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Azalia // Skyrim Fanfiction  by Lau-ren-tia
Azalia // Skyrim Fanfiction by Lauren
• Completed Skyrim fanfiction• Azalia is the sarcastic, fiery and unknowing daughter of two Daedric Princes. When she finds herself in Riften sitting across from a red-h...
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader) by CicerosListener
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader)by 🍒 & 🥵
Is it possible to love a mad fool? please for the love of god stop asking me to update i don't want to remember that i wrote this -🍒
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences  [Requests Open!] by memeslovepoptarts
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences [ memeslovepoptarts
Certain scenarios that feature Skyrim's finest! Imagines/Oneshots/Preferences of Skyrim characters. I'm pretty sure I didn't do these right, please don't crucify me. Unl...
Skyrim Parent Scenarios {REQUESTS OPEN} by littlemomouse
Skyrim Parent Scenarios { Little Emo Mouse
I couldn't find a single story like this for Skyrim, so I decided I'd be the first to write one! Witness as your beloved virtual NPCs raise you as their own! I will prim...
Skyrim Boyfriend Scenarios by Owl_of_Minerva
Skyrim Boyfriend Scenariosby Cecily Wright
If its not mainstream I will make it mainstream. Includes Ralof Hodvar Vilkas Farkas Marcurio and Brynjolf. May or may not contain skyrim storylines.
One-Shots // Skyrim by jolikesgames
One-Shots // Skyrimby « Jo »
Some one-shot stories for the Elder Scrolls : Skyrim.
A Master Thief (A Brynjolf Fanfic) by J_Elusive
A Master Thief (A Brynjolf Fanfic)by Jo Liddell
She's a spoiled, beautiful girl set to wed a man she doesn't know or love. He's a reckless, charming thief's apprentice on the verge of getting kicked out for his foolis...
Of Mages and Thieves || Book 1 by squibblesquish
Of Mages and Thieves || Book 1by Squibbles
We all know Bethesda robbed us of the romance we deserved. So what happens when a long-time fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hears "Sorry, lass, I've got importan...
Daughter to Dragons- a Skyrim inspired fantasy by AMEdwards
Daughter to Dragons- a Skyrim Ashley
The Dragon Crisis is over twenty-five years past, as is Skyrim's bloody civil war. The Dragonborn, the legendary hero who slayed the World-Eater, is dead, leaving his d...
Walk in the Shadows by Wolfiesta
Walk in the Shadowsby Wolfie
Femke, a Nordic-Bosmeri woman, has come to Riften to start over. She thought she was ready for adventuring in the big, wide world outside of her meager home in the minin...
A Lover's Tale (Skyrim X Readers!) by SomeoneIsWatchingMe
A Lover's Tale (Skyrim X Readers!)by SomeoneIsWatchingMe
Request some x readers you want me to do! I am pretty passionate about Skyrim, but it might take me a while to write one. Since I don't know the plot or have to understa...
The King's Knights by WilliamGabriel10
The King's Knightsby Lord22
High King Relma has won. Anointed High King of Harlenor Reunited, she stands triumphant over her nemesis Baltoth. If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, post-war situ...
Arch-Mage (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #1) by the-soul-of-wit
Arch-Mage (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #1)by Lizard
*A tale set in the world of Skyrim* *The first in the Arch-Mage Trilogy* The Dragonborn has disappeared. Alduin has yet to be destroyed. Rowlen Mabierre, a Breton, joins...
The Thief of Hearts (A Brynjolf Fanfic) by J_Elusive
The Thief of Hearts (A Brynjolf Jo Liddell
Two years after the Dragonborn's victory, a darkness has settled over Riften. The Thieves Guild has gone into hiding, while the Dark Brotherhood roams the streets with t...
Dovah Dah~ Elder Scrolls Fan fiction by Moose-Lord
Dovah Dah~ Elder Scrolls Fan Moose-Lord
The story of Niirn's savor. To Oblivion and back. (Title translation: Dragon Hunter) (The description is really bad because I have no clue what it should be. But the boo...
Cicero and The Listener by Korah-Zombie
Cicero and The Listenerby Korah
Cicero, The Fool of Hearts, Keeper of The Night Mother, Jester. He was know by many names. This is the story of how Mordelia joined the Dark Brotherhood and met Cicero. ...
Skyrim | Thief Of Hearts | DISCONTINUED by Hyrule_And_Beyond
Skyrim | Thief Of Hearts | Habby
BRYNJOLF X READER X MERCER FREY ~ A new member is introduced for the Thieves Guild by Brynjolf. However, she seems to have a difficult past with one of the new members...
A Fool's Blade by MipperMipperdoo
A Fool's Bladeby Mipper Mipperdoo
Forced to spend some time away from the guild, Jade wonders about looking for work and comes across a strange-looking imperial man. He claims to be transporting his dece...
The Soul Eater (Skyrim Fanfiction) by DemonKingVarcus
The Soul Eater (Skyrim Fanfiction)by Zykrie
When the times of the dragons return, the one prophesied hero goes against his destiny. The would be killer of Alduin betrayed his fate and joined the World Eater's side...
Sun's Dawn by whxxmsy
Sun's Dawnby whxxmsy
The Dragonborn is a fabled hero who has saved and protected Tamriel throughout the last four Eras. And their time has come yet again. But the Last Dragonborn isn't the...