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Falling by raybanreid
Fallingby carolyn
You're trying to finish your last essay of graduate school. Dr. Spencer Reid is trying to save the city. You both need the same book, and there's only one copy left... A...
The Analyst || Spencer Reid by katluvee
The Analyst || Spencer Reidby kluv
You have just finished graduate school successfully double majoring in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology. Along the way you had picked up an internship doing pape...
Saved by the doctor - Spencer Reid by reidssweater
Saved by the doctor - Spencer Reidby han🤍
Hannah Lakes' father is a mafia boss, when her father messes with a drug cartel she is kidnapped by the them, will anyone try and rescue her, and will she be able to fin...
Hate That I Love You Still (Spencer Reid) by scoutbrothel
Hate That I Love You Still (Spence...by scoutbrothel
Spencer Reid and Y/N were past-time lovers in high school. But as graduation came about, their relationship was on rocks and led to their eventual breakup. The breakup w...
Amour Inattendu  by wh0re4darkacademia
Amour Inattendu by rime<33
Spencer x Reader "You met in a café and the rest was history"
A Man Like You (Spencer Reid x Reader) by xammxx
A Man Like You (Spencer Reid x Rea...by A
A look into Reader's and Spencer's kinky world: let there be BDSM, smut, angst, eventual love and a happy ending of course.
Romeo + Juliet | s.r  by avacadosandmgg
Romeo + Juliet | s.r by mgg is the loml
1 death, 1 broken heart, and 1 desire for revenge. Spencer is quick to fall in love with the new asset on the team, not knowing there's more to her than she's letting o...
Spencer Reid age regression one shots  by ssasusse
Spencer Reid age regression one sh...by SSA Süße
You guessed it! Short stories about Spencer Reid and his mommy, the reader. Occasionally there will be ddlg or other variants if requested, but mostly mdlb. Updates wi...
Criminal Minds x Reader One Shots. by Sootsy
Criminal Minds x Reader One Shots.by ⌜ ♏︎𝔞𝔯 ⌟
Meraki /may•rah•kee/ (Verb) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. ☽★☾ Because I'm slightly obsessed with the show...
One-Shots by squiggledrop
One-Shotsby squiggledrop
Complete Collection of all my Spencer Reid one-shots. They are labeled with their category. All ones labeled "smut" are 18+. Thank you!
Criminal Minds Oneshots by Criminalcows
Criminal Minds Oneshotsby Criminalcows
Spencer gets a tattoo, need I say more? A collection of unrelated short stories usually posted on my tumblr. (Same username) Currently just Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotch...
Spencer Reid Imagines by hlgarcia
Spencer Reid Imaginesby H. L. Garcia
A Collection of Spencer Reid Imagines
Broken Goods - Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid by Hell_R
Broken Goods - Criminal Minds - Sp...by Hell
Life always did whatever it could to kick people whilst they were down, for once things were looking up. Why would anything ever work out that way?
He's in Love with a Killer (Spencer reid x reader) by fallongrayprentiss
He's in Love with a Killer (Spence...by fallon
Everything's perfect. She got the job she always wanted She got the guy She had her life all planned out But what happens when she loses the most important thing to he...
Spencer Reid Imagines  by eleanorbutler281102
Spencer Reid Imagines by eleanorbutler281102
Spencer Reid One Shots  by gubessweaters
Spencer Reid One Shots by Stella
A book of one shots. I'll post these randomly when I'm not feeling in the mood to write whatever fanfic I'm writing at the time.
Fools In Geniuses by matthewgublerswife
Fools In Geniusesby ssa mckenna reid 📖
y/n and spencer were bestfriends in college-inseparable, in fact. they each have had the "genius" rep their entire lives, always picked on and left out-which i...
Spencer Reid x Reader (male) by ToasterKel
Spencer Reid x Reader (male)by T.K.
What happened when you get a crush on the smart boy from work? Will you your best friend eventually pier pressure you into confessing? Or will she get tired of your shit...