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My Days in Indraprasth - Subhadra by sssm2569
My Days in Indraprasth - Subhadraby sssm2569
Two elements. Land and water. The sunshine of love binds them together. A prodigious family, love and happiness blooming all times. The five Princes arouse as the great...
After 13 Years by Cavya_1426
After 13 Yearsby Cavya_1426
This story takes place after the exile of the Pandav. Well mostly from the last week of it.
ARSU-your eyes stole my words by r22331shreeya
ARSU-your eyes stole my wordsby Shreeya Jain
WE FALL IN LOVE BY CHANCE , WE STAY IN LOVE BY CHOICE. This is a journey of subhadra and her love, pain and sacrifice for Arjun. Subhadra is an epitome of selflessness...
gυ∂αкєѕнα ναℓℓαвнα by justameltedbean
gυ∂αкєѕнα ναℓℓαвнαby Madhav’s Melon
"There is a place between awake and asleep that seems surreal and enigmatic. The place where you can remember dreaming. That's where I'll love you. That's where I'...
Magic Of Destiny 😍 by Smrtimandhanna
Magic Of Destiny 😍by Smrtimandhanna
this story is just imagined not to hurt anyone feeling hope everyone understands 🙏🙏 this story is written by 2013mahabarat and reborn era pls vote and doo coment 😍😍
Alluring Aspiration by dwarkaratna
Alluring Aspirationby 😜Subhi😜
"There are many phrases in love, but ours one is unique, because it ties and unties the thread in between us time to time," ~Author Subhadra had entered into...
Strangled Sweetness ✔️ by dwarkaratna
Strangled Sweetness ✔️by 😜Subhi😜
"Sweetness can be suppressed. But it's essence always remain stable after being suppressed also." ~Author This fact is progressing here, in this story. "...
ARJUN'S SUBHADRA -The Gandivdhari's Arrow by Kumarammu
ARJUN'S SUBHADRA -The Gandivdhari' Kumarammu
ARJUN AND HIS SUBHADRA. They were epitome of selfless love .Its that love 's sacrifice, that led to the continuity of the kuru clan through them .I'm glad that the coup...
Priya Vatsala : The Unsung love story of Abhimanyu [COMPLETED ✓] by Satrajiti012
Priya Vatsala : The Unsung love Vatsu
This story is Fan fiction based on love story of Abhimanyu- son of Arjun , and Vatsala- daughter of Balraam and Revati.This story is one of the unsung love stories of M...
My Soul Mate💞💞💕 by smileinthepain
My Soul Mate💞💞💕by love cupid🥰
It is a story of arjun and subhadra
The Longing Heart: Arjun and Subhadra's Tale of Exile  by Wanderlust_Lavanya
The Longing Heart: Arjun and Banjara
Cover Credits: @Exuberant_Girl10 "The Longing Heart: Arjun and Subhadra's Tale of Exile" is a heartwrenching tale that explores the story of Arjun and Subhadra...
Conquring Destiny by Trumanshi
Conquring Destinyby Trushti
Destiny is Never Conquered easily. We strive hard to achieve our goal with passion and patience. We don't depend on fate to get something We even can't resist its plays...
Complete Opposites: Can Opposites Be Familiar?✓ by ChelseaSharma52
Complete Opposites: Can Chelsea Sharma
This is story about two young people who don't even know thier names, they don't know each other and get married. They get in a forceful relationship for their younger...
Unseen Fragments by dwarkaratna
Unseen Fragmentsby 😜Subhi😜
"The fragments which are unseen can never be underestimated," ~Author A protagonist can only narrate his/ her story the best. Beholder of a certain existence c...
Balaram's Poorna by bhadrakrishna
Balaram's Poornaby Rochana
This is the second part of my story "KRISHNA'S RUCHI" This includes the life of Subhadra in Khandavaprastha and her interactions with the Pandavas. Hope you al...
The Best Birthday Gift - Arjun's Birthday by shopkinqueen
The Best Birthday Gift - Arjun's Shopkin Queen
It was Arjun's Birthday. There was a huge celebration held in Indraprasth for the occasion. He was expecting a gift from his special person - Subhadra. What did she give...
Subhadra ~ The Altruistic One by Mani4444
Subhadra ~ The Altruistic Oneby Mani
Follow the exciting story of subhadra with me . Subhadra the princess of Dwarka get married to Arjun the third pandava. The marriage happened without their consent. The...
ArSu One Shots! by arjunsubhadrey
ArSu One Shots!by YadavKumari
One shots dedicated ArSu, available here!!!