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This is a story about the 21 Jumpstreet officers. With a new character added, Officer Sydney Kramer. What happens when Sydney gets to the chapel, and meets the new Offi...
One night, for a life time {Complete} by nikky_spades
One night, for a life time { Nikky the mad hatter
Who thought that after that night, it would last for a lifetime...
Depphead Wonders (Complete) by _honeyycomb
Depphead Wonders (Complete)by _honeyycomb
Johnny Depp (& his characters) imagines ✨
21 Jump street (Discontinued until further notice) by ClassicRaven
21 Jump street (Discontinued ClassicRaven
Danielle Lavinski is a undercover cop in Jump street chapel, where she never thought she would meet people as understanding as the future relationships and bonds she cre...
THE WAY WE WERE by Cowboy0928
THE WAY WE WEREby Cowboy0928
Two young cops with painful pasts, find each other and quickly fall in love. But then tragedy strikes. Tearing them apart. A 21 Jump Street story about love and loss, j...
>> Johnny depp smuts << by suckthatdickcum
>> Johnny depp smuts <<by dicks wet
basically smuts of johnny depp and the characters, roles he played :) GET COMFY U HORNY WHORE
Sparks fly when a young Police Officer meets a young pop star. They dislike each other from the start, as he is told that he has to be her bodyguard, take her into his...
Johnny Depp imagine one shots [complete] by nikky_spades
Johnny Depp imagine one shots [ Nikky the mad hatter
Some Johnny Depp and his characters imagines 😉
Johnny Depp Imagines by mermaidbyheart
Johnny Depp Imaginesby mermaidbyheart
Collection of my Johnny Depp imagines. (Inspired by one of my biggest role models and greatest inspirations, Richard Grieco.)
Rewrite The Stars (Tom Hanson)  by storiesRrandom
Rewrite The Stars (Tom Hanson) by Cracking Time Travel
Nadiya Baines is a highly trained Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2080. She specializes in futuristic technologies, one massive project she work...
How I met you-Johnny Depp  by deppheadstories
How I met you-Johnny Depp by deppheadstories
Johnny Depp and y/n get casted in their first movie that will soon be their big break but they can't help it when they fall deeply in love with each other. Set in the mi...
Underneath the Peonies (Tom Hanson)  by storiesRrandom
Underneath the Peonies (Tom Cracking Time Travel
Vivien Clarke became plagued with the knowledge of her own mortality, so she packed up her life to move across the country to Metropolis. Feeling like she has nothing to...
Johnny Depp 2024 One Shots (Short Stories) by MartyTheBunnyYt
Johnny Depp 2024 One Shots ( MartyDepp
Here are some of my favourite short stories about God Father (@JohnnyDepp) that I wrote being very inspired with his life situation or just those fake scenarios or day d...
Tom McQuaid life mentor? by PrincessGrellSutclif
Tom McQuaid life mentor?by Sakura
The life a young girl named Charleen struggling to keep her life together, mixed up in the bidding of the local gangs living in a halfway house on the worst side of town...
Johnny Depp Imagines 💕 by gewritez
Johnny Depp Imagines 💕by grace 🫀
(REQUESTS OPEN!!) Just some imagines of JDs characters! Those characters will include: Captain Jack Sparrow Sweeney Todd Victor Van Dort Ichabod Crane Edward Scissorhan...
Johnny Depp Character Imagines by nightmare_carousel
Johnny Depp Character Imaginesby 💫Bree💫
• look in my eyes, i will never desert you • A collection of oneshots starring you and your favourite Johnny Depp characters! [REQUESTS OPEN]
Love ya, man~Tom Hanson x Doug Penhall by jwcansuckmycock
Love ya, man~Tom Hanson x Doug dallas/dean
Tom x Doug~ A 21 Jump Street Bromance FanFic I actually think they would be a cute couple.
Dear Hanson (Tom Hanson) {21 Jump Street} [COMPLETED] by finding_art
Dear Hanson (Tom Hanson) {21 finding_art
Aisha is engaged to a rich buisnessman, James. However she is not over her ex-boyfriend, Tom Hanson, who left her under mysterious circumstances eight years ago. What wi...
Johnny Depp Character Imagines  by This_is_riddikulus
Johnny Depp Character Imagines by Levi simp
stories about Johnny Depp's characters Cry-baby Tom Hanson Mad Hatter Sweeney Todd Edward Scissorhands Victor Van Dort Glen Lantz BY: rebelweirdo22