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Adrenaline Rush GXG by Hakki_Writes
Adrenaline Rush GXGby Hakki
When it comes to love there is no measurements required. Love is a powerful tool that creates a person or destroy a person. Is love really worth fighting for? How will y...
Broken promises by MarkFrial5
Broken promisesby Mark Frial
a grade 12 student na na fall sa college na nursing
My highschool romance by SkyeWilde
My highschool romanceby Skye Wilde
The adults say when we are at this age, we are young and stupid. I guess that's very applicable to me. My name is Amelia, but I go by the name of Mia. I am an eleventh-g...
Secretly in Love by thesamanthaisabel
Secretly in Loveby Samantha Isabel ❣️
A story about a girl who keeps hiding her feelings. The girl who prefers to suffer than spill her bottled-up feelings to the world. Will she be able to gain courage and...
That Night ✓ by sabbydoobydoo
That Night ✓by Krabby Sabby
Short story #6 (BoyxGirl): Seb Albus Lagdameyo & Sin Vien Aguas (Seb & Sin) A winning entry for Wattpad AmbassadorsPH's February 2022 Write-a-thon Challenge. ⚠️ I'M STI...
Dinggin (One-Shot) by keyceety
Dinggin (One-Shot)by Keycee
Sana ako ay iyong marinig.
Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso: Journey Of Life Continues  by Yoshino_Chan014
Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso: Journey O...by Kirito Kutatsuki
The story follows Kousei Arima, a child prodigy who became a renowned pianist at a young age but lost his ability to hear the pitch of notes after his mother's sudden de...
Endless Love (Book 1 of Boundless Love Trilogy)  by artemestelle
Endless Love (Book 1 of Boundless...by artemestelle
Boundless Love #1 - ENDLESS LOVE Zairen and I met during our first year of college. We became friends, we did everything together. It was great until he confessed his f...
Never Too Late For Change by jessalegria11
Never Too Late For Changeby Alegria, Jessa, A.
This is a work of fiction. Involved characters, places, events, names, and businesses are all fruit of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual person and ev...
Once upon a Lotto by LynetteVallente
Once upon a Lottoby Lynette Vallente
Its all about Kyrie's Journey so keep on reading babies mwah
Mine Tonight by beamyers
Mine Tonightby Myers
"Meeting her is not a mistake, but loving her is..." - Ian
Shall We Call It DESTINY? by KylieDalit
Shall We Call It DESTINY?by JiminieUwU
Lilly is a snob teenager who inherited her own school called Milford High from her parents. It was going well until 7 guys from a Kpop band known as BTS attends her scho...
Bound To Be Together by Mayatotsyhie
Bound To Be Togetherby Yhie
Never let an old flame burn you twice.. Sapphire promised herself to protect herself from any hurt that a man can possibly brought, kaya naman right after her break up w...
I Still Love You by allaieshzea
I Still Love Youby allaieshzea
Paano kung makipagbalikan sayo yung ex mo? Yung ex mo na hanggang ngayon mahal mo parin. At higit sa lahat yung ex mo na nagparamdam sayo kung ano ang tunay na pag-ibig...
In Denial ON-GOING (UPDATED) by kks_03
In Denial ON-GOING (UPDATED)by i.n ᵕ̈
If your in denial of how you feel for someone, then don't be surprised if your story will take a hundred chapters before a happy ending In Denial kks_03 credits to: @Twi...
"How's My life Going" by Miks_9207
"How's My life Going"by Mikaela_Terante
This story is about a 12 years old boy who fall in love with a girl who is basically 14 years old and eventually got busted and by her and live his life by playing mobil...
 #1 Missing pieces (ongoing ) by owseame
#1 Missing pieces (ongoing )by owseame
te amo mas que mucho When the dream comes, are we satisfied or is there something missing? Is there something to be added as time passes, are we still happy or are there...
Whisper's of love by InkVerseDreamer
Whisper's of loveby InkVerseDreamer
"Hiblang Pag-ibig" (Whispers of Love) is a heartwarming and poignant tale set in the vibrant city of Verona. It follows the journey of Olivia, a dedicated arch...
When the Right Time comes by zhielley
When the Right Time comesby zhielley
Marami ngayon ang umibig, nasasaktan at naghahanap ng taong maaring sandalan/magbibigay payo. Magpagsasabihan ng problema, isa na sya sa takbuhan or should I say, tawaga...