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Spencer Reid One Shots by imoklahoma
Spencer Reid One Shotsby imoklahoma
pretty self explanatory. smutty, fluffy, ridiculous, and most things in between. also pretty dead. just gonna be real with y'all, don't expect updates. and REQUESTS ARE...
Life in the Limelight by The_ConstantTraveler
Life in the Limelightby The Traveler
You are a famous pop star. One day you meet a man in a coffee shop and decide to befriend him when he doesn't recognize you. Your life was never the same after and neith...
Love is Not a Picture by mggs-unmatched_socks
Love is Not a Pictureby anonymousgalm
y/n just finished getting her 3rd PhD at Harvard University, she had always taken an interest in becoming apart of the FBI. Her mother was an agent, a pretty well known...
Spencer Reid One Shots by loveyellamo
Spencer Reid One Shotsby loveyellamo
FINISHED! A One Shot Book About Our Favorite Genius, Spencer Reid! (No Smut) New Cover! Requests Are Open! P.S. I changed my username and deleted the covers of my books...
SPENCER REID IMAGINES  by taytaysgirlfriend
SPENCER REID IMAGINES by spencers girlfriend
what the title says 😄 feel free to request in comments or dms
He's in Love with a Killer (Spencer reid x reader) by fallongrayprentiss
He's in Love with a Killer (Spence...by fallon
Everything's perfect. She got the job she always wanted She got the guy She had her life all planned out But what happens when she loses the most important thing to he...
Spencer Reid Imagines by hlgarcia
Spencer Reid Imaginesby H. L. Garcia
A Collection of Spencer Reid Imagines
Spencer Reid One Shots  by gubessweaters
Spencer Reid One Shots by Stella
A book of one shots. I'll post these randomly when I'm not feeling in the mood to write whatever fanfic I'm writing at the time.
Broken Goods - Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid by Hell_R
Broken Goods - Criminal Minds - Sp...by Hell
Life always did whatever it could to kick people whilst they were down, for once things were looking up. Why would anything ever work out that way?
Burn (Spencer reid) by thedumbsis
Burn (Spencer reid)by thedumbsis
Her smile could burn over a thousand villages and his smile could freeze over a thousand lakes. She is fire, he is ice. One glimpse of her ignites his stone cold eyes. T...
Sweet Dreams (Spencer Reid x Reader) by glitchingalaxy
Sweet Dreams (Spencer Reid x Reade...by smoke grass
"Scars remind us of where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going. " A genius doctor who doesn't believe in love at first sight who is too af...
Mind, Body, and Soul by gubessweaters
Mind, Body, and Soulby Stella
After meeting Penelope Garcia she's determined to get you out of your shell after spending your childhood being very sheltered. In attempts to get you out of your shell...
Criminal Minds Oneshots by Criminalcows
Criminal Minds Oneshotsby Criminalcows
Spencer gets a tattoo, need I say more? A collection of unrelated short stories usually posted on my tumblr. (Same username) Currently just Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotch...
Romeo + Juliet | s.r  by avacadosandmgg
Romeo + Juliet | s.r by mgg is the loml
1 death, 1 broken heart, and 1 desire for revenge. Spencer is quick to fall in love with the new asset on the team, not knowing there's more to her than she's letting o...
Saved by the doctor - Spencer Reid by reidssweater
Saved by the doctor - Spencer Reidby han🤍
Hannah Lakes' father is a mafia boss, when her father messes with a drug cartel she is kidnapped by the them, will anyone try and rescue her, and will she be able to fin...
1st edition - A Criminal Minds fanfiction by Steveo567
1st edition - A Criminal Minds fan...by Steveo567
A story based on CBS' criminal minds. Amelia Rhodes, a former FBI agent turned café and bookstore owner is supporting and helping young abuse survivors when she's called...
It's Dr. Spencer Reid  by ollie_angel
It's Dr. Spencer Reid by 🧿OLLIE🧿
Emerson goes to work one day, her spot in the FBI has been changed. She's been transferred to a new unit. Not that she cared, it was the unit she had DREAMT to be in. Sh...
Spencer Reid x Reader Angst Fics by spencerreidsmiles
Spencer Reid x Reader Angst Ficsby Marissa
My angsty Spencer Reid x Reader fics! Beware, some of these oneshots do not have happy endings! These have been reuploaded from my tumblr, @spencerreidsmiles.