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Cosmo's Luck // 𝐊𝐚𝐢 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐳 by RatInnit
Cosmo's Luck // 𝐊𝐚𝐢 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐫� 𝓡𝒶𝓉𝓉𝓎 🤍
Cassie Parsons and Aidan Hawke are your typical everyday people you see from a window in a coffee shop. Like the side characters to your life that you see once or twice...
the girl from Ipanema | neymar jr by lanaxpage
the girl from Ipanema | neymar jrby lana ♥️
20 year old Luana Silva is the sister of Thiago Silva who was selected for the 2014 Brasil nation team. On the world cup journey, Luana meets a 22 year old Neymar. • fre...
unexpected | psg by PrSpikes
unexpected | psgby princess
Old flame vs New flame, who will Thaisa choose?
football imagines by seashellsnsunshine
football imaginesby kiera
series & one-shot imagines of your favorite footballers ‣‣ send in requests for any specific people or scenarios!
One Shots. x (Football&Music) by mystoriesxxx
One Shots. x (Football&Music)by mystoriesxxx
Dear Readers. <3 I decided to write some one shots x Because sometimes I have problems with writing further on my stories - and I get random ideas to write something...
Brazil football players imagines by ronaldoandcarmona
Brazil football players imaginesby ronaldoandcarmona
imagines of Brazil national football teams players, requests are open for any of them:)
Unlikely Love? by Endya_njr
Unlikely Love?by Endya_njr
I quickly cut my sharp hazel eyes at him, as he whispered something in Dani Alves ear and they both start laughing. I had it. I was so frustrated, why did he hate me so...
Meet me halfway - Philippe Coutinho  by calumostrapinto
Meet me halfway - Philippe calumostrapinto
"can you meet me halfay?" ficar na ponta dos pés nunca foi algo difícil, mas e quando alguém faz voce ficar na ponta dos pés? -personagem principal de minha au...
Linhas Cruzadas by Crisdl4
Linhas Cruzadasby Crisdl4
De todas as metáforas que já me falaram sobre a vida acho que compara-lá com um jogo de palavras cruzadas foi a que mais me coube. A vida é exatamente assim, só que cruz...
The Promise by forever_geezer
The Promiseby forever_geezer
25 year old Half Swedish & Half Brazilian Rena Duarte lives in Brazil. Her mother has just died after a long cancer battle and she has to step in and look after her 10 y...
I꧑ᥲgιᥒᥱ᥉ J᥆gᥲd᥆rᥱ᥉ & Fιᥣhᥲ᥉ by RoxPurple
I꧑ᥲgιᥒᥱ᥉ J᥆gᥲd᥆rᥱ᥉ & Fιᥣhᥲ᥉by Purple 👾
Já se imaginou sendo filha dos jogadores? Deixa sua imaginação de levar a onde quiser. Obra feita de fã para fã, sem intenção de ofender ninguém. Plágio é crime, não cop...
El chico de los rulos (David Luiz) by futboltotalpiola
El chico de los rulos (David Luiz)by Dianna
Todo comenzó con la vista de su gran cabellera enrulada.
You. (Thiago Emiliano da Silva FanFiction) by mystoriesxxx
You. (Thiago Emiliano da Silva mystoriesxxx
First I want to introduce myself to you guys. My name is Morena da Silva Santos; I am related to Neymar Jr. Yes, you read correctly. He's my younger cousin. I don't want...
The love of my life by kimsilvas
The love of my lifeby kimsilvas
This is a story about how Elena fell in love with the football player Thiago Silva.
Wrong Attraction  by lorraynapegado
Wrong Attraction by Coqui ❤️
Katherine Marie Castler,uma empresária bem sucedida, namorada de Charlie Weber concorda em receber em sua casa uma visita que lhe incomoda,porém dessa vez a visita vai l...
Complicated. (Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior FanFiction) by mystoriesxxx
Complicated. (Oscar dos Santos mystoriesxxx
Complicated. Yes that word matches perfectly the situation I am in. But first, let me introduce myself to you guys. My name is Taléia de Lima. I'm 21 years old, curren...
Soccer Imagines by Neycrisbalee
Soccer Imaginesby Neycrisbale
A compilation of different types of imagines in which I have written overtime. They're also available on my Tumblr Check it out . :)
First Love (Thiago Emiliano da Silva FanFiction - One Shot) by mystoriesxxx
First Love (Thiago Emiliano da mystoriesxxx
Jana-Ina meets her first love again. Both of them seem to have stil feelings for each other. But both of them are taken. How will their reunion end?
Predestined (Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior FanFiction) by mystoriesxxx
Predestined (Neymar da Silva mystoriesxxx
Addition to my story 'Complicated' - Neymar's POV - World Cup time and my country was the host. I went from Spain to Brazil with the thought to concentrate myself on foo...