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The True Bride of The Living Dummy by xanonymous_authorx
The True Bride of The Living Dummyby ❀ ᴀɴᴏɴʏᴍᴏᴜꜱ ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ ❀
Slappy has always been known for causing trouble. He is not your average ventriloquist dummy, for he is pure evil. That is, until he meets Belinda, a living doll, and Sl...
The Forever Bride Of The Living Dummy by itisemsie
The Forever Bride Of The Living Emily Cooper
Things are hectic for 16 year old Lucy, having to deal with her younger sister Bella with her life-sized doll Anna, but things will change for them after Jimmy o' James...
mama? ( yandere new slappy [?] x oc ) by lillyann2008
mama? ( yandere new slappy [?] x YandereLillyAnn
{ new goosebumps just come out I LOVE IT!!!!!. so i made my own version, it's kinda like the new one, but my style } Lilly and her brother, Tommy found a book in a box n...
Slappy The Dummy x Male Reader by Doctor_Darkmore
Slappy The Dummy x Male Readerby Doctor_Darkmore
Not very good with descriptions so yeah... Okay so this story is about the reader and he meets Slappy then BAM can you believe it they get together. Wow. Well, actually...
I'm No Dummy: A Slappy x Reader by GoosebumpsFan101
I'm No Dummy: A Slappy x Readerby GoosebumpsFan101
Y/N loves ventriloquism. She can't live without it. More importantly though, she loves the classic Goosebumps story: Night Of The Living Dummy. But when she gets it for...
Wraith    N.Mikaelson and M.Parker (WTM) by MattLektra
Wraith N.Mikaelson and Aarushi
Wraith - A ghost or ghostlike image of someone In which Stella Black's life is out for public display and many secrets are bound to get out. Crossover Goosebumps x TVDU...
Goosebumps Izuku by Wicster12
Goosebumps Izukuby Wicster12
Izuku Midoriya is a regular quirkless boy who gained a quirk from his Idol All Might, what they don't know is that he is a descendent of famous horror novelist R.L. Stin...
[Updated!!]Ask or Dare!!The Goosebumps crew by MgKaz05
[Updated!!]Ask or Dare!!The Kaz
Ask or Dare Slappy and other Goosebumps characters
Audraw's Goosebumps Art by itsaaudra
Audraw's Goosebumps Artby Audraw
Just for fun, I thought I would post a majority of my Goosebumps art on here! Why only my Goosebumps art? Because people seem to love it! It's stolen frequently, so th...
American Teenager ━ goosebumps. by oscarsisaac
American Teenager ━ ​
Say It Like You Mean It With Your Fists For Once. in which the kids of port lawrence are haunted by their parents past mistakes. [ multi ocs x multi canon characters ]...
welcome to horrorland, where your nightmares come to life! in which a girl, her boyfriend, and her family attend the famous amusement park and soon realize that nothing...
Slappy's Queen. by NerdyFanatic81
Slappy's Nerdy Fanatic
After Stine escapes the manuscript Slappy imprisoned him, he moved back to his hometown of Ohio to start anew.... Until the manuscript holding all the monsters was stole...
Slappy's Master Plan by GoosebumpsMovie
Slappy's Master Planby GooseBumpsMovie
Hey Wattpad, So you all know Goosebumps, right? And R.L Stine? Well I’m Slappy. I am the real mastermind, and on October 16th, it will be my turn to tell a story. It’s...
Goosebumps: Terror Town by WayTooSlow
Goosebumps: Terror Townby Aditya Pandya
When Dustin and Lucy moved in the new town, they expected some trouble. But what they didn't expect was their surprise trip to an archeological site containing mummies...
Slappy x Reader by Chaosrunner
Slappy x Readerby Chaosrunner
Ashlee was a doll created by R.L. Stine for a little girl who was bullied and given no friends. In the story the girl's parents were stern and harsh to her while she was...
Raised By Monsters (Goosebumps: The Twins Of The Monsters) by MrsLaRusso19
Raised By Monsters (Goosebumps: 🥋Karate Girl🥋
A pair of human twin girls who have the names of Rebecca and Eva, are carried off by a big black spider to the House Of Horrors, where the monsters of the Goosebumps ser...
Welcome to Goosebumps High by DanielDaponte
Welcome to Goosebumps Highby Danny
Prologue: R.L.Stine and his creations had made a deal: the monsters would leave freely in the human world under two conditions. One, they cannot make any harm to the hu...
Goosebumps Trivia by GoosebumpsMovie
Goosebumps Triviaby GooseBumpsMovie
Greetings Wattpad, Think you're the ultimate Goosebumps fan? Come play a game with me. I'll be posting some TERRIFYING trivia everyday leading up to The Goosebumps Mov...
A Bombastically Bodacious Art Journal by GoosesNBumps
A Bombastically Bodacious Art MabeyTee
This art book will be for the sole purpose of dumping my Goosebumps pieces, here. NOTE: This will contain offensive and sarcastic humor. If that's not your thing, or you...
Night of the Living Dummy IV: The Skeleton Detective by DisneySonic1991
Night of the Living Dummy IV: Krystal the Hedgehog
Partly based off the 2016 Goosebumps movie and books. When a mysterious package arrives at the Roarhaven Sanctuary, initially for Gordon Edgley, our heroes find Slappy t...