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Old Friends by -Qveen-T
Old Friendsby Trin🥀
Kayden and Rakell have been bestfriends since preschool. It was hell on earth when Rakell's father got a new job out of state and she was forced to move without even get...
Insecure by Shawneelle
Insecureby ShawneElle
When Chantari Oakley's 'long lost' mother shows up out of nowhere, her life is upended drastically and she is not too happy about it. Navigating a dangerous new city isn...
My Mind And Them by Ngqavu
My Mind And Themby Ngqavu
Read My Mind And Her first. Delilah's story. (Her journey leading up to why she was sent to the mental facility.) Delilah Raidon is a young teen navigating her way throu...
Her Possession  by emberliy
Her Possession by ‎ 𝐄𝐌𝐁𝐄𝐑 .
Contains -Mature Content -Lesbian Action -Domestic Violence DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ IT😙 Vote On Every Chapter!(Also don't be a ghost reader if u think some shit is...
My Sisters Girlfriend (SXS) by Wh0ref0rBillie
My Sisters Girlfriend (SXS)by 🖤🥀
"You do know I'm your sisters girlfriend right?" "Mhm, take off your shirt" This book revolves around smut. I made this book to get better at writing...
Im Home by unkn0wnnn
Im Homeby K.Writes ☺️
New book Read it and enjoy! My FIRST StudxStud book so BARE WITH ME PEOPLE
stud in love. by AmeliaTheCreator
stud in AmeliaWrites
khalia Monroe aka khali is a stud she lives in her own and LOVES women. She's known as a player but that all changes when she meets kashma Ray. Aka kash , kash is a s...
Sexual Desires  by koldheart3d
Sexual Desires by 🤘🏽
Anaika AKA Nik/niko is a well known stud in her section. She's what you would call a "super stud" and has only dated fems. She belongs to neighborhood on 30th...
Because Of The Journey.  by Hippiethewriter
Because Of The Journey. by Hippiethewriter
"You got me fucked up if you think I'll be the other girl, I'm not about that life man. So kindly go back to your girl, delete my number and don't even look at me w...
Daddy's Little Girl by qveen_nal
Daddy's Little Girlby Thattindianngirll🤍
After 11 years of not seeing one another. One recognizes one but, one seems to not recognize the other. They were Bestfriends , they were separated, and now 11 years lat...
Dial Tone... by Trappstarrr133
Dial Trapstar12
This is my first book yall soo be mindful But just read
that's gay (stud x stud) by lesbianaaaa
that's gay (stud x stud)by Ken-dree-ana
"don't smack my ass that's gay" "ain't we gay?" "i don't like studs like that" "not yet baby"
Fix me (studxstud)  by kaliathmpson
Fix me (studxstud) by❌
Hello 👋🏾, this is my first book so please read. enjoy everyone 👍🏾😊. ❗️This book IS stud4stud/ lesbians and if you don't like then don't read ❗️
Unwanted luv by koldheart3d
Unwanted luvby 🤘🏽
Day is trying to start a new life after a traumatic relationship. She wants to be alone but when A pops in her life will that change? This is a short stud for stud stor...
Favorite Crime (StudxStud) by Wh0ref0rBillie
Favorite Crime (StudxStud)by 🖤🥀
They never expected to fall for each other, especially since they've hated each other since kindergarten. One school project changes everything for these two. For bette...
Beautiful wreck colorful mess GxG by G0ldenunicorn
Beautiful wreck colorful mess GxGby G0ldenunicorn
"No fucking body needs to know what happened last night!" Ky growled at me "keep it like that". I was filled with hurt and confusion and frustration...
The new girl  by lillesbo134
The new girl by lillesbo134
New girl in school falls for cute stud for the first time.
Daddy's Little Angel by kingimani2004
Daddy's Little Angelby RoyaltyParadise
No Need For A Description, I Want You To Be Surprised...😏
Casey Undercover StudxStud  by Lesbilove143
Casey Undercover StudxStud by Lesbilove143
Casey's undercover.. but not about what you expect. She's been trapped in a relationship for years with a Whiny, girly, fem.. but all she wants is a strong sexy Stud.
Hard To Love  by koldheart3d
Hard To Love by 🤘🏽
Stud for stud story. No hate allowed.