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存在於不復存在的世界 by lhc0202
存在於不復存在的世界by 凱
五年前,我出於不明的原因,喪失了十歲的記憶。五年後,十五歲的我在某一天突然穿越到了左右顛倒的平行世界,卻發現這裏並沒有所謂的另一個自己。似曾相識的異世界,跟我一樣擁有異能力的人,不存在的另一個自己。。。。我,究竟是什麽樣的存在? 此為原創小說,請勿抄襲
Crazy couple  by IndahAndini_
Crazy couple by Indah Andini_
"Dasar Manusia gila"Keisha "Gini gini lo juga sayang kan" Angga
Four Years Apart by SamLutAng
Four Years Apartby SamLutAng
Kerri and Shane are four years apart. Kerri, being in senior high at age 17 and Shane being a junior at age 13. Bonded through unexpected events, their feelings for each...
世界另一端 by ArianeH
世界另一端by Alexandra00
The Unforgettable Love by VTaeTaehyungV
The Unforgettable Loveby VTaeTaehyungV
A boy named Shun and a girl named Miru has been unfolding their past and they make true love by unfolding their momeries the Unforgettable ones.. Shun Shiratori is the b...
Hate to like You by KyoAya03
Hate to like Youby KyoAya03
It's better if you would actually read the story i created. But to give you a bit of hint about it, it's a story of a simple or let's say 'commoner' waitress who bumped...