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His Angel by Ellen4130
His Angelby Ellen⚡
#3 in mafiaqueen #5 in unique #63 in dangerous #10 in caring A girl with mysterious powers, with the mafia drama in her life, and the guilt killing her from inside. The...
Kismat Se ✅ by shivinian_forever
Kismat Se ✅by Anshika Thakur
Being born as a girl is a challenge in itself. What happens when a girl who thinks life is a tissue, use and throw which is, meets a boy and her Kismat changes? Read to...
Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon  by SaiGayaythri
Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon by Pennedwithlove
Its a love story of Kaira from scratch after a forced marriage. Kartik the wealthy son of Goenkas throws his wealth away and struggles to become an actor in Mumbai. He s...
pheli mohabbat by shaliniraj15
pheli mohabbatby writer_shalu
A boy and girl meet in school and becomes enemies , what happen when boy will fall in love with girl.will girl ever love him ya unki pheli mohabbat aduri rah jayegi.peep...
The Unbreakable Bond by Ellen4130
The Unbreakable Bondby Ellen⚡
A supernatural world and a human , what could go wrong? Everything.
Ishqaan: The Games of Destiny ( ✔️) by aestheticxcloudz
Ishqaan: The Games of Destiny ( ✔️)by vera ♡
This book is based on Ishqi and Ahaan's journey from my point of view. It's not necessarily related to the storyline of IPZN. Ishqi and Ahaan have a few similarities b...
ISHQ TERA MERA❤ by ipznxworld
ISHQ TERA MERA❤by Ishqaan❤
so this story is about two persons who belongs to same background!!❤🥺 so letss see howw they fell in lovewith each other!🥺❤ Yessss thisss storyy is aboutttttt ishqaaaa...
KAIRA FF: ♡♡ PYAAR KE LIYE ♡♡[✔] by logan_2009
KAIRA FF: ♡♡ PYAAR KE LIYE ♡♡[✔]by Momolicious
Kartik, a business tycoon of 34 is a single dad to 4 children - Siya, Aatish, Ahana and Sahil. Siya and Aatish are twins, they are 14. Sahil is 10 while Ahana is the you...
soulmates💜 by DevaNandhini
soulmates💜by Freesoul
kartik is an influential actor in udaipur .. naira is his wife... whom he don't consider as wife.
OUR LOVE by NehaS0411
OUR LOVEby NehaS0411
Naira is back in Goenka villa and so are Luv-Kush. But Luv-Kush aren't same anymore. Will Kaira be able to keep the family together? Join in to know how they handle ever...
Kaira - Love Is Based On Trust by kaira_goenka2
Kaira - Love Is Based On Trustby Ananya_cutiepie
Story based on Akshara accident track
Mystery Lover(EDITING) by Ellen4130
Mystery Lover(EDITING)by Ellen⚡
Do you want to see a twist , how two lovers cope up under the same roof and will the unfolding truth will destroy their relationship , to know more read Mystery Lover. *...
Kaira  -  Her Frog prince by Writer_krishh
Kaira - Her Frog princeby Writer_kris21
This is the story of kaira after nairas confession.How love imerges between them. This is there phase of girlfriend-boyfriend the one I want to see with lots of kaira ro...
Pyaar Yahan Wahan by CaitlynSnow123
Pyaar Yahan Wahanby CaitlynSnow123
Mile the Rishikesh mein, aur phir aa gaye Udaipur. Nafrat se dosti ho gayi, par kaise hoga unke beech pyaar?
Our family❤️ by anejamansi194
Our family❤️by anejamansi194
This is a story of naira's return after almost 10 yrs, where akshu has grown up into teenage and kairav is in hostel recently...I really wanted to see kartik's bonding w...
Akshara 's naira by Kairagoenka2009
Akshara 's nairaby Sneha Sinha
story about akshara and naira bond
WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE ? by priya113122
will they ever meet? will they love each other as they used to or will hatred take place in their hearts ? will they reunite only for their little bundle of joy or will...
I'll Heal You by adhira_23
I'll Heal Youby Adhiraa ☄️
She's broken.. !! Will he become her healer.. ?? A Kaira story.. :-)
The Unnatural Love by just_lovetowrite
The Unnatural Loveby Siya
Hey guys!👋🏻 This is the love story of Dr.Ahaan Veer Malhotra and Dr.Ishki Arora 💕 Hope you all will enjoy this story✨ !!Peep To Know More!!🦋 Book Started on - 21 Jan...
Hate And Love With Ghost💜♥️🌟 by Nityapark__3
Hate And Love With Ghost💜♥️🌟by Nityasrii💜
thanks for komo_143kaira for your edit💞 This story has a unique concept #collagelife #kaira Naira is a ghost who was trapped in the lonely world and kartik can see the...