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Child fox!Cale in the world of TBOAH by Stress_Repelent
Child fox!Cale in the world of Stress_Repelent
It was a peacefull days after 3 years of the fall of the white star and the sealed god. Key word : *WAS* Cale : That motherf*ck*r God of Death In which cale was sent to...
tboah and tcf differents by kimdokjaSIMP1863
tboah and tcf differentsby angel
jealous is a disease that will ruin your mindi if you can not handle it there's no cure for it... you will become delousional hello! this is my first time writing a stor...
The Birth Of A Hero by tocarrytheworld
The Birth Of A Heroby ATLAS
What if Kim Rok Soo died the day he was supposed to die? And Choi Jung Soo, alongside Lee Soo Hyuk, got transported in the novel they've read. The Birth Of A Hero. [ 𝗗�...
Beginning of the end by who_stole_my_fries_
Beginning of the endby who_stole_my_fries_
(Cover of the fic by serendiien on Instagram) Transported to the domain of God of Death, people of three worlds come together- some to save themselves, others to save th...
Visit  by Mirai_fics
Visit by Mirai_Fanfic
Two years and the war had started. Many lives were lost and many were devestated. While preparing for future tragedies, the heroes and some other people were teleported...
˗ˏˋ EPIPHANY [tcf react] ᶠⁱᶜ 'ˎ˗ by skyrndipity
˗ˏˋ EPIPHANY [tcf react] ᶠⁱᶜ 'ˎ˗by ✧ 𝐒𝐊𝐘.
God of Entertainment was bored. Goddess of Envy needed power. While God of Salvation wanted something to save. (Un)fortunately, a certain world that almost fell into rui...
OP Cale Henituse by UnknownQuality
OP Cale Henituseby {Blank}
-There may be ships involved (Don't get your hopes up). -Just know that I don't have a lot of info about a lot of characters that are in TCF or TBOAH and ORV :) -Cale i...
Future? by Vei_vie
Future?by justcallmevei
Just a fanfic reaction, TBOAH and LCF do a reaction about everything their beloved commande, Cale Henituse, do.
An Angels Protector by NeonWritter
An Angels Protectorby NeonWritter
[This is a romance novel of the trash of the Counts family the characters are NOT mine and pictures belong to their respectful owners] The Trash of the counts Family nev...
The Siren Crimson by JeongYenNie
The Siren Crimsonby WenlyMarcus
This is my Trash of The Count's Family Au. Where's Thames family is known as a Siren. Jour Thames the woman from one of the Siren loyal blood that married with Deruth He...
ОГ! Кейл в Хвосте Феи | TBOAH реагировать by tototoriko
ОГ! Кейл в Хвосте Феи | TBOAH реаг Toto Rico
The reaction of the characters from the novel "Birth of a Hero" to Cale in Fairy Tail. AU!!! Mostly various Fairy Tail manga character wikis, but there will be...
One Of Us by Nik_Owner
One Of Usby Time
Shang... A bright light covers the whole world, leaving only few of those who are chosen to be transported somewhere in the universe. A room looks like a cinema from the...
[. . "Misery"--Loaded. .]  by WriterReader_Term
[. . "Misery"--Loaded. .] by WriterReader_Term
~| Misery- "A state of great suffering." Title: From- " TCF FanFiction " To- " [. . "Misery"-Loaded.] "
How To Be A God by NeonWritter
How To Be A Godby NeonWritter
Part 2 of Play the goddesses Game if you want to read this read the first part first😊 or else you won't understand anything. the tittle basically sums it up😃 Follower...
Live Through Pain by dettelazy
Live Through Painby dettelazy
Trash of the Count's Family fanfiction One shot stories about the Original Cale Henituse's suffering. Trash of the Count's Family is not mine. The cover is also not min...
Beyond the Mirrors by _AnutheWonderGirl_
Beyond the Mirrorsby Merry
TBOAH people react to Cale Henituse Aus and random things.
TOTCF One-shots by OliveTeal006D5B
TOTCF One-shotsby Olive
Random one-shots about TOTCF, mostly about Cale. The reminder the characters might act out of characters and this is a slow update story. Also sorry for the many mistake...
Catalyst of Distinction by shixchix
Catalyst of Distinctionby cale's nonexistent slacker li...
Same beginning, different endings. Two realities with different catalyst. HE is the catalyst of the distinction between these two universes. [TCF reaction fic]
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A Glimpse of Another World || TCF by atsumuru_
A Glimpse of Another World || TCFby hi
The World of Birth of a Hero has, yet again, been forced to play God's game. Suddenly appearing in an unknown place that only one person seems to be familiar with, what'...
Reincarnated as a Fox, Really?! (TCF AU) by Myst_Was_Here_102
Reincarnated as a Fox, Really?! ( Myst_102
what if KRS died and Reincarnated instead of Transmigrating? What will happen in his new life? Who will he get Tangled up with??? Let's Find out! (Lol this is shit post...