501 (SS501) Imagine by SaeToshi
Arashi And Double S 501 (SS501) SaeToshi
To all fans that wishing and dreaming to be with there favorite member of the famous Jpop Boyband Group Arashi and Kpop Boyband Group Double S 501. This book is for you...
Yaoi genre, the story of three, the soon to be wife, soon to be husband and the other man. Ritchelle Claudio is a simple lady who just fell in love with the unexpected g...
Short Story About Life by aljoong_new
Short Story About Lifeby Alfiah Ohgong'il
Sebuah Short Story antara Park Young Won dan All Bias Kalau penasaran silahkan Vote Komen dan Like ^^ Tag : SS501 SHINEE DONT COPY MY STORIES! HAK CIPTA DILINDUNGI OLEH...
FANGIRL  by raashmi_vr
FANGIRL by She Walks In Moonlight
The story of Indian girl, who have faced lots of failures in her life yet worked so hard to make her dreams come true! what happen when she gets a chance to meet her Ido...
Hyun Joong vivió un sueño que fue casi real. Vio en ellos a su persona ideal, fue su amor a primera vista. Y aun esta incrédulo porque es al mismo chico que desposaría. ...
Maknae= Taemin by -EXOT3
Maknae= Taeminby Monica
*Taemin= Our favourite Maknae* All of the SHINee members are happy and constantly working. Taemin of course, is the happiest. He wants everyone to get better and do thei...
SS501 Kyusaeng Mpreg oneshots by melclovesscarlet
SS501 Kyusaeng Mpreg oneshotsby Janie Mucciolo
just a couple of Mpreg oneshots of The SS501 couple Kyusaeng (Kyujong and Youngsaeng
PEEK by areuYS501jimin
PEEKby areuYS501jimin
What will happen if you were trap in an affair that you never imagined you have it? Family, fight for love, hurt, and revenge. When romeo and juliet fought for their lov...