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Foward In Time- Hamilsquad x Reader by bbg_aesthetix
Foward In Time- Hamilsquad x Readerby bbg.aesthetix
So I got a bit of this plot from a book on here called Hamilton Religions and me being pure trash decided to use it as plot material. So here is the actual story descrip...
These Arms of Mine (Bucky Barnes x Reader) by RogerCaptain
These Arms of Mine (Bucky Barnes RogerCaptain
When Bucky Barnes arrives to stay at the Avengers Tower, you become fast friends. It may be more than friendship on his side, but will your crush on Steve Rogers stand i...
Sofia the First: The Crystal Curse by DaisyMontano
Sofia the First: The Crystal Curseby Daisy Montano
If Amber can cause trouble just by coveting what Sofia has, wait until Hildegard does the same. Hildegard becomes jealous when she learns about Sofia's magical amulet. W...
Male! Vidia x Tinker Fairy! Reader: Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue by Wolf1661
Male! Vidia x Tinker Fairy! Wolfia Funtime
THIS STORY HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. DON'T BLAME ME, IT GOT TAKEN OFF OF NETFLIX. I do NOT own Disney! I am also NOT sponsoring Disney, nor is Disney sponsoring me! ALL rig...
A Pirate's Life by umaxxharry
A Pirate's Lifeby umaxxharry
Uma and Harry swashbuckling adventures on the isle.
Ben 10 (original) and Rose Elem (OC) | DISCONTINUED by Wolf1661
Ben 10 (original) and Rose Elem ( Wolfia Funtime
What happens when a ten-year-old boy with an alien watch goes alien butt-kicking with a nine-year-old girl that has alien powers? Well, you're gonna have to read to find...
Girls Can Play Football by Macey_Mouse
Girls Can Play Footballby Macey_Mouse
My submission for the #TNTWillContest inspired by Will. ---------- Girls can't play football. Oh, how those four words get me so riled up. Ive heard those four words all...
Witch Hunt by 4evahannah
Witch Huntby Hannah
When all odds are against you...will you survive? My entry for the TNT Will Contest. #TNTWillContest
Growing Up (#TNTWillContest) by LDCrichton
Growing Up (#TNTWillContest)by LDCrichton
Wattpad and TNT are hosting a contest, where YOU could win a featured spot on TNT's profile, plus a Will swag bag. It's easy to enter: tell a story about overcoming odds...
THE MIRROR by jamiahtaylor247
THE MIRRORby Jamiah Williams
this story is about a girl that will do anything for her brother........even kill him??? your just going to hve to find out yourself
Will Against the Odds Contest by FutureFamousWriter93
Will Against the Odds Contestby Shawntay Putnam
These are my stories for the Will Against the Odds Contest, enjoy!
Flight by mlaunm
Flightby Margaret Allen
A girl, a magical world, a brief history of her journey.
The Only Opponent That Matters by peterdoug3
The Only Opponent That Mattersby peterdoug3
A short fable by peterdoug3. Check out the #TNTWillContest ahead of TNT's upcoming series documenting William Shakespeare's often-ignored punk-rock agenda. It's sure t...
Death On A Silver Platter by WarIsHeII
Death On A Silver Platterby Abaddon
This is a different kind of triumph. Not the kind that leaves you feeling pangs of happiness after a soccer match or the deep satisfaction of winning at Monopoly. It's t...
The Audition by SarahRagsdale4
The Auditionby Sarah Ragsdale
This is a non-fiction short story that got into the top 10 in the #TNTWillContest! If you've ever been through an audition process, you'll know the feeling ;)
Seraphina by KimblayMoo
Seraphinaby Kimblayy_Mooo<3
Fifteen year old Seraphina, who lives in Tennesee, had always dreamed about becoming a famous singer song-writer from the day she turned five. So, she decides to pursue...