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Arch-Mage (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #1) by the-soul-of-wit
Arch-Mage (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #1)by Lizard
*A tale set in the world of Skyrim* *The first in the Arch-Mage Trilogy* The Dragonborn has disappeared. Alduin has yet to be destroyed. Rowlen Mabierre, a Breton, joins...
Skyrim Boyfriend Scenarios by Owl_of_Minerva
Skyrim Boyfriend Scenariosby Cecily Wright
If its not mainstream I will make it mainstream. Includes Ralof Hodvar Vilkas Farkas Marcurio and Brynjolf. May or may not contain skyrim storylines.
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences  [Requests Open!] by memeslovepoptarts
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences [ memeslovepoptarts
Certain scenarios that feature Skyrim's finest! Imagines/Oneshots/Preferences of Skyrim characters. I'm pretty sure I didn't do these right, please don't crucify me. Unl...
Walk in the Shadows by Wolfiesta
Walk in the Shadowsby Wolfie
Femke, a Nordic-Bosmeri woman, has come to Riften to start over. She thought she was ready for adventuring in the big, wide world outside of her meager home in the minin...
A Lover's Tale (Skyrim X Readers!) by SomeoneIsWatchingMe
A Lover's Tale (Skyrim X Readers!)by SomeoneIsWatchingMe
Request some x readers you want me to do! I am pretty passionate about Skyrim, but it might take me a while to write one. Since I don't know the plot or have to understa...
Azalia // Skyrim Fanfiction  by Lau-ren-tia
Azalia // Skyrim Fanfiction by Lauren
• Completed Skyrim fanfiction• Azalia is the sarcastic, fiery and unknowing daughter of two Daedric Princes. When she finds herself in Riften sitting across from a red-h...
She's Darkness  by Thorn30
She's Darkness by Thorn Cipher
Thorn the last female Snow Elf in all of Skyrim a master Thief and the Dragonborn. She's darker the any night and more cruel than any assassin. Her skin and hair are as...
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elder scrolls smut lol by Ojos-Locos
elder scrolls smut lolby lil sharty💖
WARNING: you will die instantly WOWW WHAT A COUNTRY 👏👏
A Master Thief (A Brynjolf Fanfic) by J_Elusive
A Master Thief (A Brynjolf Fanfic)by Jo Liddell
She's a spoiled, beautiful girl set to wed a man she doesn't know or love. He's a reckless, charming thief's apprentice on the verge of getting kicked out for his foolis...
Mercer Frey-Randoms by QueenAckerman22
Mercer Frey-Randomsby Shigaraki Kinnie
So basically I'm a Mercer Fangirl and I've read almost every piece of Mercer fanfiction out there so I'm making my own. These are just assorted imagines, Drabbles and he...
Honor Among Thieves by ejthefangirl
Honor Among Thievesby Emily Jo
Thaya is a thief. Lars is the Dragonborn and Harbinger of the Companions. They need her help. What happens when Thaya takes the job and discovers life outside of the Thi...
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader) by CicerosListener
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader)by 🍒 & 🥵
Is it possible to love a mad fool? please for the love of god stop asking me to update i don't want to remember that i wrote this -🍒
The Shadow of a Rogue by WendiSustaire
The Shadow of a Rogueby Wendi Sustaire
Pria loved her work with the Thieves Guild in the city of Ayr. She completed every contract from petty pickpocket jobs to substantial burglaries and prided herself on be...
Thieve Guild Imagines/Preferences by PumpkinQueenxx
Thieve Guild Imagines/Preferencesby PumpkinQueenxx
Hey so I recently fell in love with Skyrim and found that there isn't a lot written for characters like Rune and Maul. So I decided that whilst I have fallen back in lov...
Split Loyalties [A Skyrim Fanfic] by sweetrollstealer
Split Loyalties [A Skyrim Fanfic]by delvin
-on hold- (I had a description, but somehow it was deleted. I'll write in back in soon. I do not own Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series, only what I create.)
Shift In Wind (Skyrim Fanfiction) by ArgentRoses
Shift In Wind (Skyrim Fanfiction)by Argent
{ Sequel: } Mercer Frey is the leader of the Thieves Guild. The Guild was at a standstill. Nothing changed at all. Then when Brynjolf bro...
The Weaving of Yjarrn - იარნის გამოქსოვა by Leviticus1711
The Weaving of Yjarrn - იარნის გამ Levi Buchanan (ლევი)
Yjarrn is floating through life until a scrape with the Riften city guard changes everything.
Restoration- A Skyrim Fanfic by Nocturnal_the_Edgy
Restoration- A Skyrim Fanficby Pidgeotto
Amber wakes up with no memory, in the back of a cart headed for the chopping block. Doomed to confusion, these are her records of her attempts to function in a previousl...
Caught In The Middle(SkyrimFanFiction) by ToucheBouche
Caught In The Middle( Lizzy
Based off of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Fan-fiction definitely involving Brynjolf! Because who doesn't love being called "Lass"? :D In this story, the main cha...
Give Me Solitude by miss-cadaverous
Give Me Solitudeby Who the hell is Bucky? What t...
THIS IS AN UPDATE FROM THE OLD STORY. Luna, a member of the Thieves Guild who was adopted by Brynjolf, and ends up killing Grelod on the job. This, obviously, alerts the...