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The Count's Daughter by ChloeReds
The Count's Daughterby C. C. Red
After her parent's death, Clara Arielle has spent the last year on the streets of Rome. making her way as a thief, when the Count hires her to pose as his daughter to ge...
True Love's Kiss - A Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir Fanfic by Anniartist39
True Love's Kiss - A Miraculous Artiste
He kissed her... and it wasn't just a peck like he thought it'd be... he really kissed her... the moment his lips touched hers, he felt drawn to her, all other thoughts...
Fate/Loved by Vengeance (Edmond Dantés X Fem!Master) by VenomousQueen
Fate/Loved by Vengeance (Edmond VenomousQueen
What was going to be an ordinary study abroad program in France for Robin Fea, with a looming Holy Grail War, soon turned hectic as not only was she chosen to be a Maste...
illicit affairs by WorldAtlas2
illicit affairsby heartbreak is the national an...
Edmond x Faria (this feels so weird cuz my nephew's name is edmond 💀🙏)
Châteu d'If by aleklafayette
Châteu d'Ifby Aleksander Lafayette
Inspired by Edmond Dantes' first night at Châteu d'If.
The count of monte Cristo(Underswap version) by 8-BitEllie
The count of monte Cristo( 8-BitEllie
I will only be using some people from the Parody!
The Count of Dimension D {REWRITE!} by SilverStarWarrior
The Count of Dimension D {REWRITE!}by SilverStarWarrior
(Contains Dimentio X Mr.L/Luigi themes with some YANDERE) Dimentio, after many years of working for Merlon at Flipside, is finally ready to propose to Mr.L. However, thr...
A Collection of Essays by EllaWrites17
A Collection of Essaysby Ella
Since I spend quite a bit of time writing for school, I have decided to share a few of my favorite essays and writings here on Wattpad. In this book, I'll be sharing a f...
The Dead Husband by lordbyronwascool
The Dead Husbandby lordbyronwascool
An intelligent wife, a loving five-year old son, humble but highly principled parents and a sweet sister-Aditya Sharma, despite his humble background and an instructor i...
The Count Of Monte Cristo  by JustRandomLindsey
The Count Of Monte Cristo by JustRandomLindsey
When Edmond is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, he thinks all hope is lost. A dramatic escape brings a new identity and fabulous wealth, but will it bring him w...
Google Translate Sings: Musicals! (Book 1) by JadedFantasies231
Google Translate Sings: Bee
I've seen a few books around like this, and they're always absolutely hilarious! I've also always loved Malinda Kathleen Reese's Google Translate Sings series. So I thou...
Count of Monte Cristo x Romeo and the bros™️ crossover by peachymclaughlin
Count of Monte Cristo x Romeo ; celina
the Count invites Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio to a dinner party at his house, until the dinner plans begin to take a slight turn.
The count of The music club tmf jailey by KateJones1234678
The count of The music club tmf Kate hanan
The music freaks belongs to @RosyClozy On YouTube I highly suggest you check out her series 1 day Jake was taken away from his girlfriend To live a life sentence In thi...
Mid-Term Crisis/Pulling an All-Nighter by SamtheAspiewriter
Mid-Term Crisis/Pulling an SamtheAspiewriter
In which i catalogue what happened to me the first time I tried to pull an all-nighter in order to finish my work in Middle School. PLEASE NOTE:-there is swearing in thi...
The count of Monte Cristo by ChrissyArgonShy
The count of Monte Cristoby Chrissy Argon shy
I don't own any of the characters. I made the cover myself. This fanfic was mostly based of the musical 'the count of monte Cristo'. The characters are vanoss and the cr...
Love Blooms Amongst the Books  by AmenoHoshizora
Love Blooms Amongst the Books by
"The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge" -Bertrand Russell This story follows Ameno Hoshizora (totally not a self insert), an ordinary l...
The man he used to be by JuleWhatev
The man he used to beby Jules
A short story inspired by the musical "the Count of Monte Cristo" by Frank Wildhorn - about the relationship of Edmond Dantes and Mercédès. --- I would love to...