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Vikings watch httyd by Rafayela1
Vikings watch httydby Rafayela1
This is another watching the movie fic. Characters might be OOC temporarily. Please give reviews with constructive criticism. First story will try to update regularly. C...
Classroom Of The Elite : Reaction fic by Blackbeastincarnate
Classroom Of The Elite : Y2jchris downtown
I am just writing this for fun .English is not my first language so there will be grammar mistakes . I hope you guys enjoy it. Ayanokouji will be OCC. This happens right...
The Fate of a Hero by unparalleledtrash
The Fate of a Heroby Turashu
Fate. Such a pretty word for how cruel it can be. Must we let our heroes suffer just because fate dictates we should? Must they suffer for the greater good of the world...
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Things Left Unsaid by thvshry
Things Left Unsaidby Aestia
"Kim Rok Soo, Grade 1 Ability User" He recognised that voice. It was the same bastard who had sent him in this world without any notice. He ended his chain of...
Creation and Creator [Reaction Fanfic to LOTCF] by WRISZE
Creation and Creator [Reaction W R I S Z E
Wherein the God of Creation needed the God of Death's help to save the world he's overseeing. The God of Creation's follower, his creation, Leonier, need to host a theat...
MHA Reacts to the Multiverse by IntrovertUndertheBed
MHA Reacts to the Multiverseby IntrovertUndertheBed
When the Goddess of Prophecy teleports you to a theatre and tells you to react to the multiverse, there's not really much you can do besides listen to her. Features: C...
Genshin Impact reacts to random stuff by Sleepy-Star_Frog
Genshin Impact reacts to random Sleepy-Star_Frog
Just as the title says genshin characters are gonna react to stuff Hope you enjoy! (^~^) My English is shitty so just figure out what i meant in some chapters :,)
4 animes react to each other by Syola_29
4 animes react to each otherby Syola_29
I don't know, I just- I just, thought it would be fun. First fanfic, so if it's terrible you know why They will be reacting to Light novel COTE Some weird blend of mang...
A Classroom of the Elite Reaction Fic that Actually Makes Some Fucking Sense by ayanokojifrfr
A Classroom of the Elite laila
I don't own any of the characters or quotes materials. I'm just a fan who is bored out of their mind. Yes, I do find myself hilarious, and if you don't agree, then you c...
Tboah and tocf reacting to our commander adventures by ShiroAkari15
Tboah and tocf reacting to our ShiroAkari15
tboah and tcf reacting to Cale and his shenanigans "Slow updates" "Will update whenever I feel like it"
Hadestown watches Hadestown! by lorenotfound
Hadestown watches Hadestown!by Get Five a decent cup of co...
The characters of Hadestown watch the musical.
Of course it's fucking MONDAY!!  |   MHA reaction fic by s0larts
Of course it's fucking MONDAY!! | SOLAR
Hatsume and Izuku present their project... Okay. Will these two destroy the entire multiverse now? Or. Some of the UA react to deku verse ( some fics ) [ My ao3 acc : so...
Classroom of the Elite Overseer by AspectOfTwilight
Classroom of the Elite Overseerby PaddleStar
[ Access Granted ] [ Welcome, Overseer ] "Interesting fufufufu.... Just who are this so called O5 Council......"
{His Point of View}-{Past TOTCF reacts to the Future} by Stranded_Weeb
{His Point of View}-{Past TOTCF 幓阞幓幓幓_幓幓﹥ 幓幓幓﹎愀
"You will see the world in his viewpoint" With the snap of a finger, people are brought to a room to watch the future unfold. Secrets are learned, stories are...
Reacting to Epic The Musical  by earthshakeres
Reacting to Epic The Musical by earthshakeres
Gods and mortals reaction to Epic the Musical. Seriously, this needs more fanfiction written about it. Inspired by the ao3 called Fate's Design: a Epic React fic. Also i...
Cale past as Accelerator  by Beyodersfamily
Cale past as Accelerator by ElviraBeyond
ok so allot of people wanted this to be Reaction Fic disclaimer The cover is not mine Accelerator and Tcf are not mine and Some of this might be A bit different about...
The Truth About Him by Golden_slacker
The Truth About Himby Hirai Casaljay
Miraculous Reacts to Miraculous by amehasproblems
Miraculous Reacts to Miraculousby ame <3
Master Fu has had enough with all the secrecy. So, he's decided to bring Adrien and Marinette, to a theater to watch all the akumas with an old magic. The problem with u...
A simple Reaction fic based on Light Novel - Classroom of the Elite The Reactions will be Canon based
Watching Trollhunters by Drarryisthebestship6
Watching Trollhuntersby Drarryisthebestship6
James Lake Junior had many secrets. Harmless ones sometimes, but mostly ones that kill him on the inside. He's sad, he's anxious, he has too much on his plate. So, he an...