Kiseki no Sedai Love [DONE] by GrayLuCelestIce
Kiseki no Sedai Love [DONE]by GrayLuCelestIce
KnB x Reader 「 R E Q U E S T S C L O S E D 」
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DMMd Lemons (Yaoi) by Ezio_Auditore637
DMMd Lemons (Yaoi)by Ezio Auditore da Firenze
This is a request from a friend of mine. I hope you will enjoy it and have fun by reading. Cya! :D Ghirahim
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Sealed {Yandere Prince X Reader} by Evergarden-
Sealed {Yandere Prince X Reader}by Sayrin
If you let him trap you, bear the consequences for eternity~ Y/N a pauper who live in london lives a normal life with her sister hermoine. Her life changed when hermoine...
  • yanderefanfic
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Apenas Mais Um Rants (Repost) by SamLazulli
Apenas Mais Um Rants (Repost)by iM hApPy??
Denunciaram o livro, voltando #1 Lugar na Tag Opinião 30/12/2018 até ... Agora ta em #2
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DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots (Fluff and Lemons) by TheFanGirl2003
DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots ( ♥Jay♥
Who's your favorite DMMD character? Who's your favorite ship in DMMD? Request your ship in the comments or I'll write my own! If you wanna see my cringe writing, then c...
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Dmmd x Male!Reader by DarkAngelx115
Dmmd x Male!Readerby Rai
So that one dmmd thing I was writing....I accidentally deleted it, so I have to make a new one. So it's still going to be in the same context, but I will 100% take sugge...
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A guide to WekiMeki❤️ by Dark-Vibes
A guide to WekiMeki❤️by Youraveragebitch
If you are looking to stan a new girlgroup please just check out this book they have amazing music and are very underrated.A complete guide to WekiMeki. ~Love Ash
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Despeinados por la Mañana - AKAKURO by KimiToIuHikari
Despeinados por la Mañana - AKAKUROby KimiToIuHikari
El padre de Akashi viaja fuera del país por asuntos de la empresa y Akashi invita a Kuroko a pasar la noche, pero hay algo con lo que ninguno de los dos contaba, y eso e...
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[ Dodaeng ] Ác ma " Ma Cà Rồng" by hnNguyn1205
[ Dodaeng ] Ác ma " Ma Cà Rồng"by D.NN ceeheon
Sự tồn tại của ma cà rồng trên thế giới này điều có thể xảy ra. Xung quanh bạn, những người bạn bè họ cũng có thể là ma cà rồng. Họ sống chung với chúng ta. Người ta đ...
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#seialclassico by pluffacastagna
#seialclassicoby H U R R I C A N E
Non importa da dove venite e chi siete, se fate il classico abbiamo tutti gli stessi problemi. <<lasciate ogni speranza voi che entrate>>
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TIENIMI FORTE by unpostoqui_NA
TIENIMI FORTEby albachiara
Se non mi trovi in altre canzoni, in quelle belle e in quelle che più ti ricordano il mio volto, cercami in queste righe. Cercarmi e non importa se non mi troverai subit...
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Weki Meki One Shots  by Bominsheart
Weki Meki One Shots by Bominsheart
Weki Meki one shots and scenarios, I do all members. Also I will try to make it gender ambiguous, so no specific gender requests please. Requests are open :) More reques...
  • rina
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desabafos by alguem_345
desabafosby alguem_345
umas merda ai
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Akashi Seijuro x Reader <Hello And Goodbye> by Kunaiwa
Akashi Seijuro x Reader by Re(i)
This piece of work is a collaboration of @Kunaiwa and @happyxendings_. Everything here is fictional and if any similar events have taken place in real life, it is purely...
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Ciao, Sorella by gitablu
Ciao, Sorellaby gitablu
Maria-sama ga Miteru fanfiction, about a relationship beetween Satou Sei and Toudou Shimako. ---- What is really happened in Italy, when the second year students go for...
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