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Hurt  - Story Complete by ScarWinters
Hurt - Story Completeby Winters Scar
Steele tries to make Jenna fall for him, even though she seems to start liking Balto. You are in love with Steele, but your also half dog half wolf like Balto, and Steel...
Your Pet Husky (Steele x Human!Owner!Reader) by bluewinterqueen
Your Pet Husky (Steele x Human! bluewinterqueen
Imagine having a husky name Steele as your own pet (this character is based on the animated movie called Balto as the main antagonist) and how you two interact with each...
The Adventure Kids meet Balto and Togo by AdventureGirl5
The Adventure Kids meet Balto AdventureGirl5
The Adventure Kids travel back in time to a remote town in Alaska called Nome, in the winter of 1925. There they meet two husky dogs named Balto and Togo, along with the...
Onde começa os sonhos  by johnsonmayi
Onde começa os sonhos by johnsonmayi
Christian Grey construiu sua própria fortuna, mas precisa de uma esposa bem- nascida para reforçar a sua posição na sociedade de Londres, uma meta aparentemente impossív...
Balto 3 AU: Steele's Return (COMPLETE) by DawnmistWrites
Balto 3 AU: Steele's Return ( Dawnmist
When the jobs of the mail dogs depend on a race against an airplane, Balto sees their odds of winning to be impossible and guiltily refuses to lead the team. Kodi nearly...
Another Steele (FSOG) by elaramora
Another Steele (FSOG)by Stella
Many people knew the polite,sweet,naive Anastasia Steele , but what they didn't know was there was another Steele Sister, Seraphine Steele. Another steele changes the pa...
Billionaire business deal by amberrgrayy
Billionaire business dealby amberrgrayy
"What is it like to be engaged to Christian, the most attractive business man of our generation?" She fluttered her extensions at me as the microphone edged cl...
Fifty Shades Of Adolescenthood by noseinabookforever
Fifty Shades Of Adolescenthoodby noseinabookforever
She did it! Anastasia Steele got into the most prestigious private school in America. Yes, Emerson Upper Lakeside Private High School! Ana can't believe her luck! She'll...
Loving Brandon (Second book in Rivers series) by Blue_Flame24
Loving Brandon (Second book in Blue_Flame24
Brandon Masterson finally has his sister back, his best friend is married now and his other best friend has a kid, Brandon is getting older and he has yet to find the gi...
Evershall in Balto by CactusCougar
Evershall in Baltoby CactusCougar
The surprise arrival of Everest and Marshall in Balto's reality with a friend of theirs, over time the pair of pups grow closer while making new friends. Secretly both p...
𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒆𝒍𝒆 by SnowflakeDreamers
𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒆𝒍𝒆by ❅
𝑺𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒓 𝑻𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒏 𝑩𝒚 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒑𝒉𝒆𝒏
How Did I Not Realize... || Balto x OC {Skye} by Skye_Fireblazer
How Did I Not Realize... || Skye Fireblazer
!! I only own my OC and this story, all the other characters are copyrighted and owned by Universal Pictures !! This is a story where Skye is Jenna's half sister. Where...
From Grey To White {Christian Grey} by MaliciousAdventures
From Grey To White {Christian Grey}by MaliciousAdventures
Christian Grey has only known one way of life, one way of what he calls love. Until he met Madelyn Young. Any normal girl would fall to his prey, but not Madelyn. Instea...
Through the Mists of Time by TheQuietHufflepuff
Through the Mists of Timeby TheQuietHufflepuff
Dean mysteriously returns, bringing a new set of players for the hunters to discover. And the elder Winchester's resurrection begins toppling a set of dominoes, so to s...
My Wish:  "To Never Be Alone Again" by jeanneheart
My Wish: "To Never Be Alone Again"by jeanneheart
Christian Grey while being in Manhattan on business during the Christmas Season sees a Santa and donates some money. The Santa tells him if he rings the bell and makes a...
forever yours grey by user94925686
forever yours greyby
Anastasia Steele meets Christian Grey in high school but end up going to different colleges and evently find a way back to each other and he cheats on when they do get m...
Steele by --Forest--
Steeleby --Forest--
Steele is a shunned word in our pack. The murderous werewolf was the closest thing to satan you could get. Steele Henderson led the Blood Moon pack with a strong hold on...
Green Arrow: Arrow Wolf by Flashbolt157ninja
Green Arrow: Arrow Wolfby Flashbolt157ninja
What if Balto lived In the 21st-century in Star City. Balto lived there as a stray with Boris there by his side and the local dogs and Steele bullying him. One night w...
a heart full of Hearts  ❤️❣️ by Jeffreybop
a heart full of Hearts ❤️❣️by Jeffreybop
ana and Christian have already met Christian was a dominant and ana broke up with him and he swore he would change and this a story about how ana and him got back togeth...