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Don't you ever said goodbye _RoChan√❤ [Currently Edited] by shujoon28
Don't you ever said goodbye SunHak's>👨‍❤️‍👨
Chani eventually fall in love with the older since the first meeting and with just one kiss, hug, eye contact it's more than enough for them to be in romantic relationsh...
Polaroid 》k•chani ❌ [Completed] by CARROT_CHANHEE
Polaroid 》k•chani ❌ [Completed]by CARROT_CHANHEE
"i know i could lose you, the reason why i'm afraid to fall in love with you" "you won't lose me, I Love You" 'this polaroid reminds me of you' // k...
I Can't Love You by sweet_sunkist
I Can't Love Youby sweet_sunkist
I have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease since I can spell the word "Eomma". Well... That's not a problem because I have a very supportive environmen...
[DaBin] This Is How We Met || SF9 by sanghyukkienn
[DaBin] This Is How We Met || SF9by Sanghyukkienn
When two people met during an unfortunate events but fall in love at first sight (?)
🍼 Little Hongbin adventures 🍼  by demonicVamp1ra
🍼 Little Hongbin adventures 🍼 by Riri
cute and fluffy Adventures with little Hongbinnie and his caretaker Leo! :D
Hyung, am I the only one?; //SF9♥ by Chniii
Hyung, am I the only one?; //SF9♥by RoChan_Loved
What if Chani's hyungs having a crush on him? Which means all of 'them' fall in love with the MAKNAE! Who will chani choose since all of 'them' taking care of him so fvc...
𝓢𝓕9 𝓘𝓶𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼 ♡ [ON HOLD] by DoubleeB
𝓢𝓕9 𝓘𝓶𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼 ♡ [ON HOLD]by ♡ 𝔼 𝕄 𝕀 𝕃 𝕐 ♡
Request are open ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Please enjoy the fluffy and steamy imagines of SF9 ♡ Kim Inseong Kim Youngbin Lee Jaeyoon Lee Sanghyuk [Dawon] Baek Juho [Zuho] Kim Seokwoo [Rowoo...
Dégénérer by LoubLouve
Dégénérerby LoubLouve
| Quand les pouvoirs de Sanghyuk deviennent trop puissants. | - One-Shot (Fantastique/Fluff) - Sanghyuk x Hongbin (VIXX)
VIXX Imagines (Request Closed) by taohuo68
VIXX Imagines (Request Closed)by taohuo68
Hello ! I am currently accepting request from lovely readers with few conditions: i. I only write I x members and not You x members or y/n x members ii. But no worries i...
SF9 imagines by felizzilef_
SF9 imaginesby rien n’est éternel.
fell in love with them too huh? requests are open ;) just started, i got an idea for the first imagine on 6th april but can't remember when did i published it, i screens...
unravel || neo  by -vantae
unravel || neo by haitusanghyuk
Where Hakyeon's secrets slowly unfolded. + a neo fanfic ©-vantae
Latte Latte (VIXX Leo) by sagefallingleaves
Latte Latte (VIXX Leo)by Sage
*DISCONTINUED Jung Taekwoon is a recluse who lives alone and stays inside all day. No one would ever guess that he is the famous, wildly popular abstract artist Leo, who...
[VIXX Neo] Nowadays by babyliciousdelirium
[VIXX Neo] Nowadaysby babyliciousdelirium
Highly reccomended to read my other story 'The Stranger' before this! Shortly after N left, Leo started a log where he updates his recent behaviours and thoughts for a y...
VIXX Scenarios [Request Open] by SweetRiskTaker
VIXX Scenarios [Request Open]by ST☆RLIGHT
Don't be afraid to message me, as I will accept your request if you follow on the terms I have here. I will treat it as a first come, first serve basis so it will be fa...
Sangwoo x reader Stockholm sickness by user_disapeared_2003
Sangwoo x reader Stockholm sicknessby Anonymous
((((Trigger warning )))) [] [mention of domestic abuse] [mention of extreme violence and death] 18+ You're a new girl in town about to attend your dream college,you thin...
Jaden jamas se rendirá                                          -Joy by fenix264
Jaden jamas se rendirá Jose Juan Gutierrez Rodriguez
tal vez sea una historia fantastica pero es un conjunto de aventuras que todos podriamos tener los sueños,la verdad etc. espero les gusta
The Line • 𝐕𝐈𝐗𝐗 by pnmccx
The Line • 𝐕𝐈𝐗𝐗by 🤘🏻
What's so wrong with wanting to know the truth? 悪魔// in which a girl crosses the forbidden line
ASYLUM +VIXX LEO by breathingblue
she wakes up to find herself engulfed in shades of cold and pale white, with psychologist's affections and flashes of a charming bartender on moonless nights.
Cursing The Perfect Ones (VIXX Fanfic) by VIXX_LR9093
Cursing The Perfect Ones (VIXX Their Baby Starlight
This is a fanfiction about VIXX!!! This is based to my scenario + VIXX voodoo doll official mv scenario. This is inspired to publish by my big sister. I also have fun pu...