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Im Not What You Think I Am (sherlock x mutant reader) by SPACEGIRL_97
Im Not What You Think I Am ( SPACEGIRL_97
I'm not good at descriptions. Your a mutant human with strange abilities and then you meet Holmes thats it pretty much. slow updates😬
Fiction travel: Loki x fem!reader (Marvel and Sherlock crossover) by 221b_blogger101
Fiction travel: Loki x fem! Anna || they/them
An MCU and Sherlock universe crossover x reader Loki x reader with fluff with other characters ~~~ Y/n has been working on her machine for years and when finally done sh...
|| Be Her Guard || Sherlock Holmes x Reader by Maple_The_Awesome
|| Be Her Guard || Sherlock Maple The Awesome
Mycroft had always warned Sherlock that feelings can get in the way, especially when it comes to his chosen line of work. Typically, this would be the one thing the two...
Exception || Sherlock Holmes x Reader by FanfictionXR
Exception || Sherlock Holmes x Jeanne
(Y/N) (L/N) works for Mycroft Holmes and has for years, but when Mycroft's brother, Sherlock, fakes his suicide, Mycroft needs someone to take his place. He decides ther...
The Sign of Three: A Reader's Journey by smislaa
The Sign of Three: A Reader's May
"They're in love, they look happy," you said, sighing softly as you watched Mary offer John a bite of her canapés. "Cocaine is cheaper and would also indu...
Sherlock x Reader Sister by EmilyWinterFalcon
Sherlock x Reader Sisterby Emily Harron
Based on the BBC Sherlock series the reader is the teenage sister of Mycroft and Sherlock- or so they think. For a female reader. Any new ideas please comment :)
Save Me Sherlock (Sherlock x Depressed Reader) by radishaur
Save Me Sherlock (Sherlock x radishaur
How do you explain to somebody that you are so unhappy with yourself and your life that you would rather be dead? Easy. You don't. But with Sherlock Holmes living above...
A Study in Pink [Reader Insert] by EmGrader
A Study in Pink [Reader Insert]by bas
(Y/N) (L/N) is a consulting detective in England whose power of deduction is above average, to say the least. One day while wrapping up a case, she meets an old friend...
The Unexpected (Sherlock x male reader)  by fantasysnek
The Unexpected (Sherlock x male Fantasysnek
Y/n never thought he'd find someone like him. He got so used to being the smartest one in the room at all times. Until he comes to check out a flat that has an extra roo...
His Great Game (Sherlock x Reader) by CharismaticSociopath
His Great Game (Sherlock x Reader)by Charismatic Sociopath
Sherlock x Reader You aren't exactly fond of Sherlock. He might be brilliant, but he's without a doubt the most rude and arrogant man you've ever had the misfortune to m...
Tricked or Tripped by Mistress_underworld
Tricked or Trippedby Mistress_underworld
Sherlock was not as tough as people think he was. This story was about his adventure through ups and downs with his long lost old friend. This was the other side of his...
--In a world full of goldfish, I Found You-- A Sherlock X Reader Fanfiction by EmilyWinterFalcon
--In a world full of goldfish, I Emily Harron
Sherlock x reader fanfiction. (y/n) decided to move to London partially for the opportunities it presented for her career, but prodominantly for the people. What she did...
Sherlock x Mute!Reader by mochiusagiwp
Sherlock x Mute!Readerby MochiUsagi
Sherlock loved the fact that you were an unsolved mystery to him every time he met you...
Freak (Sherlock x reader high school AU) by NeverEverNeverland
Freak (Sherlock x reader high NeverEverNeverland
who knew befriending 16 year old outcast Sherlock Holmes would cause so much trouble?
Sherlock  Preferences by retr0_gh0st
Sherlock Preferencesby gh0st
Sherlock, John , Moriarty Preferences. X reader Suggestions? Updates whenever
No Shit, Sherlock by WhelmedGrayson
No Shit, Sherlockby WhelmedGrayson
Twenty-three year old (Y/n) (L/n) is an intelligent and well respected woman and an incredible poet with a well known published book. Although, at times she can be irra...
Sherlock Holmes & Reader by favoriteidea
Sherlock Holmes & Readerby writing in the dark
Have you ever watched the BBC's "Sherlock" and thought to yourself: "Wow. It would be so cool to be apart of this world!"? Well, then you've come t...
Sherlock preferences by mycroft_holmes007
Sherlock preferencesby Mycroft_Holmes007
I'm doing a series of preferences on the following Sherlock characters: -Sherlock Holmes -John Watson -Mycroft Holmes -Occasionally Moriarty My main aim is to just mak...
Dark Secrets (Sherlock x Reader) by Just_A_Sherlockian
Dark Secrets (Sherlock x Reader)by Just_A_Sherlockian
After the death of an acquaintance, (Y/F/N) decides to move back home to London to attend the funeral. Settling in London, she acquires a job at New Scotland Yard and m...
Sherlock Reader Insert Collection by Darthkitty24
Sherlock Reader Insert Collectionby Darthkitty24
My collection of Sherlock BBC oneshots! Includes Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Greg L., and Jim.