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Time Travel Unlike Any Other (Sakura Haruno Fanfic) by ProdigyQueen
Time Travel Unlike Any Other ( ProdigiousAuthor
Sakura Uzumaki is in for a surprise when she suddenly finds herself on the forest ground. She was still 17 years old, her long hair cascaded down her back. She was still...
Fake Boyfriend (NaruSaku) by togebabe
Fake Boyfriend (NaruSaku)by 🍙
⛔️ Slow updates ⛔️ 6/10 Haruno Sakura. Who doesn't know her? The famous bitch who always treat others like shits. But dear, boys love her. With that natural pink hair an...
Sakura Uzumaki  by This_little_CRAZY
Sakura Uzumaki by Otaku highest tear
Hi I'm Sakura Uzumaki my mother and father is unknown to me and my little brother Naruto Uzumaki. We both have a prankster streak and skip classes. Me and naruto are dea...
✓|NaruSaku One Shots | Naruto x Sakura  by xXxSeraphinexXx
✓|NaruSaku One Shots | Naruto x Aria
Just a bunch of one shots I come up with when I'm bored. Requests are welcomed. I've had these first two one shots for a few months now, but I wanted to share it to th...
¡Shh~ ! No digas nada by Kelly_Swon
¡Shh~ ! No digas nadaby Kelly_Swon
- ¡ Llave que guardas los poderes de la oscuridad , muestra tu verdadera forma ante Sakura Quien acepto la misión contigo ! ¡LIBÉRATE!........... -¡¡ Sakura !! - ¡¿Po...
Sakura Uzumaki, Believe It (Sakura Haruno Fanfic [On Hold]) by ProdigyQueen
Sakura Uzumaki, Believe It ( ProdigiousAuthor
My name is Sakura Uzumaki, believe it. I've been beaten and all kind of things, but I've still stood tall and nothing I mean nothing will stop me from accomplishing my...
His Little Dancer by TheOtakuBear
His Little Dancerby TheOtakuBear
A little dancer with a dream and an assassin with a heart....literally.
NaruSaku One-shot  by http-dorkk
NaruSaku One-shot by mayiita
I honestly have no idea what to call this. It's a one-shot of the characters Naruto and Sakura from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. Unlike most of the stories on here, this has...
⊗edits + tutorial⊗ by -SEULGOD
⊗edits + tutorial⊗by I AM HUMAN.
its just boredom striking. i dont really care if anyone does not read this at all, tbh.
Luckless Romance || A NaruSaku AU by liveicy
Luckless Romance || A NaruSaku AUby @eijihime
FOLLOW @eijihime FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS FIC Sakura Haruno is Konoha High's one and only. She's smart, pretty, and all around amazing. She could date nearly anyone she wa...