THE EMPEROR'S NIGHTINGALE [ BL Story ] by BlacklYandDarksK
[Completed] [In the process of Editing...] A beautiful voice that could possibly be enchanted anyone who could hear it. And He wanted it, not just the soft beautiful mel...
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  • nightingale
  • historical
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MITWAA - Love Will Find a Way by GS_Stella
MITWAA - Love Will Find a Wayby Stella
== PRIVATE STORY == ✨ COMPLETED ✨ ✨ UNDER SLOW EDITING ✨ 🏆 1st PLACE - New Author Awards (Teen Fiction) 🏆 WINNER - BEST FANFICTION STORY - The Literary Awards 2017 🏆...
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Nicole Nightingale by Hollyoaksfanficsx
Nicole Nightingaleby Lauren
Aim to get 5k reads and 100 votes!! (Thank you for all your support so far xx) This village needed more lively nice and after living with tabby i am ready to start a new...
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  • nicolenightingale
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Demi Lovato imagines by Ihascupquakefan6281
Demi Lovato imaginesby CamilaIsbanana🍌
Some imagines 😜😏👅👩❤️👩👭👩❤️💋👩👙🙈🙉🙊🐵🐱🍆💦👉🏻👌🏻note warning ⚠️: there might be smut so beware
  • lovatic
  • demi
  • trouble
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Blackbird (Book 2) by neoqueenmalfoy
Blackbird (Book 2)by neoqueenmalfoy
Two years have passed since the end of Nightingale. Veronica is now stronger than ever, she is ready to finally settle into her new life, a Supreme Sorceress. Howev...
  • book2
  • nightingale
  • savage
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The Miss So Arrogant!! ✔ #Wattys2017 by JstAnadaWritaNxtDor
The Miss So Arrogant!! ✔ Pristine
How an arrogant brat falls in love with an ordinary boy!!! Highest Ranking: #2 in ChickLit Cover Credits: Me 😆😆
  • nightingale
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  • parth
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Moonlight's Embrace (A Skyrim Fanfic) by TheRussetNightingale
Moonlight's Embrace (A Skyrim Katherine/Russet/Regina/Eryn
I don't know what I did to deserve this. Sundering of my soul, the destruction of all I held dear. Well, that's a bit dramatic, but hey. I've got to tell my story, don't...
  • elder
  • wattys2018
  • thieves
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Nightingale by Horsewisdom101
Nightingaleby Blue Butterfly Studios
This story follows a man named Gael through his life, it's a dark one. The story is set in mid-evil England and focuses around witches, knights, kings, queens and assass...
  • comedy
  • romance
  • adventure
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Faye Nightingale never had a picture perfect life, let alone a normal one. With a mother who died in childbirth when she was only five, and a father who walked out liter...
  • ceceking
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  • witches
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My Sweet Nightingale (OTGW Human!Beast x reader)  by Bella_Luna_Dreams
My Sweet Nightingale (OTGW Human! AnimeLove264
You were just enjoying All Hollows Eve with your childhood friends when everything you knew to be true turned out to be a dark twist on reality. But will your gloriously...
  • comedy
  • whynot
  • wattys2018
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The Girl Who Cried Thief by Tys_Misadventures
The Girl Who Cried Thiefby Ty
"So that's your name, eh? I think I'll just stick to callin' you lass." Running from her duties as the Dragonborn and her past life as a master of thievery, As...
  • nightingale
  • daedra
  • riften
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Red Moonlight (Book One) by NightmaricReaper
Red Moonlight (Book One)by Queen Demonica of Wolves
Gods, monsters, and humans live in the same world. What it means is that anything is possible. In this story, a woman by goes by the name Lunar Nightingale is a famous...
  • nightingale
  • demonking
  • hell
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Ana Nightingale by AnnKraus
Ana Nightingaleby AnnKraus
VOLNÉ POKRAČOVÁNÍ LORISHSKÉ SELEKCE OD @SUPERANET *** Ana Nightingale, celebrita se špatnou minulostí, nikdy nestála o účast v Selekci. Poslední dva roky žila v ústraní...
  • sebastian
  • selekce
  • královna
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Nightingale's honour. (Book No.1) [Finished] by DancingRain7
Nightingale's honour. (Book No.1) Megan Harding
Book No.1 of the Nightingale's honour trilogy. Zane Lionheart. A High Elf. A fighter. Dragonborn of Tamriel. Agent of Nocturnal and leader of the Thieves Guild. Times a...
  • mercerfrey
  • brynjolf
  • vex
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.NIGHTINGALE! (EN) by veingeances
ナイチンゲール / nightingale! bianca akane-rogers series mcu ━ peter parker
  • peterparker
  • thor
  • infinitywar
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I Kinda Need a Hero is it You? by CassieDawn3
I Kinda Need a Hero is it You?by Cassie Dawn
Misty had the best life she could ask for. Loving parents, good grades, and an amazing friend. Misty has been best friends with Maddie DeLaGarza since they were born. De...
  • ikindaneedahero
  • fanfic
  • edsheeran
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Nightingale (Book 1) by neoqueenmalfoy
Nightingale (Book 1)by neoqueenmalfoy
Singing has always been my escape. That is until the night the Particle Accelerator went online. After that my life changed. For better or worse, this is now my life. No...
  • captaincold
  • barryallen
  • oliverqueen
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nightingale (boyxboy) by lmaonica
nightingale (boyxboy)by johanna
Book Two in the Infinite Series. After the incident with Zoe and the gun, new tensions arise for the summer. With Zoe's trial coming up, there's no way anyone will have...
  • teenromance
  • nightingale
  • boyxboy
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" he was my safety blanket, ...
  • miniminter
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Once Upon a Zeppelin  by CrystalHeart175
Once Upon a Zeppelin by CrystalHeart175
Twilight, Dusk and their family's cruise vacation is actually a themed vacation where ponies have paid for the privilege of spending time with them, and they must please...
  • duskvelcro
  • spike
  • nightlight
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