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Chrysopoeia by SamiMarchand
Chrysopoeiaby SamiMarchand
Cassia Brightberry's Ancient Magic is growing stronger, yet she can't control it. Each manifestation is more destructive than the last, and she worries something catastr...
A Cruelty Vivid and Sweet || Ominis Gaunt by galaxiasgreen
A Cruelty Vivid and Sweet || galaxiasgreen
Against the wishes of his staunchly pure-blood supremacist family, Ominis Gaunt befriends you, a naive Muggle-born Hufflepuff, and his life inexplicably changes. - Or, w...
Through them by MahaliaGaunt
Through themby Mahalia L
Since the day Professor Fig died, she was not the same. Her teacher, her mentor was gone and she felt like she was alone in the world. Putting her in a torment of regre...
Silver Era by 4everL0VED
Silver Eraby Leigh Graham
The reign of the Gryffindors were over. It's time the Slytherins got their turn. .・。.・゜✭・. The magic's call was stronger. Thea watched the magic swirl from before the ar...
Hogwarts Legacy: The Curse of The Ravenclaw House by OKStudios
Hogwarts Legacy: The Curse of O.K. Studios
(Spoilers for Hogwarts Legacy) It had been two years since the events that transpired underneath Hogwarts. Life wasn't the same and the headmaster was doing all he could...
Love and Curses (Hogwarts Legacy) by May5696
Love and Curses (Hogwarts Legacy)by Fantasy Queen
Raven Lothaire. The newest fifth-year. She's a talented and capable pure-blood. Her arrival caught the attention of many of her classmates, including Ominis Gaunt. And w...
In the Shadow of Darkness | Sebastian Sallow by findingtruenorth
In the Shadow of Darkness | findingtruenorth
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sebastian, Ominis, and Eleanor (MC) deal with the fallout of actions taken at the end of their fifth year. With a new sch...
Sebastian Sallow | Ominis Gaunt | One Shots by ghostkitty69
Sebastian Sallow | Ominis Gaunt | ghostkitty69
Hogwarts Legacy One Shots Primarily Sebastian and Ominis, though I am not opposed to doing other characters Check out my other book : Prince of Slytherin Leave any requ...
Marriage, Murder & Magic- [OMINIS GAUNT] by kittyhawk410
Marriage, Murder & Magic- [ Kittyhawk410
OC x Ominis Gaunt OC x Sebastian Sallow Hogwarts Legacy Spoilers x Prisma St. Cloud is ready for a calm, uneventful 6th year. Poachers, dark wizards, and goblin rebellio...
The Blood within our veins (Ominis Gaunt) by jmm_anderson2001
The Blood within our veins ( Jay☆
Gianna Romano, a pure blooded witch from Venice Italy, joins hogwarts in her fifth year in hopes of following in her father's footsteps. When she meets Ominis Gaunt the...
The Enchanted Legacy by IreneFaye
The Enchanted Legacyby Irene Faye
Selene Rioghnan always believes that she's special. She was born to a powerful pureblood couple, who just happened to also hold a nobility title in the muggle world. Her...
Hogwarts and the Silver Dagger (Hogwarts Legacy) by TCataleya
Hogwarts and the Silver Dagger ( TCataleya
After the goblin rebellion at the end of the 19th century, the witches and wizards believed that peace had finally returned to Hogwarts. But during summer break, new dan...
Delicate // Poppy Sweeting by silversprings_s
Delicate // Poppy Sweetingby silversprings_s
"Stand and face me, my love, and scatter the grace in your eyes" -Sappho - "You still trust me...after everything?" She reached a shaky hand out to...
The Phoenix by LavenderBun88
The Phoenixby A bunnybun
A cute story with Ominis Gaunt X femme Y/N Pendragon. Both p.o.v's. !!!18+!! Just know that they're aged up in their final year..!! She's healed Anne with ancient magi...
Into Sallow's mind // Sebastian Sallow by theangrypanda
Into Sallow's mind // Sebastian Boes
Sneak peek into Sebastian Sallow's thoughts during the events of the game. I created this story to add more depth to his character, and a little bit of Ominis too. This...
Pureblood Muggle by HumanoidAlien27
Pureblood Muggleby HumanoidAlien27
This is a dark, in-depth sort of fanfiction about a thought up character. I started to wonder about what would happen if the muggle Ominis had to torture was actually th...
The Keeper's Legacy | Ominis Gaunt | Sebastian Sallow by the_little_niffler
The Keeper's Legacy | Ominis the_little_niffler
Ophelia, Sebastian, and Ominis formed a notorious trio during their fifth year in Hogwarts. Their bond seemed unbreakable-until fate dealt them a chilling blow in the sh...
Sebastian Sallow reader requests! (Discontinued) by Snake_In_The_Water
Sebastian Sallow reader Glittering_Snake
Request a certain scenario and I'll do it to the best of my abilities!
In The Shadows // A Sebastian Sallow FanFic by LilysPen
In The Shadows // A Sebastian Lily’s Pen
***SLOW BURN LOVE TRIANGLE *** Sebastian Sallow x Fem Oc Ominis Gaunt x Fem Oc Hadley Elizabeth Grace is returning to Hogwarts after a tumultuous year. Her relationship...
In the Shadow of Sixth year by Ginger_Legacy07
In the Shadow of Sixth yearby Ginger_Legacy07
After all that has happened in fifth year, you have a lot of things to process. Not having heard anything from Sebastian is making you anxious to start your sixth year a...