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KAIRA STORY❣️  by PatelAesha3
KAIRA STORY❣️ by Patel Aesha ❤️
You want to know what is there is story..... 👇👇 Then plz 🙏🏻 peep into know more 🤫😜 Date:- 23 June 2021(And steal ongoing) Thanks @disha_mishra for beautiful cover
𝐁𝐡𝐚𝐢 by Sidshek3
𝐁𝐡𝐚𝐢by Shreya Patil
What happens when 1 brother has to take the responsibility of his 2 younger brothers? He has to become their father and mother also at the same time. He has to make the...
Life Is Strange  by Ishikaagarwal700
Life Is Strange by Ishika ❤️
Peep into to know more~~~
KATHPUTLI by bl_diaries
"You said, if someone shows up when you need them, you call that destiny... I need you." "Did you came when I needed you?" A story of a boy who wan...
Togetherness by __-crystal-__
Togethernessby ....
Peep in and join the journey of the hooda family...✨
Love By Mistake [ ✓ ] by Sahi_Kaira
Love By Mistake [ ✓ ]by s a h i
Kartik Goenka & Naira Singhania meet at their Siblings wedding and become very close. But fate separates them. After two years they meet again and get married under diff...
just a fanfiction from my side as just a few weeks back they left the show which they lived for 5.5 years almost for 6 years it would have been a roller coaster of emot...
Dayree  by SiblingsLove1
Dayree by Shree
A Brother and sister shared a strained relationship between them! An elder brother who once adored and let her sister run wild changed overnight after his parents' death...
Kaira/Shivin OS  by kaira_luv
Kaira/Shivin OS by kaira_luv
This book contains short stories of kaira and shivin. This book contain more kaira and shivin feels and less family drama.
Banjara- Batra Brothers Saga by DreamGirl270612
Banjara- Batra Brothers Sagaby Sharanya Sreejith
A twisted Reunion after 10 years. They were taught to be together forever not by distance but by heart. And they indeed followed it or so they thought. Four brothers who...
Home Is Where The Heart Is by Crystal211804
Home Is Where The Heart Isby Crystal
Peep in to read a slightly different version of the 5 years kaira track
Soulmates kaira ( completed) by Rangolii2101kapoor
Soulmates kaira ( completed)by just a fan
Kartik Goenka - a college boy parents- Manish & swarna Goenka sister - Keerti Goenka bff- Mohit girlfriend naira Singhania Naira Singhania - a college girl parents - N...
KAIRA FF: ♡♡ PYAAR KE LIYE ♡♡[✔] by logan_2009
KAIRA FF: ♡♡ PYAAR KE LIYE ♡♡[✔]by Momolicious
Kartik, a business tycoon of 34 is a single dad to 4 children - Siya, Aatish, Ahana and Sahil. Siya and Aatish are twins, they are 14. Sahil is 10 while Ahana is the you...
The Enchanted Love✨ [Barsatein] by AuthorMI
The Enchanted Love✨ [Barsatein]by Author M✨
So this is basically a FF of Barsatein Mausam Pyaar ka☔️ the story characters r inspired by the show but it's totally a different story 🫧 hope u all will love it🙌🏻
Falling For You  by eternalromantic0311
Falling For You by Eternal Sunshine
Tale of Polar Hearts Aradhna Sahni , a budding journalist with a fire for uncovering untold stories joins her dream company. But she encounters CEO and award winning jou...
Dharmyudh : The Rewritten Destiny by MrKiller03
Dharmyudh : The Rewritten Destinyby Kartikey.
Dharmyudh, which means 'Battle for Justice' What happens when fate decides to take a steep turn ? Could it change the destiny of Aryavarth ? :...
Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon (✓)  by SaiGayaythri
Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon (✓) by Pennedwithlove
Love story of Aspiring Actor Kartik Goenka and his childhood bestie Naira Singhania after their forced marriage. Kartik suffers a heartbreak while Naira loves him since...
Our Destiny - Kaira [ ✓ ] by Sahi_Kaira
Our Destiny - Kaira [ ✓ ]by s a h i
Starting from the mumbai track
When Love Lasts🤍 (Completed) ✅ by Ashishas25
When Love Lasts🤍 (Completed) ✅by Ashi
This book revolves around Four boys and Four girls... They are complete Strangers, from different professions.... They meet in different places , through common fri...
Kaira Ek Ehsaas (✓) by SaiGayaythri
Kaira Ek Ehsaas (✓)by Pennedwithlove
When Everyone thought that Naira was dead, fate had other ideas