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KISS Preferences  by Vinnie_Vincent
KISS Preferences by 💛
My own version of the KISS rock band preferences.
  • carr
  • kulick
  • bruce
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Keeper Of The Lost Moon by AgentEmily_Spades
Keeper Of The Lost Moonby Agent Emily
(Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Voltron crossover.) Astra Citali is an elf of the Lost Cities. Her father is an important emissary for the coun...
  • song
  • kotlc
  • vacker
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Nightblood by the_13th_clan
Nightbloodby the_13th_clan
After the fall of The City of Light, Clarke delivers a dark message of impending doom from ALIE. Political unrest looms in Polis at a time when the clans should be worki...
  • commanderlexa
  • skaikru
  • indra
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Eric Singer Of KISS by Vinnie_Vincent
Eric Singer Of KISSby 💛
A series of oneshots from our little kitty from KISS. Hilarious stories, drama, and even some romantic stories is bound to tickle your funny bone!
  • band
  • eric
  • simmons
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KISS: The Revenge of Devereaux by PaulStanley42
KISS: The Revenge of Devereauxby Brayden
Abner Devereaux has returned to plot revenge against KISS for foiling his plans... but how? Why at Canada's Wonderland of course! It's up to KISS and their three new fri...
  • thayer
  • stanley
  • singer
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I don't know you yet (Book 2 in Hunger Games Fanfic) by meaningsdashaway
I don't know you yet (Book 2 in Me
  • adventure
  • action
  • thayer
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The Divine (Watty Awards Version) by SammWoo
The Divine (Watty Awards Version)by Samantha Annabelle
When seventeen year old Spencer meets Thayer, she falls head over heels. But soon Spencer learns the truth about Thayer, and the truth about herself. And the truth doesn...
  • fantasy
  • samm
  • destiny
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The Bobbin Boy or, How Nat Got His learning by gutenberg
The Bobbin Boy or, How Nat Got gutenberg
  • gutenberg
  • william
  • makepeace
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In The Sky With Diamonds by toxicwolves
In The Sky With Diamondsby Trys
  • biography
  • thayer
  • sky
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Friends,Broken Hearts,...&Twinkies by Lulu4now
Friends,Broken Hearts,...&Twinkiesby Lulu♥
Zara Kanzer is not only sarcastic, outgoing, and friendly; She can be tough and rude. When she is stripped from her home, Pittsburgh, PA, and Taken to San Diego, CA. She...
  • school
  • zara
  • wynter
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Surfside Sisters (PDF) by Nancy Thayer by natemode67460
Surfside Sisters (PDF) by Nancy natemode67460
Read Surfside Sisters PDF ebook Listen to Surfside Sisters Nancy Thayer audiobook Read Online Surfside Sisters: A Novel book in EPUB Find out Surfside Sisters Nancy Thay...
  • nancy
  • sisters
  • thayer
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Timeless: Rose's story by loarose17
Timeless: Rose's storyby rose xx
!!!READ TIMELESS 1 FIRST !!! Ever wonder what Rose's life was like? Her life during the wartimes? What happened when she came in the modern world? The truth behind Chivo...
  • broken
  • timeless
  • sad
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Forever With The Butterflies by CearaRayanne
Forever With The Butterfliesby Ceara
Two years ago, Thayer Benson walked out of Casey Anderson's Life. Now the beginning of Casey's senior year he is back, and with a secret that he needs to share. Will she...
  • thayer
  • love
  • butterflies
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There are Worse Games to be Play (A Hunger Games Fan-fiction) by meaningsdashaway
There are Worse Games to be Play ( Me
Lyric Lust has gone through a lot being the mayors daughter she was subjected to having almost no friends except for Pranet Jolt the son of the deceased dead capitol sin...
  • fight
  • fiction
  • scores
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Dan Thayer Attorney Grand Island by danthayerattorneygra
Dan Thayer Attorney Grand Islandby danthayerattorneygra
Dan Thayer is an experienced attorney who has completed over six full marathons while living and working in Grand Island, Nebraska.
  • grand
  • island
  • attorney
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Last Innocence by calling_all
Last Innocenceby calling_all
Blue Ridge Summer Camp had been their July destination for the past seven years but the memory of this year had to extend a lifetime. Amelia and Thayer were growing up a...
  • lovestory
  • fovever
  • johngreen
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