Studying and Revision by MotherDelinquent
Studying and Revisionby Unreasonably Greasy
This is where I'm putting my revision for my GCSEs. It's more to motivate me to study, but if anyone needs anything to help, be my guest. I'll have a couple of chapters...
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Miss Assistant (Miss series Book two) by QueenShae007
Miss Assistant (Miss series Book Shaylee
Alexander Evans is studying a degree in Medicine. All she has to do to finish the degree is write the exams. However, being a student comes Alexander Evans is a medical...
  • exams
  • university
  • money
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Pardon My French by pumpkinspicelatte_
Pardon My Frenchby Kat
When Vanessa Avery decided to pack her bags and head to New York for college, she completely expected to meet cute boys and spend long nights eating pizza at midnight in...
  • romcom
  • romantic
  • adultfiction
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The Love Story of Larry Stylinson by EagleAlumni2k18
The Love Story of Larry Stylinsonby Eagle 2k18 (Paige)
This story is about the love story between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from the British-Irish boy band One Direction. It will be the same characters from The Break...
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  • backstreetboys
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Study Motivation by melody_of_life
Study Motivationby Kupferfüchsin
You need some motivation to start studying? Find it right here! - Motivational pictures & quotes - Tips how to study the best way Every week! !!! Highest Ra...
  • school
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JULY by TheUnknownUta
JULYby TheUnknownUta
A story of a mess-up unfortunately fortunate girl in a utterly complex world of family friendship relationships and a whole lot of life itself.
  • studying
  • girlpower
  • relationship
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To Be A Smartass, You Have To Be Smart. Here's How To Be Smart. by BottomBisexual
To Be A Smartass, You Have To Be BottomBisexual
Mostly for my fellow 8th graders, but most of these tips can be applicable to anyone of any grade. ⭕DISCLAIMER⭕ THE COVER PHOTO IS FROM GOOGLE IMAGES. I GIVE CREDIT TO...
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Blue To Gold by MagicalGirlOnFire
Blue To Goldby that random girl
Witches and Faeries Series: Book One ~Blue to Gold~ ---------- In this world, nothing is as it seems. To the normal Earth beings, a chilly gust of wind means there might...
  • friends
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3 STUDENT MANTRA by janahjea
3 STUDENT MANTRAby janahjea
20.what it says
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unguided by fakeechiill
unguidedby fakeechiill
i'm emotionally constipated. i haven't given a shit in years.
  • life
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About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like Me ✔ by thebellwether
About the Reckless Girl Who Kept thebellwether
COMPLETED! Synopsis: "A prodigy at ten, a genius at fifteen, a common man past twenty." This is a story of the struggle of an ordinary guy like me who is a &qu...
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Studying tips  by Jillian_Nicole349
Studying tips by Jillian
If you want great studying tips than this is the book to read. •this book will be updates every day •the title pretty much explains what it's about
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More than English Class- Tim Riggins/ Friday Night Lights by SarahKeir
More than English Class- Tim Sarah Keir
No need to have watch Friday Night Lights to enjoy this romance- Sarah Harris just moved to Dillon, Texas trying to start her life anew, an...
  • english
  • senior
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GCSE Revision by xXmisswidowXx
GCSE Revisionby Anastázie †
Feel free to look through if it helps you :) Hi! I did my GCSE exams in summer 2018 (and now they're over and they went quite well and I'm the happiest person alive). ...
  • history
  • gcsemusic
  • britain
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Studying in A School with Four Quarrelsome Lads by BangtanArmy_013
Studying in A School with Four 🔸 V 🔸
Czainna Michaella Grace Corpuz. She was born with a silver spoon; mga magulang niya'y nagmamay-ari ng tatlong malalaking kumpanyang tanyag sa Pilipinas at isa sa Amerika...
  • school
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  • torikim4131
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untitled by zinuska99
untitledby cat
this thing will be a mess okay it's full of pity parties, depression, random thoughts, anxiety, friends, daily life situation story of a person who has confidence issues...
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Learn Korean by CutieTae
Learn Koreanby J
Disclaimer: I'm not Korean and I'm not fluent yet. I'm just like you trying my best in learning it. So let's enjoy this adventure together. :) This book is meant to help...
  • languages
  • korean
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Study Tips 101 by worldofabby
Study Tips 101by abby
If you're anything like me, studying comes easy. But every now and then, I still need help with studying. These are tips for anyone and everyone, who may have a final...
  • school
  • tips
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Becoming a nurse by Liz_815
Becoming a nurseby Liz_815
This is a story collection out of the daily life of a Swiss nursing student. The aim is to share experiences with others. It may be a base for medical discussion. Note:...
  • shortstories
  • experience
  • studying
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Le Survenant - Guide by 3amies
Le Survenant - Guideby 3amies
Guide pour étudier - funfunfun les amies
  • guide
  • class
  • study
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