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Holiday One-Shots by Unidentified562
Holiday One-Shotsby Unidentified562
This is a book of child-ish fun during holidays turning into nightmares from motherly love. All holidays are on the table, so if you have an idea for a holiday, a holida...
My Valentine (HardCore Smut) by mustafamakessmut
My Valentine (HardCore Smut)by noturmustafa
Detailed as fuck, you'll love it. Y/N has liked Elizabeth for a long time. He decides valentine's is the perfect chance to ask her out, and so he seizes this opportunity...
Stupid Cupid: A Modern Clato Fanfiction [Completed] by ClatoTHG07
Stupid Cupid: A Modern Clato Caitlin
*Disclaimer: Characters belong to the wonderful Suzanne Collins.* (This is a Modern story) Valentine's Day is soon approaching at Panem High, and students are all anxiou...
Trolls - The Queen & The Wonderous Wishstone: A Valentine's Fairytale  by George_Beard
Trolls - The Queen & The ~✌George_Beard✌~
On The Quest To Celebrate The Most Special Valentine's Day With Poppy, Branch Seeks To Find The Magical Wishstone, But Finds Competition In Retrieving It. Meanwhile, The...
A Loving Reunion  by RosarioACC5
A Loving Reunion by RosarioACC5
For Valentine's Day, instead of spending it with the love of her life alone, Hermione has been required to attend another reunion, one with the worst family in the world...
Sonic The Hedgehog: True Blue Friend [Movie] (PLATONIC) by CaitlinKQuartz
Sonic The Hedgehog: True Blue Caitlin K. Quartz
(Y/n) is your average 12 year old kid who lives a nice tranquil life in the small town called Green Hills, living with one of the local sheriffs, Tom Wachowski and his k...
The perfect gentleman ✓ by xoxek_12
The perfect gentleman ✓by Essi♚
Nicola and Colwen have been friends since childhood, could it possibly lead into anything more. *** Meet Nicola, a twenty-five-year-old woman. Ready to find love. Tired...
Mr. Bad Boy and Miss Cordially Posh (Kingsman 2 Agent Tequila) by Musical_Lady_7
Mr. Bad Boy and Miss Cordially Music Is Life
Isaac Newton's Third Law of Physics: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" Opposites attract. You cannot touched without being touched. If...
Poison - Komahina Oneshots - by Paper_Jammin
Poison - Komahina Oneshots -by Nyo
self-explanatory 🍋 = smut ❤️ = fluff 💔 = Angst The art on the cover is by 山森タロ on pixiv (please don't call this yaoi i will cry) (PROSHIPPERS DNI please leave i cant t...
Heartbroken on Valentine's Day  by Mesha4200
Heartbroken on Valentine's Day by Jamesha Bostick
After the Dark Cupid attack, Marinette wants Adrien to be her valentine but, he's already got a valentine; which is Ladybug. (Which he doesn't know who she is.) What wou...
Valentine's Day For the Grinch by ReillyKuhn
Valentine's Day For the Grinchby VioletRose13
[The Grinch 2018] After almost thirty years, Martha May Whovier finally returns to Whoville and starts a new life. Then she reunites with an old friend, the Grinch. Mart...
Tongue Tied (Valentine's Day Special) by LocalHomeBoiA-A-Ron
Tongue Tied (Valentine's Day LocalHomeBoiA-A-Ron
Valentine's Day is coming up in Adventure Bay, and Ryder and the pups of the PAW Patrol are keeping occupied with making sure the town stays safe. As the day of romance...
~Love For Asmodeus~ {A Helluva Boss Love Story} by Cyrilwolf
~Love For Asmodeus~ {A Helluva cyrilFanFics
Happy Valentines Day! Today I present to you my latest Valentines day story of a new pairing I've created, It's something I want to make ever since Asmodeus was introduc...
Game/ Completed  by BarbaraRatliff3
Game/ Completed by Barbara Ratliff
... Making dreams come true, finding herself involved in a little romance, experiences her wish for less trouble that seems to perk around the corners. It keeps her righ...
Bear With Me (A Drarry FanFiction) by JulietsEmoPhase
Bear With Me (A Drarry FanFiction)by Juliet's Drarry
After spending the past few years as Auror partners, Harry and Draco have surprisingly become friends. More than that, Harry's been trying to work up the courage over th...
His Forbidden Valentine Luna by BooLaRoo
His Forbidden Valentine Lunaby Roo Roo
Zayla Lavender Rose Quin is your everyday 16-year-old girl. Well, that is for a werewolf anyway. She was born on Valentine's Day, February 14th. She has some features to...
🖤 This FF starts after the Valentines Day All this story original updates are on Wattpad so I would request everyone to read it on wattpad itself and not on any other...
All Mine ( Valentines One shots) by sophie689
All Mine ( Valentines One shots)by Sophie
Robert and Susan one shots each day of February as Valentines is coming up so I'm making it a Team Downey romantic and sexy month! Enjoy. You know by now contains stro...
Bouquets of Chocolate (manxman) by kyayna
Bouquets of Chocolate (manxman)by kyayna
It's always been Sammie and Jordie. Since the first time they tried, and largely failed, making chocolate on Valentine's day at 8 years old, it's become their thing. Eve...
A "Cheezy" Valentine's Day Story by ShiploIrlas
A "Cheezy" Valentine's Day Storyby ˜”*°•.✫ Shiplo Irlas ✫.•°*”˜
Ronnie Anne thinks that Valentine's Day is cheezy and stupid, but she later changes her mind, after she starts developing a crush on her best friend Lincoln Loud.