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Spring-locked With You: A Springle Fic by MeriTwix
Spring-locked With You: A Springle...by TwixStix
Springtrap and Mangle, an unlikely pairing that nobody would care enough to notice until the dark details behind one are revealed. A vibrant but dismantled vixen, and a...
FNAF fanfic: Springtrap X mangle (spring's pov) by itsratchet
FNAF fanfic: Springtrap X mangle (...by Talia
Springtrap falls in love with a female fox named Mangle. Freddy cannot get over the terrible things that Springtrap has done in the past. Has Springtrap changed or not?
There is no Happily Ever After by Kaiislife1983
There is no Happily Ever Afterby Cody S.
MANGLE X SPRINGTRAP FAN FIC!!! Mangle is the 23 year old nerd in college. Springtrap is the 24 year badass in college. They go to the same college, yet have never crosse...
Springtrap X Mangle : Broken Promises by PBPVZMixels23
Springtrap X Mangle : Broken Promi...by PBPVZMixels23
After Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria 4th burned down, Mangle remember the promise she did when she first met Springtrap. She knew he had good in him even though he had a murder...
Springle part 1: I'm Mangled for You! by dinoduud
Springle part 1: I'm Mangled for Y...by Beto.
It has been 30 years since Springtrap was trapped in the basement, broken and decayed, with his worst enemy trapped inside of him. Purple Guy. But on one lucky day, he'...
Springle part 2: Meet the Sister Location! by dinoduud
Springle part 2: Meet the Sister L...by Beto.
A year after Springtrap had defeated Purple Guy, he finds a strange item that he'd never seen before, and soon he finds out who it belonged to, and why he might need it...
FNAF Apocalipsis II (Supervivientes) by 5DarkNights
FNAF Apocalipsis II (Superviviente...by 5DarkNights
El mundo que conocíamos desapareció. Ahora cada humano vivo en este nuevo mundo es un peligro. Nosotros podemos ser un grupo como cualquier otro, pero ahora somos lo que...
FNAF | School Romance by PawDRyu
FNAF | School Romanceby PawDRyu
Interested in reading some deep romance?, here it is. This a story which show love between student and teacher. Relation between Mangle and Springtrap hasn't been built...
Springle love story ~Strong Love~ (REPUBLISHING OLD STORIES) by sprinbee
Springle love story ~Strong Love~...by Donkeh
I love to write so I made a book about my favorite ship SPRINGLE //falls off chair This is a love story.
Wishes ; [Foxangle] by JaniaSweet
Wishes ; [Foxangle]by ✨Içë Søůř✨
Una mujer casada. Un hombre casado. Cuando sus caminos se encuentren, solo abrirán deseos. Foxy es un hombre feliz, tiene una esposa ejemplar, tiene un trabajo y una cas...
Corpse VS. Shadow - Springle Book 1 by RetroFlaire
Corpse VS. Shadow - Springle Book 1by Funny Man
The 1st book in a series of 6! Springtrap is given 1 last chance at life. He meets new animatronics during his last life. A specific one "sparks" his interest...
Springle Story Fnaf Fanfic by FloofButts
Springle Story Fnaf Fanficby Jolie
Mangle finds a mysterious animatronic locked up in a room. The two animatronics become close friends, but mangle has a secret that has been haunting her for years. As th...
Just a Robot 2 {Springle} by Saberthebunny
Just a Robot 2 {Springle}by Saber
If you haven't read just a robot then I recommend you do if you haven't. This story is the perspective of SpringTrap and is quest to find his father to stop an evil man...
A new start (spriagle fanfic) Part 1 by JonWilliams888
A new start (spriagle fanfic) Part...by Jon Williams
( this is my first book here) after the fire that lend to the end of William afton a new soul took the spring bonne suit for it new body and the newly self aware spring...
Springle Love Story Book 3 (REPUBLISHING OLD BOOK) by sprinbee
Springle Love Story Book 3 (REPUBL...by Donkeh
Make sure you've read book 1 and 2 before reading this :3
Springtrap x Mangle (A Springle Fnaf Story) by xxTheGamingWolfxx
Springtrap x Mangle (A Springle Fn...by Lone Wolf
Springtrap moves in Fazbear Entertainment due to Golden Freddy forcing him to leave Fazbear Frights. In Fazbear Entertainment, he mets a fox with a crush on him named Ma...
All I Ask Of You (Mangle X SpringTrap) by JaneyTheLoveAble
All I Ask Of You (Mangle X SpringT...by Janey
springtrap has hatred for everyone angry at the world for being alive mangle and her friends try to help him but he won't accept but she finds an opening to help him
More than friends (SpringtrapxMangle) by ThatNiceCat
More than friends (SpringtrapxMang...by ThatNiceCat
Springtrap and Mangle were friends for a long time but Mangle thinks they are more than friends...Over time Springtrap starts to fall in love with her but this just lead...