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Ride or die| hannie by Notyourbabysorrybaby
Ride or die| hannieby <3
He's caught up trying to take care of himself yet shes more focused on taking care of him. (Warning: drugs, sexual content, cussing, and under aged drinking all included...
Side Hustle: Maxine's Story by Wewantthecake
Side Hustle: Maxine's Storyby Chocolate Cake
A brand new story! What if Alan had a third child with his wife? Meet Maxine, Presley and Fisher's younger sister.
danger hustle by Javarisk
danger hustleby
this is a crossover between side hustle and danger Force they are two Nickelodeon shows
Escape to Hogwarts by TikTokStan01
Escape to Hogwartsby CuM sLuT
Victoria Jackson lives in a home where no one is safe. Her life involves abuse, torture, neglect, and being lonely Victoria feels like she doesn't belong she is nothing...
Ready or thread by SweetishSpicy
Ready or threadby Priscilla Blair
Living on the run, Sethra makes wigs to make money but also keep up her disguise. When she runs into some competition, she must decide to make foe or partner.
Tell it to the Moon (A 500-Word Short Story Collection) by yuchaemoon
Tell it to the Moon (A 500-Word Yuchae Moon
I joined a 500 word short story contest two weeks ago and I decided to start writing 500 words short stories this year (2021). It's my goal for this year. The first stor...
Sticky Situations ✓ by TheSolSoldier_
Sticky Situations ✓by ✘Crap Bag✘
Callahan Gable is just your oh-so typical jock stuck in a sticky situation. Arley Walker is the odd boy out, the schools weirdo and loner. These two boys worlds collide...
Side Danger by NotYouDawg
Side Dangerby corvette😦
This is a story about a Danger Force and Side Hustle crossover.
Fiverr Fever by Lustrua
Fiverr Feverby Lustrua
Hustling odd jobs for extra money. This is my entry for #SideHustle @sidehustle I hope you all enjoy it. =)
Cat Whisperer by AutumnsLastBlossom
Cat Whispererby Ni Ni Bug
In order to get enough money to groom a cat she was supposed to be watching, Paisley Parks must find a job before the cats owner comes back.
side hustle submission by nitrogentetrobyte
side hustle submissionby nitrogentetrobyte
my submission for the sidehustle challenge
Side Hustle Entry by snow7678
Side Hustle Entryby snow7678
#SideHustle My entry for the Side Hustle competition!
How To Become Rich  by Bellatrix2008Vlad
How To Become Rich by Bellatrix2008Vlad
A ton of different game plans for businesses and side hustles and everything to make money with.
Under Pressure by PsychMadeYouThink
Under Pressureby PsychMadeYouThink
This is my submission for the Nickelodeon #SideHustle Contest. Read about how a broke college girl has to pick up extra side hustles to pay back her college for acciden...
#SideHustle Entry: When and Where [COMPLETED] by ov3r_1t_a11
#SideHustle Entry: When and Sylus
When young Jonothan accidentally explodes his principle's boat with the fireworks he was helping carry to the truck of his father, who was the mayor, to help with the fi...
The Car Wash by ros32021
How did I pay back a $700.00 necklace that I borrowed from my neighbor? Keep reading to find out.
Rockin' Repay: A Side Hustle Theory by 20gdevivo
Rockin' Repay: A Side Hustle Theoryby Grant DeVivo
What would happen if me and my friends messed up and now owe money for our wrong-doings? We can make that process fun by booking shows and playing music so that we can...
Write Hustle [2020 Contest Entry] by BizzieBell
Write Hustle [2020 Contest Entry]by BizzieBell
Jo is in need of some extra money to pay her friend back for concert tickets. She takes to writing for a popular teen magazine under a pen name to make some extra money...