unique . seilly by uhgowon
unique . seillyby ˗ˏˋsana de walmartˎˊ˗
Aquel sentimiento que tenía que me hacía sentir nerviosa cada vez que estaba contigo me mataba. ¿Por qué tú? Ya encontré la respuesta, porque tú eras única. -no c...
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~The Book Of Sin, DMMD Lemons and Fluff~ by aobacatrash
~The Book Of Sin, DMMD Lemons Yaoi trash~~
This book is full of my dmmd stories, as you can see from the title. There will be a lot of shitty ones. Enjoy~~ ~~~~ also, credits to the creator of the cover photo.
  • koujaku
  • slyblue
  • boyxboy
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Someday {Akashi Seijūrō} by shiramekaru
Someday {Akashi Seijūrō}by Shiramekaru
[Akashi x reader] "someday you'll cry for me like I cried for you; someday you'll miss me like I missed you; someday you'll need me like I needed you; someday you'l...
  • seijuroakashi
  • seijuro
  • akashixreader
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[DMMD] You Saved Me... (Aoba x Reader) by TheFanGirl2003
[DMMD] You Saved Me... (Aoba x ♥Fandom trash♥
What happens when a certain blue haired boy saves you from a horrible gang. But you're hiding a special secret from him, and your suspicious about his power. Read to fin...
  • xreader
  • ren
  • akushima
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weki meki being gay by uhgowon
weki meki being gayby ˗ˏˋsana de walmartˎˊ˗
the most gay ggroup in the world.
  • lua
  • yoojung
  • lucy
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DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots (Fluff and Lemons) by TheFanGirl2003
DRAMAtical Murder One-Shots ( ♥Fandom trash♥
Who's your favorite DMMD character? Who's your favorite ship in DMMD? Request your ship in the comments or I'll write my own! If you wanna see my cringe writing, then c...
  • trip
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  • clear
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Sealed {Yandere Prince X Reader} by Evergarden-
Sealed {Yandere Prince X Reader}by Sayrin
If you let him trap you, bear the consequences for eternity~ Y/N a pauper who live in london lives a normal life with her sister hermoine. Her life changed when hermoine...
  • london
  • royalty
  • romance
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DMMD Zombies:  Fighting Through by queenzdead
DMMD Zombies: Fighting Throughby Dead
Finally Bringing It Back
  • female
  • brains
  • dmmd
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Dmmd x Male!Reader by DarkAngelx115
Dmmd x Male!Readerby Rai
So that one dmmd thing I was writing....I accidentally deleted it, so I have to make a new one. So it's still going to be in the same context, but I will 100% take sugge...
  • sei
  • malereader
  • noiz
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Weki Meki Lyrics by alexplicit
Weki Meki Lyricsby orang biasa
just for you who love WeMe!
  • suyeon
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  • fantagio
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Aoba's younger Sister by Kathrine_Nickerson
Aoba's younger Sisterby Kathrine_Nickerson
When she was born, she wasn't alive nor was she dead, but close. Though when she woke, she lost all control of her sanity and another her appeared within her body, but t...
  • sei
  • tae-san
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Sei una fangirl se... by acciotelecomando
Sei una fangirl 🌿
Sicura di essere una vera fangirl? Allora avrai fatto sicuramente una di queste cose!
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The planes that made my hell by GiovannyArajo
The planes that made my hellby Giovanny bonfs
Ano de 2030 dia 27 de março cada noticiário,jornal e revista falava sobre a declaração eminente de guerra do Brasil em cima de Portugal, ambos países declaram o proibime...
  • ação
  • sei
  • avioes
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¡ FANATIC ! (lua + suyeon) by WEKIMEKIND
¡ FANATIC ! (lua + suyeon)by 과즙
En donde Ji Suyeon es una famosa escritora de fanfics de twice y Kim Sookyung es su mayor fan. -capítulos cortos.
  • sửa
  • rina
  • suyeon
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Dmmd one shots by kimanilffff
Dmmd one shotsby Weaboo._.queenz
One shots of dmmd
  • aoba
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Yugioh Zexal Cinderella Story-Could this be Love by CutiesAnime108
Yugioh Zexal Cinderella Echo,N,Idol & Yugioh
Echo:This will be in the future around 2014 where electronics existed. ~Yuma is a very cheerful and kind kid who goes to Heartland Duel High School and loves to duel as...
  • kotori
  • takedas
  • rio
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DMMD one-shots! by tast3therainb0w
DMMD one-shots!by drunk jaehee
Just a bunch of DMMD one-shots and fluffs and stuff. There won't be a whole lot of lemons and limes, sorry to disappoint~ Leave comments on what you want me to write and...
  • noiz
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WEKI MEKI STAN by jamsoutforjimin
Obsessed with 8 stunning girls, how will a lone fangirl learn to cope in this cruel yet wonderful world known as: Weme Ranked: #2 Suyeon (07/09/18) #2 Lua (09/09/18) #3...
  • elly
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