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Turning Tides- Snape's Sister (Marauder's Era) by jade_diamond11
Turning Tides- Snape's Sister ( jade_diamond11
Evelyn Snape is a werewolf. (Just don't tell anyone). She's also the twin of Severus and both are best friends with Lily Evans, the redheaded spitfire. When Evelyn final...
Unexpected Love  by SnapesLovelyhair
Unexpected Love by I SIMP
Nothing would of prepared Celia Malfoy for what she was about to be faced with. In her last year of Hogwarts coming to a close, the Potions Professor is the last person...
A Queen Will Rise by TrixieLestrange07
A Queen Will Riseby Tiff
What would happen if our saviour was a girl named Calliope-Rose? What if her "loving" relatives decided not to raise her? This story is heavily inspired by &q...
HP SMUT ONESHOTS by Snapes_wifeyy
HP SMUT ONESHOTSby snapeswifeyy
Hp character smut i'll do requests♡
Ella ○ Harry Potter by aIive_
Ella ○ Harry Potterby cura te ipsum
❝You think you're funny, Ms. Grey?❞ ❝I think I'm adorable, Mr. Professor Snape, sir.❞
Shadows || A Severus Snape Fanfiction by ifelephantscouldfly
Shadows || A Severus Snape ifelephantscouldfly
Asha's life makes no sense, but the more she unravels about her past, the darker and more complex things become. All these secrets and lies are beginning to take their t...
Black's Daughter and the Half-Blood Prince  by Sunflower_Rickman
Black's Daughter and the ~𝕾
What if Sirius Black had a daughter? What if she had feelings for her potions professor but he hated her for her last name, he hated her smile, her laughter, everything...
The Potion Master's Best Friend by ThorHairflickSnape
The Potion Master's Best Friendby ThorHairflickSnape
Julia Evermore is the lesser-known childhood friend of Severus Snape and Lily Potter at Hogwarts. When she arrived there, Lily left them and she became Severus' sole com...
On God? by foodandbooksplease
On God?by M.A.
"On God?" "What in Merlin's name does that even mean?" in which a girl from 2020 somehow gets sucked into a book I DO NOT OWN THE HARRY POTTER UNIV...
Serendipity [Book 1] by darkdemon125
Serendipity [Book 1]by Alyssa Ammons
Meet Ariella Cross, the newest member of the Hogwarts teaching staff with a history of pulling pranks, getting into danger, and luring Severus Snape in without even mean...
Alexandra Dursley {Golden Trio} by bananarama85
Alexandra Dursley {Golden Trio}by Rebecca Robinson
The legendary story of Harry Potter's cousin - saviour of the wizarding world. COMPLETED After Petunia's miscarriage - where Mr. and Mrs. Dursley had been expecting a b...
Second Chance at Love (Severus x OC Student) Love Story by SanSevy
Second Chance at Love (Severus x Velveto
Liz Casila, Ravenclaw student on her 6th year at Hogwarts. Since little, she has become a famous singer both in the wizard (right in her first year) and muggle worlds. S...
This Time We Do It My Way by SarcasticShadows720
This Time We Do It My Wayby Alexandra Hager
Harry Potter has become the Master of Death. He's discovered the duplicity of those he thought loved him, so he goes back, and this time he's playing by his own rules.
Darkness and Light - Snape's Daughter by Ari22cupid
Darkness and Light - Snape's Flower
What if Lily had a child before she married James, but never told anyone about it? What if that father was Severus Snape and his biological daughter was to attend Hogwar...
✓ monster ; hp by -JAZUMIN
✓ monster ; hpby 𝐋𝐀𝐖 ˎˊ˗
hp x male!oc in which the marauders messed with another student and made him what they call a 'monster'. - marauders era - hp x male!oc
forbidden friendships (the marauders x reader) by bellalongbottom
forbidden friendships (the bella longbottom
y/n Snape, the newly adopted sister of Serverus Snape, joins her brother at Hogwarts. She meets a group of four young, adventurous boys. However, Severus forbids the ide...
The Little Flower (Remus Lupin) ✓ by UntoldFortune
The Little Flower (Remus Lupin) ✓by hobbit
Remus is a werewolf. Rosalie can't control her powers. They were both outcasts because of something they don't have control of. What happens when that brings them togeth...
 Snape X Reader by moonmoo_
Snape X Readerby gabbie 🖤
Goblet Of Fire Time Y/n is 18 and a recent graduate of Hogwarts. she was asked to be Professor Snape's assistant, usually Snape would have a problem with it but he's in...
Chaser ➪ Fred Weasley|AU| by sugarcookie05
Chaser ➪ Fred Weasley|AU|by ⚕️Sophie⚕️
"How does it feel to be the daughter of such an influential celebrity?" "Influential? The man practically only came back to life...
A Father A new Life Start- Book 1 by Sebastain500
A Father A new Life Start- Book 1by 🌸Sumire🌸
Book 1 of A Father A New Life Start Harry is found bruised and battered by one Severus Tobias Snape when he was asked to go and look in on him by one Albus Dumbledore, w...