Its based on ur ZODIAC signs and the month you were born!! many randomness are in the book!! give it a try!! #43 in random on 17/8/2016 at 8:58pm COVER BY @JustToo...
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ONLY YOU by Lau_Kook68
ONLY YOUby Laura
El amor puede llegar a ser algo lindo y te puede hacer la persona más feliz pero así también te puede hacer sufrir de la peor manera. TN una joven maquillista enamorada...
  • heoyoungsaeng
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Unpopular KPOP Opinion by RitchJoong
Unpopular KPOP Opinionby Ritchelle Joanne T. Claudio
Unspoken KPOP Truth. Your Escape. Your Getaway.
  • wattys2018
  • kpopopinion
  • wannaone
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『 Phrases ♢ 韩国娱乐 』 by hxnhxn_hxnhxn
『 Phrases ♢ 韩国娱乐 』by ❝It's Ok❞
↬ Frases de canciones Kpop. ↬ Frases de Idols. ↬ Frases de Doramas. [ ©︎hxnhxn | 2016 ]
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Su toque Gentil / Adaptación HyunSaeng SS501 by KyuRik501
Su toque Gentil / Adaptación Erika~SS501BoysLove
▫Couple: HyunSaeng Hyun Joong x Young Saeng. ▫Advertencia: +18 +aunque no le hagan caso+ ▫Duración: 12 caps __________________________________________________________ ✨E...
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various x reader imagine || kpop by neoculturedreamies
various x reader imagine || kpopby 엔시티
enjoy my not-so-good written imagines about you and k-pop stars! warning: bad grammar & typo. slow update request not open
  • ss501
  • vixx
  • fanfiction
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Y como se enamora a un hombre? / "MinJoon" SS501 by RossLy_Martz
Y como se enamora a un hombre? / " Rosa Martinez
Una historia de uno de mis grupos favoritos de Kpop, sobre las parejas MinJoon y HyunSaeng DESCRIPCION: Park Jung Min era un hombre encantador, lindo, simpático, inteli...
  • ss501
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 영원한 사랑 (un amor eterno) by SofiaColladoGarcia
영원한 사랑 (un amor eterno)by sofia collado garcia
La vida es dificil y heo tiene que pasar por muchos sacrificios entre vivir o morir...... , entre amor o odio...... ¿¿Lograra estar de pie o se caira?? Advertencia OMEGA...
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تخيلات لجميع فرق الكيبوب by ChaimaeAou
تخيلات لجميع فرق الكيبوبby Chaimae Aou
احم اسفة كتيييييييير لاني ما باتفاعل انتو تعرفوا هي اخر السنة وعندنا امتحانات اوعدكم اني لما اخلص اكمل الروايتين وابدا بكتابة الجزء التاني من رواية احببت فتاة متالية راح...
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FANGIRL  by raashmi_vr
FANGIRL by raashmi_vr
The story of Indian girl, who have faced lots of failures in her life yet worked so hard to make her dreams come true! what happen when she gets a chance to meet her Ido...
  • ss501
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La Vida de SS501 by HyungJunBaby
La Vida de SS501by ♥ HJB ♥
Te gusta SS501? Esto libro es de Humor de Triple S por y para Triple S 7v7 Si quieres reirte un rato con las estupideces que escribo lee este libro xd
  • kimkyujong
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A Day of Love and drama 2: brand new family by melclovesscarlet
A Day of Love and drama 2: brand Janie Mucciolo
sequel to A Day of love and drama (SS501 one shot) which was based in 2008 and this is set in 2010 When siblings 12 year old Geun and his 6 year old sister Shura's par...
  • kyusaeng
  • sequal
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Almost Like a Miracle by BlooQKazoo05
Almost Like a Miracleby BlooQKazoo05
What would happen if Seung Jo didn't show up for Ha Ni at the bus stop? What would happen if he left her alone again? Would he still be provided with an opportunity to...
  • jungsomin
  • playfulkiss
  • ss501
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Choi Hye Ri es una joven de 17 años que esta cursando el ultimo año de secundaria es la mejor estudiante tímida y un poco ingenua desde pequeña siempre quiso casarse y...
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SS501 Fanfictions by SS501_FF_TripleS
SS501 Fanfictionsby SS501_FF_TripleS
Some fanfics about our boys 💚 English isn't my first language. Sorry for my mistakes.
  • kpop
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Learn Korean in 30 Minutes by koreanweeaboo
Learn Korean in 30 Minutesby 장지민
All Hangeul letters WITH MNEMONICS TO MAKE YOU MEMORIZE INSTANTLY!!! Plus explanation on pronounciations
  • superjunior
  • nct
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Long Lost Love by SUGABUNNIEZ
Long Lost Loveby SUGABUNNIEZ
Not all people have to be alive to love..Park Jimin the biggest playboy at S.P.A.H.S meets Lee EunByeol S.P.A.H.S new hot girl at school. EunByeol had gotten into an ac...
  • parkjimin
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Arashi And Double S 501 (SS501) Imagine by SaeToshi
Arashi And Double S 501 (SS501) SaeToshi
To all fans that wishing and dreaming to be with there favorite member of the famous Jpop Boyband Group Arashi and Kpop Boyband Group Double S 501. This book is for you...
  • kimkyujong
  • aibamasaki
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Hayallerin Peşinden by fairytale1201
Hayallerin Peşindenby Yasemin
Yasemin'e neler oldu? Cevabı yeni bölümde :)
  • hayal
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Cinco cómo uno. by Rizzetta
Cinco cómo Rizzetta
Título: Cinco cómo uno. Género: Romance. Advertencia: Yaoi. Parejas: Minjun, Hyunsaeng Sinopsis: Cinco chicos, cinco corazones, cinco voces, un mismo sueño. Un grupo...
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