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An innocent Princess, unknown of every misery, every hardship of this cruel World, suddenly she have to face the consequences of the destiny, which were really hard for...
THE TIME TRAVEL  by MiracleTohappen
THE TIME TRAVEL by Miracle To happen
Two teen girls of kali Yug reach the Dwapura Yug.They had always dreamt of going to the Dwapura Yug but never took it serious IRL.Did God listened to their staid convers...
Our Miracle by IntricatelyExpressed
Our Miracleby IntricatelyExpressed
In an alternate universe, where surrogacy wasn't a part of MishBir's life❤️ A YRHPK FanFiction💓 #1 in rhesha - 02/10/2020 #1 in abirrajvansh - 03/04/2022
Something more to us by _the_tantalizer_
Something more to usby Celeste
She knew she couldn't be a mother . Her husband was there with her to support . She knew she can win the world if he is with her. After all the decisions and aspects, t...
By The People, For The People...  by VakeelSahiba
By The People, For The People... by Mother Of Krishna
Year : 2045 Place : India. An Army Major who's extremely loyal to Indian Army is assigned with a mission for which he was never trained. Is it really a mission? Is it...
RHESHA : A magnetic love  by Komalzindagi
RHESHA : A magnetic love by Komalzindagi
From having crush on a person to being with the same person for entire life - This is a fan fiction journey of rhea and shaheer... This is completely my imagination
The alternative bride by Msbhatia7755
The alternative brideby Ms. Bhatia
•|Featured by WattpadChickLitIN|• SAMPLE ONLY (PUBLISHED ON AMAZON) What if the bride-to-be comes home married to another guy on the day of her wedding? All hell breaks...
LOVE FINDS ITS WAY TO HEART.......  by pearlinpurity
Love is a feeling which is not described but felt. In the crowd of so many,we fall in love with just one, why? just because the person understands us,loves us,respects u...
Mahabharat-- Kalyug's Arjun (PT.1) by talesoftanya
Mahabharat-- Kalyug's Arjun (PT.1)by Mita
A valiant warrior, an ardent archer from Dwaparyug mistakenly invokes one powerful mantra causing a serious blunder. Travelling to the future, he has crumbled into the w...
Hot Chocolate ☕ ||Avneil Fanfiction|| by as__writes
Hot Chocolate ☕ ||Avneil A.
"You are the last thing my heart expected ." Avni Dhawan works as a manager for the Indian cricket team,A simple, fun-loving and caring girl. Neil Khanna,the...
Mahabharat- Kalyug's Arjun (Sequel) by talesoftanya
Mahabharat- Kalyug's Arjun (Sequel)by Mita
Arjun's uncanny journey to Kalyug turns into a whirlwind adventure and romance! But for how long? Please read and review! This is a sequel to the story of Kalyug's Arjun...
Complete Opposites: Can Opposites Be Familiar?✓ by ChelseaSharma52
Complete Opposites: Can Chelsea Sharma
This is story about two young people who don't even know thier names, they don't know each other and get married. They get in a forceful relationship for their younger...
So close yet so far  by krpkabfanfic
So close yet so far by krpkabfanfic
Ever wondered what would have happened if Dev and Sonakshi would have stayed together even after signing the prenuptial agreement? This story is private.
Mere Humsafar... by MKS512
Mere Riya
Story of a CID officer and a simple girl. Mishti feels low thinking herself to be unwanted and unimportant everywhere. Her life takes a 360° turns when she marries a lo...
Will You Be Mine Forever?  by Komalzindagi
Will You Be Mine Forever? by Komalzindagi
Mishti, a girl with a big dream of becoming a great architect, like her father. But, her present situation is no less than miserable. Now she has been thrown out of her...
My Mishti Is Changed✅ by onlyfathima
My Mishti Is Changed✅by onlyfathima
My Mishti is Changed: I forced her to change, but I didn't know that it would come in such a way that I had to beg her to take a stand for herself... I was so idiot that...
Saathiya Mere 💕 by _annie__2004
Saathiya Mere 💕by Miss A
Sometimes some love story are not that much simple and perfect... The start of love story is simple and perfect it's like every love story, but some perfect things are o...
Arsu: Immortal love  by Satyam_Sanatan
Arsu: Immortal love by Govindsakhi
Cover credit @Ambikeya_Sahacharini
The Way I Want You For Me ✔️  by dwarkaratna
The Way I Want You For Me ✔️ by 😜Subhi😜
"Soulmate doesn't come into life by search but by selfless love," ~Author Subhadra, the beautiful and virtuous princess of Dwarka was no ordinary girl in hers...
Krishnaa~The Princess In Making ✔(To Be Edited) by renuka01
Krishnaa~The Princess In Making ✔( Renuka
Krishnaa. An outcast. A commoner. An orphan. A girl surviving instead of living. Arjun. The beloved prince of Indraprasth. Powerful and regal. A forgotten prophecy, beli...