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please, take your shoes off at the door, you're getting sand in my bed. by milly_best_girl
please, take your shoes off at two idiots who write ff
On Vash's hand, incoherently scribbled in sharpie, was an address. This party would be his escape. Paper clenched tight in his hands, his eyes scoured the jumbled bodie...
The Running Prince (VashWood, Trigun Stampede) by RealSophTheLoaf
The Running Prince (VashWood, RealSophTheLoaf
Sent in to capture and retrieve the prince of Jenora, Nicolas D. Wolfwood gets more than he bargained for when he finds the sweet and timid Prince Vash, only wanting to...
"Ghost" Trigun x reader by MelindaBlair19
"Ghost" Trigun x readerby Melinda Blair
You've been living as a ghost for what feels like decades now. You live as a shadow in a dead town waiting in this infernal limbo, trying to keep a grasp on what's left...
The Humanoid ~Vash x OC AU~ by NoelRoss777
The Humanoid ~Vash x OC AU~by Noel Ross
~Vash x OC AU~ Book 2 of 2 *Began: Monday, April 22, 2024* *Finished: Sometimes... Sometimes I have nightmares. Nightmares that I wake from in the middle of the night, s...
Trigun NSFW by Geek_QueenOwO
Trigun NSFWby GeekQueen
Trigun shit that makes my toes curl
Son Of The Stampede: TRIGUN x RWBY by Just-MrD
Son Of The Stampede: TRIGUN x RWBYby Just-MrD
The Humanoid Typhoon, the legendary ace gunman of Remnant, Vash the Stampede. Either way you call him, was a walking legend of huntsmen alike. None could compare to his...
Reader x Various (B1) by C4--Frosty
Reader x Various (B1)by null vega
COMPLETE 6-5-19 - #1 in vash ayy
150 Bullets by WishingNova
150 Bulletsby WishingNova
150 years. 150 bullets. 150 drabbles of your relationship with Vash the Stampede as it grows, wanes, forms, shifts, and transforms. Inspired by "150 Bottled Fai...
Chicken | Trigun Stampede x Male Reader by XscinB
Chicken | Trigun Stampede x Male Xscin
Cowboys. People that lived on earth and rode horses in the western style and cared for the cattle were referred to as cowboys. They were also known for their odd crimin...
//Soft Donuts (Vash The Stampede x Chubby Reader) Oneshot// by Chezborger
//Soft Donuts (Vash The Stampede Chezborger
Summary: ~~~~~~~ Vash grows feelings and finally let's his feelings known when he doesn't want anyone else taking his one true love other than donuts ~~~~~~~ 💋🍩 _____...
Of All World? [Trigun Stampede x BNHA!Reader] by Natalia_Hemsworth
Of All World? [Trigun Stampede x Natalia Hemsworth
"Darling, of all world?" After coming back from the man-eating demon world, it's time for a well-deserved vacation from all the craziness of her own world. But...
Trigun Stampede scenario's/Imagines/Thoughts/Etc. by Bwaveq_
Trigun Stampede scenario's/ Kuro_Aliyhs
Trigun/Trigun Stampede🔥🔥 I got into Trigun and the rebooted version of it recently and i absolutely love it Just some scenarios/thoughts/imagines/headcanons
as long as you love me by usagiarchive
as long as you love meby 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘀 𝘂𝘀𝗮𝗴𝗶 !
"as long as you love me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke," vash the stampede (tristamp) x f!reader. ⌒⊹˚୨୧ SYPNOSIS - After fallin...
the night we met by aexi2898
the night we metby alix
Vash spends the rest of his day with Nick cuddled up in his apartment, doing nothing more than enjoying his company.
Courage for the strong: Remnant by OneforallUA
Courage for the strong: Remnantby OneforallUA
(Y/N) The Stampede! Outlaw and Gunslinger! A wanted man for destroying Julianiam, What is he? Who knows, but he's ready for some adventures and getting the girl!
Vashwood Oneshots  by Chocolate_chip207
Vashwood Oneshots by Roi breadbox
Hurt/comfort and angst with more to come :D
bad habits die hard by aexi2898
bad habits die hardby alix
nicholas is having a hard time coming to terms with his feelings and decides to get off his ass and do something about it. part two of "i love you so".
Mash by LuciotheMario
Mashby LuciotheMario
This my first story on my FAVOURITE anime: Trigun!! Mash is the best ship name I could come up with- Vash x Meryl. Anyway, there are a few spoilers, so proceed if you ha...