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Peculiar demon//Sebastian Michaelis x demon!reader by storymaker154
Peculiar demon//Sebastian error602
strange, isn't she? she's a abnormal demon--no, human? cursed to feel human, mortal. that cannot end well for a demon. Her/she pronouns
His Futuristic Kitten Sebastian x reader by Clara_Ride
His Futuristic Kitten Sebastian Clara, Dominic, and Rosa Ride
A beautiful girl from 2015 happens to be you, y/n. One of Sebastian's biggest fanGrells. How will you react when you get to meet him, in 1889? Will have fluff. Lemon? No...
A PURRfect Opportunity by LeafpoolPotato
A PURRfect Opportunityby Ryxaerie~
After a whirlwind of emotions and magic, the Black Butler boys have finally returned home. They are no longer felines, but human. Now they live their lives as they usua...
Hold Me | Sebastian X Reader | Black Butler Fanfiction by Spiceu_nooder
Hold Me | Sebastian X Reader | Kat
Who said a fanfic can't be both fluff and lemon? Sebastian's deepest wishes become reality when his master searches comfort in him after experiencing a tragic loss. Bl...
Dimension Traveling (Black Butler x reader) by protonpop
Dimension Traveling (Black daddy
Book One in the Dimension™ Series Young, brilliant, smart, and with a dash of sassy and sarcasm, you were the ideal girl that captured the hearts of the black butler me...
My sweet Raven(Editing) by VampireLux34
My sweet Raven(Editing)by VampireLux34
*Even though I don't own certain characters and certain scenes because it's a Black Butler story... Please don't copy it, I hate to go through the long process of taking...
Cat ears and a Fluffy tail Sebastian x neko!reader by LillianScar
Cat ears and a Fluffy tail LillianScar
Grown up on the streets with cat ears and a fluffy tail you encountered the one and only flawless butler. But who knew, that this would become the start of an amazing, d...
Be Mine Forever (CielxreaderxSebastian)  by so_flawless
Be Mine Forever ( Kennedy Hill
You were walking to your aunt's house when all of a sudden, you traveled back in time in the late 18th century. You were introduced to 2 mysterious men which you stay...
s.m (sebastian x reader) - ON HOLD by ineffablemono
s.m (sebastian x reader) - ON HOLDby seungyoun
(SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS AU) Sebastian, one of the most powerful demons decided to take interest in Y/N. who is she if you ask? one of the hidden gem that is lost for centur...
The Unwanted by RageForOrder
The Unwantedby RageForOrder
A 12 year neko, goes by the name freak, by her bullies at the orphanage. One day, a man in a butler uniform and a 13 year old boy, decide to adopted a child. (0_0) Sebas...
Soulmate Sebastian x reader by anime_trash7
Soulmate Sebastian x readerby Ace
I don't own Black Butler :)) You are a half-angel, half-demon... For demons, their hearts don't beat until they pass their soulmate, they don't feel pleasure, they don't...
Love Before Known (Sebastian x reader) Kuroshitsuji fanfiction by blackbutlerfov
Love Before Known (Sebastian x blackbutlerfov
You get a job at the Phantomhive household, and you find yourself falling in love with a demon. But your a girl who is a half demon and angel? Disclaimer: I do not own a...
The Next Phantomhive 《♡Sebastian x Reader♡》 by IssaWithABlankSpace
The Next Phantomhive 《♡Sebastian Crescent
(Y/N) Phantomhive , the only child of Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth Midford , is the next head of the Phantomhive household. She has inherited the vast Phantomhive prop...
Sebastian Stan x reader social media  by ChloDavids
Sebastian Stan x reader social Chloé Davids
This is a Sebastian Stan x reader social media AU. This is purely my mind that wants to do this. I mean no harm to his relationship with Ale. He is happy so be it
You Are Mine by AnimePhreek
You Are Mineby Phreek of Anime ;)
//COMPLETED// //Black Butler Fanfiction// //SebastianxReader// //Description// Y/N is a criminal who specializes in throwing knives, she is conniving, incredibly smart...
His lady from lust and lies to love  by animeher
His lady from lust and lies to Animeher
My name is Chloe Silverado. I am a gypsy. Yes, that means I can see into the future. I travel the world and tell fortunes for a living. But after meeting a certain demo...
Sebastian x Reader lemon by oh_my_yaoi
Sebastian x Reader lemonby epic cringe
Mmmmmm well basically the title says it all. ~(• w •~)|(~• w •)~
The Butler, Curious. (SebastianxReader) by J-Is-Tired
The Butler, Curious. ( Messiah Complex™
You're a 16 year old girl who is abused at home by her alcoholic father. One stormy night you run and end up bumping into Sebastian, the Phantomhive butler. He agrees to...
A Whole New Life (Black butler X reader) by LadyUlquiorra
A Whole New Life (Black butler X Lady Ulquiorra
Hey guys! So this story is about black butler and well it's a very twisting story , you are going to love it! Anyways, it's the reader goes to the world of black butler...
His little kitten ( a Sebastian x reader fanfic) by Thecrazypotato2222
His little kitten ( a Sebastian Baby - Bear
you worked for your mistress Zeta who was the company foundation of tea's all over the world, but what people didn't know was that you were a demon that happened to be h...