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Edward scissorhands x Fem!Genius!Reader by IAmABell
Edward scissorhands x Fem!Genius! I.A.M
Edward Scissorhands, a humanoid crafted by the inventor is taken in by (name), a genius who stopped aging from a experiment going wrong. What will Edward learn from (Nam...
Edward Scissorhands: CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by thehouseofdevil
Edward Scissorhands: CHRISTMAS 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞
Katie Boggs, dreamer of the small town Lutz, always preferred just a book in hand and being a part of the many adventures, she read about. She was basic middle child wit...
Edward Scissorhands by thelittleblackghost
Edward Scissorhandsby Boo!
Edward Scissorhands x Female Reader Based on the movie Edward Scissorhands (Y/n) = Your Name (H/l) = Hair Length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) = Eye Color (S/c) = Skin Color ...
Second Chance (Edward Scissorhands x Reader) by ASnakesBentley
Second Chance (Edward Can'tStress
After moving into a new town, you hear about a monster that lived in the nearby castle. You are immediately interested, and decide to see the monster yourself.
I love you Edward Scissorhands by alicia0204
I love you Edward Scissorhandsby Candy.girll
Hello my name is Rose and this story is about how I fell in love with Edward Scissorhands. It all started like any other day, I decided to ditch school and walk around t...
Falling for Edward by Comic_lover_girl_3
Falling for Edwardby Rachellynne Carlisle
A fanfic that I wrote for my friend. It's written in first person and follows a young girl named Samantha, who is the granddaughter of Kim. Kim would tell Samantha stori...
Edward Scissorhands (A story from Kim's Granddaughter) by pixierat
Edward Scissorhands (A story ㅤ
This is the story of Rose. Kim's Granddaughter. Her life was filled with wonder about Edward. She never forgot the tale her Grandmother told her... For it was the last s...
Edward Scissorhands - Until the Last Moment by NorthFrost
Edward Scissorhands - Until the NorthFrost
Kim finds herself missing Edward terribly after he was banished from the suburbs and decides to accept a waitress position at the fancy Casino nearby. She is reunited wi...
Daughter  by lorentiis
Daughter by Wren
It was that time of year once again. Old friends would meet and discuss the oddities of life, telling tales of their adventures while their comrades were away. The group...
The Scarred Boy by PurpleMajesty58
The Scarred Boyby Drew Quinn
Being a teenager isn't easy. Especially for seventeen year old Seraphine Waddle who is nearly about to drop out of high school, her parents have recently been divorced...
My Dear Edward by igoforthedrummer
My Dear Edwardby igoforthedrummer
A short Edward Scissorhands poem. :)
Hold Me | An Edward Scissorhands Story by nightmare_carousel
Hold Me | An Edward Scissorhands 💫Bree💫
• the darkest fairytale in the dead of night • All she asked was, "Hold me." And he replied, "I can't." [Edward/OC]
A Bad-Ass Asthmatic and An Unfinished Boy (An Edward Scissorhands Fan-fic) by OnceUponAnAubi
A Bad-Ass Asthmatic and An Aubi
Just as the title says, this story is a fan-fic about the movie Edward Scissorhands. I absolutely adore that movie and I haven't found any good fan-fics about it, so I t...
Don't Let Me Dance Alone - An Edward Scissorhands Fanfiction by SamVassallo
Don't Let Me Dance Alone - An Sam Vassallo
1960. The decade of racism, rock and roll and in this case, razor sharp scissors. Ali's mother dies early in the decade. Soon after, she finds herself in a new town, wit...
His Unconditional Love by tomhansonsbsf
His Unconditional Loveby Yo
Note: I hate this story with all my guts. I wrote it a longggg time ago. It is so cringe and the girl in it is the most basic thing ever. Crying over this. It's so bad...