Slappy's Master Plan

Slappy's Master Plan

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GooseBumpsMovie By GoosebumpsMovie Updated Jul 31, 2015

Hey Wattpad, 

So you all know Goosebumps, right? And R.L Stine?  Well I’m Slappy. I am the real mastermind, and on October 16th, it will be my turn to tell a story. It’s going to be a real page-turner.   

This Fall I’m unlocking all the books and unleashing the Goosebumps creatures - Stine can’t keep us trapped in his world forever… just watch.  Leave me a note in the comments section and tell me which Goosebumps creature I should set free first. HAHAHA!!  
Scare you later, 

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Niky_Dalton_94 Niky_Dalton_94 Nov 19, 2017
I really can't wait for the sequel! <3 I'm 23 years old, I've grown up with 
                              the Goosebumps books and tv show, and I couldn't be more excited! <3
19sonya 19sonya Oct 17, 2017
I wonder what kind of master plan would he be up to Now
                              =_= * thinks really hard*
Whitefangthecaptian Whitefangthecaptian Jun 28, 2016
Hahahahahaha nope!
                              I ain't scared of ANYTHING😎😎😎😎😎
MRobso MRobso Sep 08, 2016
First things first listen to the girl and tell us who you are.
princesspip322 princesspip322 Aug 01, 2016
Slappy I'm a massive fan of you and I'm proud of you and all your work. If it's not too much trouble could you please release the mask first?
Sponge_Boob_ Sponge_Boob_ Jan 04, 2016
Did you get the referance Page-turner from that I station girl named Paige Turner?