Love Beats Hate by cloutcxm
Love Beats Hateby cloutcxm
When certain things in Taraji's life takes a turn for the worst, her best friend, Terrence, is there to help her through it. But when feelings coming rising to the surfa...
  • terrence
  • love
  • nialong
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Collison Course by Chocolatebombs
Collison Courseby xxZenoxx
When a modeling company that Taraji Models for gets a new CEO she diddnt think much of it. They all say Trouble comes with a capital T. Who knew that statement would be...
  • model
  • terrence
  • tnt
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A Chance for Growth by ZYLProductions
A Chance for Growthby ZYLProductions
What would you say if we told you Taraji and Terrence had a secret? It wasn't just any was THE secret. What if it didn't start during the filming of hustle...
  • love
  • tnt
  • secrets
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Age Is Nothing But A Number.. by HighRiderz
Age Is Nothing But A |∆•¥•Brianna•¥•∆|
Taraji is an innocent 17 year old girl who is sweet and shy, but also has to deal with darker situations from her sexually abusive father and drunken mother to mean girl...
  • love
  • underagelove
  • taraji
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Jack is back.  by Awesomeness92
Jack is back. by Emma
MAJOR CRIMES FANFIC Sharon decides she's had enough of Jack, but what will happen when Jack comes back? Will Sharon admit why she wants him gone? Is she better of hiding...
  • sharonraydor
  • majorcrimes
  • provenza
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Humanity; Leverage FanFiction by SarahRCubitt13
Humanity; Leverage FanFictionby Sarah R. Cubitt
"The Rich and Powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. And sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. we provide..." "Leverage!&quo...
  • parker
  • throwback
  • eliotspencer
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Undefined Destiny by I_Give_Life
Undefined Destinyby I_Give_Life
Taraji is a 32 year old single mother of 8 year old twins, Heaven and Nevaeh. She finally makes the decision to do more with her life, but one thing shakes her entire wo...
  • taraji
  • family
  • tarajiphenson
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Finally Mine by effie_abernathy123
Finally Mineby kira dring
Sharon and Andy ness
  • tnt
  • shandy
  • majorcrimes
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Law and Love  by YenaGeo
Law and Love by YenaGeo
You'll figure it out sooner or later.
  • police
  • abuse
  • terrence
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Survivors | b.m. by PineCoveWoods
Survivors | Kya
(highest ranking: #1 in falling skies, #2 in ben mason (on going)) Alyssa Marks has been best friends with Benjamin Mason since kindergarten. They were inseparable as...
  • invasion
  • ben
  • fallingskies
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The Butcher ✓ TNTHorrorContest by AnneLutz
The Butcher ✓ TNTHorrorContestby anne
A young nurse falls in love with a convicted murderer. #TNTHorrorContest Word Count: 9,600
  • scary
  • writingcontest
  • tnthorrorcontest
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Fighting The Invietable by only1MT
Fighting The Invietableby only1MT
Terrence Dashon Carter(D'Jay) and April Barnes grew up together on the ruthless streets of Chicago, him being a king pin and she being one of Chicago's best hair stylist...
  • empire
  • taraji
  • fanfiction
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Made To Love by ThatCooCiousLove
Made To Loveby ThatCooCiousLove
Taraji P. Henson Is a Model. And has been looking for love in all the wrong places. But what happens when she runs into a man named Terrence Howard who is the CEO of his...
  • enjoy
  • terrence
  • taraji
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Love's a Battlefield  by YenaGeo
Love's a Battlefield by YenaGeo
I don't know, I might not keep this story.
  • terrence
  • coocious
  • tnt
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Pretty bitches in the trap by KvinggSmith
Pretty bitches in the trapby honey dippa ✨
Yara was a regular 21 year old manicurist, until she meets dramond, an all around drug dealer, who sucks her into the game of selling pills and overprescribing drugs to...
  • neicynash
  • tnt
  • claws
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City (Animal Kingdom Fanfiction) by ShSeKi
City (Animal Kingdom Fanfiction)by 신세기
As in heaven as on earth We've been dead since our birth •Hollywood Undead• An Animal Kingdom Fanfiction City by ShSeKi June 9 ©2017 All Rights Reserved No part of thi...
  • pope
  • drugs
  • bazblackwell
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The Queen [Animal Kingdom Fanfiction] by EverythingLily
The Queen [Animal Kingdom *Everything* Lily
She hasn't been seen in 5 years. Presumed dead, a sigh of relief seemed to utter from the head of the Cody home. The Queen was gone, along with her entrancing and manipu...
  • barry
  • tnt
  • crime
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Inhale These Regrets by cloutcxm
Inhale These Regretsby cloutcxm
"The Worst Feeling In The World Is When You Know That You Both Love Each Other But Still You Just Can't Be Together." --- He was enticing, charming and most de...
  • tnt
  • terrence
  • crime
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The Librarians ...and the Sleepwalking Caretaker (Budapest Mysteries - part 2) by Flopkes
The Librarians ...and the Suzanne Vanweddingen
A new case has called the Librarians and their Guardian back to the Annex where strange things seem to be occurring. The Librarians and their Guardian embark on a strang...
  • jenkins
  • galahad
  • thelibrarians
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A Moore's tale by lukeevansisdivine
A Moore's taleby María
1896 Running away from someone this girl decides it's time to go back home, New York City, after being educated in the grey lands of London since she was 5. The rebel, m...
  • tnt
  • lukeevans
  • thealienist
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