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Starkissed by kylateljeur
Starkissedby Kyla Teljeur
A mysterious job interview. A shady looking warehouse. Aliens. Emily Cartell is in the for the ride of her life when a promising job interview flips her entire life upsi...
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The RAD Girls by Metallica121
The RAD Girlsby Metallica121
Rachel, Arya and Diya have more in common than just a nail colour or TV show. Whether it's high school, heaven or hell, they deal with their shit in a totally RAD way. T...
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Saviour by kylateljeur
Saviourby Kyla Teljeur
There's a lot on Halle Brynn's plate at the moment. Forced to leave her home in order to save those she loves, she must travel across the country to find allies that can...
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Tides of the sea... |ON HOLD| by _QueenAWESOMENESS
Tides of the sea... |ON HOLD|by Shaya
Alexia Louis and Ryan Davies both have been at each others throats ever since middle school, when Ryan had done something so horrifying, so awful and despicable that ev...
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Scars of Armor by Amaboo
Scars of Armorby Angel M.B. Chadwick
Poetry and songs for the lost and surviving. Scars aren't an idea they're a reality steeped in truth. They're a constant. And from them the epitome of strength and powe...
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Secret Admirer by DiamondSkys
Secret Admirerby DiamondSkys
Two years of being in love with a person who doesn't even know about it. Two years of keeping my crush secret from my friends. Two years of blaming myself for being too...
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An Apple Away From Sin by yes_thats_me
An Apple Away From Sinby Swarnaparni
*THE STORY IS ALMOST COMPLETED* He is a devil. And under his influence, She might become one too. *********** Kabira Davis has always been sure which side of the la...
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The Fiction Wars III by TheFictionWars
The Fiction Wars IIIby 🌟 TFW 🌟
OPEN 🌟 | CLOSED Hi, welcome to the first ever Fiction Wars! If you're looking for publicity, awards, or anything of the sort you've come to the right place. Look inside...
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The Fiction Wars- WINNERS  by TheFictionWars
The Fiction Wars- WINNERS by 🌟 TFW 🌟
Welcome to The Fiction Wars! Here, I will only be posting this year's winners, so if you're looking for your next read or to see if you won look inside for more details...
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I said NO (Completed) by yes_thats_me
I said NO (Completed)by Swarnaparni
A short story with a powerful message... ***** Cover made by me. Sensitive issue is dealt inside. First place in the Short Story category of The Talent Awards 2018. Fir...
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STRANGE BOSSES (First Attempt) by AyselInara10
STRANGE BOSSES (First Attempt)by Aysel Inara
89/100 points ~ Writing contest 2019. The world is nothing short of feisty bosses, exploring around their love lives let's accompany some tales of strange ones. THE FIR...
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Vampire Royalty by Beautiful_Genius
Vampire Royaltyby Jacy
'Darkness. I was running into the dark woods. But I didn't care. I just wanted to get away from that someone or something that was chasing me. I was like a blind person...
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The Shadow by DiamondSkys
The Shadowby DiamondSkys
Highest rank: #652 Stella used to live in Garden's Crown until she was forced to move with her family and twin sister, Laila, to a new place in Darky Lane. Stella gets...
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But, None Of That Matters. by thebookmechanic
But, None Of That ცųɬ, ı ɱųʂɬ ɖąŋƈɛ
Samuel Park wants nothing more than to be happy. A cousin's promise gave him hope, but he feels betrayed at his sudden disappearance. However, he doesn't realise that h...
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When The City Skates by thebookmechanic
When The City Skatesby ცųɬ, ı ɱųʂɬ ɖąŋƈɛ
When a group of four boys meet coincidentally, all with one thing in common, their lives change immensely as they start their adventure as a rookie skateboarding crew. B...
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Truth or Revenge?(#SPAwards2018,#MLTimes2018) by -Clara09-
Truth or Revenge?(#SPAwards2018, -Clara09-
" You know what? You were right,I'm really stupid.I don't know what was in my mind.Why I was even thinking that you will fall for me?After all I'm just your houseke...
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(What if).. Books didn't have covers? by amaranthinepoetry
(What if).. Books didn't have Dayal Punjabi
"I write to facilitate myself with my deepest emotions." How much can a book cover hold or represent? How authentic can the artwork of a book jacket be? What s...
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